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  1. Promising new renewable fuel sources: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20211119-can-flying-ever-be-carbon-neutral
  2. This photographer has captured a unique view of bird flight:
  3. I agree in principal, but it depends on where are. Our district is currently like a rice padi, so you’d be likely to dig in and end-over in any of padocks, even the better-drained hill slopes. After the drought caused so much destocking, many paddocks have grass over your head, so you’d never see logs and rocks. Rural roads may be a better bet due to less traffic and roadside furniture.
  4. Looks like an early model Spit, without bubble in the canopy. Good hand-colouring job or actual colour pic?
  5. Air pressure at ground level varies considerably as highs and lows passover. I often have to crank my altimeter back a couple of hundred feet to match local elevation. Last Wednesday it was out more than ever. Five minutes into my flight I noticed the altimeter was reading 1,000’ lower than OzRunways….Woops- I’d cranked in the wrong direction.
  6. Uphill slope, slotted easily into the traffic flow, but hogged the centre lane a bit.
  7. Good work, CS. Warwick is special to me- I was born there. Years ago when I needed to fly in for a family gathering, I phoned around and a local pilot lent me his hangar for the weekend; a great kindness for a stranger.
  8. I once came across a mini on fire. Stopped, got out my extinguisher and rushed across to help. The owner shooed me away, saying “let it burn”. Insurance?
  9. That’s exactly how my first solo happened: no warning, he just got out, said go for it and closed the canopy. I hadn’t yet done stalls and incipients, etc. but survived the ride. That instructor’s approach led to disaster for a later student and the aircraft.
  10. That article gives me more confidance that my current low rate of water injection will help keep the engine cool, clean and reliable. The claim that water reduces the chances of detonation is great news for flimsy engines running uncertified fuels.
  11. Wise words, OT. I gave a PLB to my brother, who spends too much time working alone with horses, dodgy cattle and machinery. He gave it back after a week, but years later he surprised me by carrying a phone, but it not much plurry use in the rugged country he works in. I religiously carry my phone and PLB on me, so they escape with me.
  12. Bruce at the moment I’m giving it about 20% water and 80% Shell 98. The fire hasn’t shown any signs of going out and its running a little cooler than expected, but I’ve yet to do proper comparison tests in flight. Plenty of other projects to keep me busy, so I might keep using the current tiny little pump for a few more flights. When the proper hot weather hits I might install a bigger pump.
  13. Yep. That’s what got me off the fence. My Jab runs a little rich and has quite a lot of carbon inside. Two doses of Mr. Subaru’s cleaner in a spraycan seem to have helped a little, but I’ve also had the engine run on after shutting off the spark, so the least carbon buildup the better.
  14. Yes Nev, I’ve been ground-testing each stage by tethering the tailwheel to a post. Why add methanol?
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