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  1. Beautiful! No matter how good some human flyers get, they can’t come close to the majesty of birds. A few months ago I posted this on another thread:
  2. Jackc why not wait till those wind arrows can push you home a lot faster?
  3. Congratulations on the plane, Bruce! I can’t believe an air-cooled head runs that cool. Hot water won’t test the actual operating temps (well above 100C). I removed all 4 of my sensors and used a tiny bolt to clamp them tightly together. Then I zapped them with a hot air gun whiie watching the MGL gauge. They went up and down the temp scale in unison, proving they all read the same. I also used two different probes to calibrate their readings, both while removed and installed. Ever since I insulated the first 150mm of the CHT cables with shrinkwrap they’ve read
  4. Thems not strawberries, OT- they’re black cattle, tens of thousands of them.
  5. I just got back from a short flight. I know lots of people are finding lockdown tough, but spare a thought for these poor buggers:
  6. I guess I’m already a member. AFAIK, the CAP is still affiliated with the NSW VRA, if which I’ve been a member for forty years (just got home from a meeting, in fact). We have trained with Namoi Air Patrol, which sure was an eye-opener. Bluddy hard work searching from the air.
  7. When this plurry pandemic is finished with us I might take you up on that, Jackc! Like many on here, I can’t wait to be able to travel again. Mate, I suspect your light is being hid under a bushel (or did I just mangle that old saying?) If you have got this far in life you’re obviously brighter than many who make more noise!
  8. That might be the worst spot, Nev. I take off ever a paddock where black cattle are regularly hand-fed. Their hooves have made the surface rough and if I got down safely they’re all likely to crowd around my plane for a rub while I’m away getting the carrier…
  9. The slab could cost as much as the rest of the hangar! Regarding joint lines in concrete slabs: good idea to make sure they’re in the right place, because some pilots use them as aiming points when taxiing into the hangar. After smashing a club-mate’s wingtip strobe, I painted white guidelines on the floor and extending outside onto the apron, to make it easy to line up wide aeroplanes. Our neighbour has built a new hangar to accommodate three Air Tractors; it’s wide, but not deep, so no aircraft has to be moved to get another one out (which is the problem w
  10. My Lithium turns the engine painfully slowly, then gradually speeds up as it warms. Gentle on the flywheel bolts. Restarting when warm is not. Almost instantly fires, no doubt putting enormous loads on those bolts. Mine has dowels, so I’m less stressed, but should soon check bolt tension.
  11. First of all, I moved as much fixed equipment like toolkit, spare parts, etc. forward as far as possible. Because of my aircraft’s design, it wasn’t a monumental job and was an opportunity to install new mounting bolts and brackets. Afterwards I did lots of testing and CoG stays well within the original designer’s range.
  12. A lead battery is a major component of your W&B. After I replaced my 4kg Decca with a 1.6kg lithium, I had to move the wing aft 18mm.
  13. Thanks Glen. If a 50/50 mix of water/metho spray contacted those materials, what would you anticipate to be the worst outcome? Nev metho (ethanol) is widely available. If I went to the trouble of obtaining some methanol, is it likely to do less damage to sealants and hoses? For my experimental phase, I plan on mounting a small garden spray bottle in the cockpit, pressurized before takeoff. The CHTs might tell me to give the bottle a few pumps during climbing. I can set the release valve to be open only during WOT. That should give at least a few minutes of runn
  14. Just as I’ve refined my water/metho injection design ready for installation, it occurs to me that metho is ETHANOL, the plurry stuff we try so hard to keep out of the engine! If I spray metho into my Jabiru carb only on wide open throttle, what rubber is downstream to be damaged?
  15. My PowerMate regulator seems to do the job, letting 14v get to the LiFePO4 battery. Its resting voltage is 13.2v, which it holds for weeks.
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