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  1. My brother was there too and passed that poem on to me.
  2. I doubt the Beijing government would agree; they insist that all territory (including a vast swathe of seabed) that was once part of their empire is now Chinese territory. We agree on that, FB. Despite all the cheerful CCP rhetoric about respecting and protecting the many ethnic minorities across China, they are doing nasty things to any group that presents any possible challenge to the dominance of the Party- or of the Han majority. “Tremble and Obey”, the attitude in Imperial times may still apply.
  3. It amazes me that some bright spark hasn’t produced a reliable cockpit aid that uses pressure on undercarriage to compute actual CoG.
  4. Unkind to that fine SW Queensland newspaper!
  5. China as an entity has existed for thousands of years-many times longer than Western nations. Who governs The Middle Kingdom has changed several times; the current Emperor doesn’t seem to be repeating the isolationist policies of his predecessors, which resulted in China being bypassed by progress.
  6. Whole books have been written on this subject, but my understanding is that China was technologically and economically far ahead of Europe until the 16th century, when many Chinese innovations were adopted in the west, leading to revolutions in the arts, science, then industry. When the king of England possessed half a dozen books (that he probably couldn’t read) in Beijing and other great cities, a thriving intelligentsia had 600 novels in print. As the west advanced, China entered a period of stagnation (not unlike what seems to be happening in Europe today). The ensuing po
  7. The party of Abraham Lincoln has totally lost its moral compass. Hopefully the voter will punish their breathtaking hypocracy and pursuit of power at any cost.
  8. Very true OT, but the Chinese might say that, in the broad sweep of history, this is justified. Many of the inventions and technologies that allowed the West to rapidly advance were stolen or borrowed from China. Quite true; politicians like to take the credit for progress due to their predecessors.
  9. Their wealth has been built on rapidly-expanding manufacturing which is based on education, services and administration infrastructure built and paid for by government. Show me ANY place that propers without sufficient government-provided services- all of which depend on taxation.
  10. What those people fail to realize is that their “land of opportunity” was built on government services paid for by taxes. The super rich needed the underfunded public education system to provide employees and a mass market for their products, the roads, pipelines, water supplies and drains their comfy lifestyle depends on. Taxes pay for the legal system that protect the rich from America’s increasing numbers of dispossessed and desperate poor. Across America and across the world, wherever people aren’t paying taxes you find run-down services, decay and poverty. Kerry Packer
  11. Good point, Jerry. A bit like the little old lady driver who can claim she has never had an accident- but has caused plenty. The long term effects of any President’s actions won’t be clear for years. Who knows what massive conflict Obama may have forestalled? Who knows what future war will result from Trump’s withdrawal from the Middle East and betrayal of the Kurds. We are already seeing smaller powers moving into the vacuum left by departing US forces. Turkish involvement in Libya and the Horn of Africa is just one result of Trump signaling that the US is no longer interested.
  12. FB I don’t know it these allegations are true, but this pales beside the monumental corruption of the Trump family. it is on the public record that Trump and his family are milking the US taxpayer for everything they can- while avoiding paying tax themselves. Donald Trump has told over 20,000 lies so why would you believe anything he says? (No it ain’t Fake News, cos if it was, the thin-skinned baby would have sued the Washington Post and many other respected news sources.)
  13. Left the wheel chocks attached to the U/C?
  14. Transporting and assembling my Jodel D9 ready for flight
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