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  1. I’ve read other accounts that the Japanese had in the order of ten thousand aircraft, but not necessarily all operational. That’s the conventional justification for the use of A bombs, but a much more plausible version challenges this. The US firebombing of Tokyo and other cities killed far more than the A-bombs did, so the the loss of two more cities did little to convince Japan’s wartime leaders to throw in the towel. What really got their attention is when the Soviet Union declared war; years earlier Zhukov had inflicted massive defeats on Japan’s army and they
  2. My windscreen is overdue for replacement, but the other bloke flies from his black soil strip. Other members were grounded by the recent rain, but he has big wheels; quite a bit of his farm ends up stuck to his plane.
  3. I saw a neat fibreglass prototype single seater in the Jab factory at least a decade ago.
  4. This morning Quirindi Aero Club had a long-planned Open Day to shake a few would-be flyers out of the undergrowth. A small investment in radio and newspaper advertising brought several new faces to our monthly BBQ breakfast. Visitors got to talk to pilots and inspect the variety of aircraft that had flown in. Several also went up for a TIF around the district. We had three instructors in attendance, flying a Sting, a Tecnam and a Cavalon gyro. In the crisp morning air the heated seats of the Cavalon and Sting were a big hit. It looked like aviators are becoming soft, but this was
  5. I removed mine yesterday, using flat screwdriver blade to move the clip. Easy to get to on the four cylinder engine. Glad I did, because it had some fine, dark sediment in it. Never found anything in the bowl during the decade I burned AvGas. Now that I’m using Shell 98, I’ll make a habit of regularly checking inside the bowl, plus running it dry to shut down.
  6. I’m impressed by those mass-produced tornado bunkers we see buried in Midwest backyards. A few Aussies have installed similar shelters here to survive our massive bushfires.
  7. Some bicycle gear works well with our little aeroplanes but not lights and horns; we need many times the brightness and range. My favorite bike shop once found me a great little bicycle horn that they thought would be ideal for the plane. I got them to blow it while I stood 20m away. Ear-splitting to those nearby, out in the street I could barely hear it.
  8. Good grief, F10. I have enjoyed your posts so far but this one is surely tongue rammed firmly in cheek... How can you believe anything this serial liar says? (Agree with your first few words; perhaps this discussion belongs on the Off Topic site.
  9. One member of my extended family grew up on a large NT property and told of many adventures with the station aircraft, including using a berm to “bump” it off the ground.
  10. Quite likely, iBob, but that shouldn’t make a difference, because these tools are designed to handle smaller rivets than the 3.5mm ones I mostly use.
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