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  1. Yesterday I flew over to a mate’s strip to help him with his radio. After all the recent cooling modifications, my little plane is purring along perfectly. CHTs on cruise are all even and around 135C, even though the ram air ducts now enclose the whole length of the cylinders. The oil cooler now exhausts separately under the cowl and even though I closed the outlet to 35X140mm, the oil only got to 70C, so I’ll have to tape some of the inlet for winter. We were getting ready for today’s planned flight west to the Warrumbungle Wings and Things Community Field Day.
  2. I believe it was mentioned that the wing swept forward, in order to give the pilot good visibility.
  3. Yes, but he wouldn’t allow his doctors to do their own flying, so this bloke set up his own operation: https://www.northweststar.com.au/story/5399449/meet-clyde-fenton-the-maverick-flying-doctor/ A quite entertaining book: https://www.amazon.com/Flying-Doctor-Clyde-Fenton/dp/0724505318
  4. Thanks for the advice Nev. I got a basic introduction to sideslipping yonks ago in a Thruster. My little plane handles quite differently, but I guess the principle is the same. Can’t fit an instructor in mine, but might have a session in a Sportstar. Good point, but there will be situations where a sideslip is useful. Not available for my heavily modified version. That might be very useful, Nev. My fuselage is slab-sided but even in the most extreme slip I’ve been game to do, I haven’t noticed any turbulence, but the flaps were shut. I guess it might require
  5. As a kid in the 60s I could buy all sorts of chemicals by mail order, including aluminium powder. One of my rockets went off prematurely and severely singed my hair. Others toughened up the entire neighborhood...
  6. I was told recently that a project to develop high-altitude communication blimps/dirigibles has been abandoned. Can’t find a link, but perhaps others know the name of the company involved.
  7. RF that would be nice to have, but sounds like a big modification.. Oil temps stable at 85C, with the outlet flap half closed. Just got home from a camping trip off grid, so catching up on correspondence. Hope to fit the latest modification of my RH ram air duct on Wednesday. No.1 head is too close to the prop and since widening the ducts, I have to get more air in and rapidly slow it down before it changes direction down thru the fins. Will report on progress, but I hope it’s cooling well enough for my trip to the Coonabarabran spectacular this Saturday.
  8. No matter how economic renewables become, the LNP will find ways to subsidize fossil fuels. Just watch this week’s 4 Corners report on their unseemly rush to spend taxpayer funds on gas pipelines before that technology is totally obsolete. Australia is going further out on the fossil fuel limb. Very soon the rest of the world will saddle our country and our exporters with punitive emissions tariffs.
  9. Just work out how to sell it to them as support for the fossil fuel industry...
  10. Now he tells me! On the basis of this and other Jab engine discussions I recently enlarged my ram air ducts to cool the entire length of the cylinders- not just the top third. I also fitted snug ducts all round the barrels. At the same time, I re-directed oil cooler air out a separate exit under the cowl, expecting this to greatly increase “suction” of cooling air thru the top half of the engine. Results have been disappointing: CHTs have barely changed, presumably because that air now has to spread out and cool more hot metal. With no way to monitor temperatur
  11. Nev, although slipping always feels a bit scary, that’s the first mention I’ve seen of danger from slipping. One experienced pilot told me not to slip with flaps deployed (makes sense) but I wonder if 1st stage (about 18 degrees) is unsafe. Can you outline how to keep safe while side slipping?
  12. I severely doubt Reagan ever built anything; I believe he spent WWII making B grade war movies.
  13. All this defence spending might make us look like a modern, formidable nation, but we are not investing enough to secure our economic future, so how can we afford to pay billions for these imported toys? Too many paid sit-down money while energetic foreigners have to be brought in to do the jobs our pampered unemployed won’t touch. Australia is resting on our laurels while many other nations are racing past us. Just one example: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/business-55806760
  14. You raise a valid point, Spacey. Japan is once again a key ally (Japanese warships protected our WWI troop ships) and Vietnam is no doubt tilting towards the US as China becomes more assertive. Meanwhile old allies often strain the bonds.
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