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  1. Bill gave me lots of help with a project. He described how moving the CoG of this replica (or was it the Vimy?) forward 100mm made it much nicer to fly than the original.
  2. Agreed, 1T. That’s why all my BFRs have been with different instructors and aircraft. I have enjoyed the variety, but none of them identified any bad habits; either my piloting is okey or they were all pretty tolerant. I suspect the latter.
  3. Years ago, while running our library, one of the the most popular study resources was the Motor Traffic Handbook. All the 16-year-olds were studying for their learner’s permit test. After most failed their first attempt at the knowledge test, the kids challenged me to do the test. Despite fifty years safe driving, I failed as well!
  4. Is this a major factor in the expansion of fin/rudder area? Compare the small tails on early wartime fighters with modern planes, which are more likely to land in crosswinds.
  5. Good point, OME. I know the reasons for them but I also know new pilots who seem to have been taught to overemphasize the squareness of their turns at the risk of ignoring other, more crucial aspects of their flying.
  6. If beats me why the Southern Cross, arguably Australia’s most famous aircraft, is locked away in a glass case far from view. It should be an unmissable display at the centre of Brisbane Airport.
  7. As my engine approaches half it’s TBO, it might be prudent to plan for the big dismantle job. If the sump can be removed, why not install/weld in a set of fine, deep fins both inside and out, to increase heat transfer? Very little extra weight. If we do our sums right, we might be able to remove all that external plumbing,.
  8. I can’t find it now, but years ago in discussing oil cooling on the Jab engine, someone said the original oil sump had the cooling fins on the wrong side; they should have been inside, The idea being that would provide sufficient surface area inside the oil reservoir for heat exchange with the outside air. It makes sense to me that deep fins both inside and outside the front (and perhaps also the bottom) of the sump would provide similar surface area to the external oil cooler and eliminate quite a bit of complexity. No more oil lines to check for leaks, a bit of wei
  9. Keep up the good work, Red. Your aircraft database is becoming a valuable resource.
  10. But Nev that was in the days when an air ticket cost a year’s pay.
  11. An awesome machine, but too late. A small correction; perhaps 81 not 18: Stall Speed: 13 mph (181 km/h, 98 kn) flaps and floats down
  12. My Fuel Mixer gives off some pretty unmissable beeps as soon as it is down to 8 litres.
  13. Yes, but the the weight and wing area figures would seem to dictate a higher stall speed than the 43 and 47kt quoted.
  14. RAAus has a few bob put aside and various people have suggested it set up a fully-owned “home base” for Rec flying. If it was closer the population CoG of Oz it would be ideal.
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