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  1. I posted on another list about a concept I call Compound ANR. Quality ANC hearing protection for $40 or or Compound ANC for $400 It really tames the snarl of upen VW pipes! The Passive headset carries it's part of the equation!
  2. I have blended Steam and quasi glass into a clean configuration that works for my daytime VFR Cygnet SF2A. A few details seen here essentially laser cut and engraved from Mahogany ply in two pieces becasue of the laser bed limit. Reinforced down the middle (throttle) and along the bottom for switches. Blends vintage steam modern EIS/Digital radios and a Samsung Tablet for AVARE. Works well all the controls are logically grouped to minimize potential create issues. One of those AV-30 Artificial Horizons may find it's way in 2021 in the off chance I wonder into a cloud.
  3. N237F

    VW carby

    Lyle I believe the dual port casting in a auto bring the induction forward to the pulley end. I suppose right and left castings are simply swapped to push the system to the flywheel end as shown. Any particular modification needed? DO you recall the casting weight? Regards Matt
  4. Cygnets are Smile makers. They gather questions at every fuel pump from young and old. I think of NX237F as a room with a view in the sky. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=NX237F
  5. The new panel in action
  6. I just rearranged my panel REF Cygnet SF2A I do set the back up altimiter prior to run up and use primarily as a EMS. I have fitter a big red Alarm pilot light that get your attentention is something approches limits set. My plane is daytime VFR only but I would like to add a horizion reference should I inadvertantly wander into a cloud I could confidently turn 180 and exit. Do you know if one extreme can do both functions I buy the ahrs sensor pack? Full time EMS and back up horizon is all I am after. Otherwise the big slip indicator gets smaller and I have a space reserved for a tur
  7. Mark, How do you like the AHRS unit on the MGL?
  8. LOL it came with the plane. Currently stuck on with double sided tape if I add a turn and bank or horizon to get out of unexpected clouds I will need to find a smaller one. Just flew today and realize even with a good looking panel my eyes are outside 95% of the time. The big red pilot light in my view will get my attention if engine limits are approaching. Matt
  9. Ok the new panel flew! No magic smoke from all the new wires when tested on the ground or in the air. I like the end result! Fritz posted on a US page about it too. [/url]https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/threads/clever-cygnet-panel.31673/ If you plan to use AVARE on an Android tablet near your compass there are a handful that won't swing it when in proximity. Lucky for me the Samsung Tab A 8.0 fit because the 7.0 build would swing the compass. The 8 seems more user frienly than the old Kindle fire due to the screen size. Regards Matt Worked out quite well!
  10. N237F

    VW carby

    Lyle Any reason I could not locate my carb behind my oil to air cooler in the Cygnet to achieve what you have? My fuel distribution issue surfaces again with with the revflo slung under the engine. I woudl probably switch to a float carb that can take fuel pump pressure. Matt
  11. Well today I soloed in NX237F. Super Smooth air and expert prep by my CFI made for a memorable first three times around the patch at Hartford Airport in Wisconsin.
  12. Great looking Bird Doran, Hope to see you at our flyin in September. Anyone with interest in the Cygnet SF2A design is welcome to come. 2018 Cygnet Type Aircraft Gathering Save The Date Matt
  13. SMatt, I am in the same boat. I was told you could build a airplane in Kindergarten. Flew as a teen as money allowed 15 hours in a cub at $12/hour wet last entry was in 1987. The Spring I bought the Cygnet flying is restricted more by life and weather than money now...But I too am at the cusp of solo. A good instructor will not cut you loose until you are well prepared. I need only to shoot a few crosswind landings with mine and I will solo! Enjoy the process. Matt
  14. I see this is a 2007 entry what is your progress report? I am currently going for a US LSP ticket in a historic Lindy Award winning Cygnet Built in Canada by Zig Berzins. Superb craftsmanship, routine engine operations excellent control harmony and rugged landing gear make this a excellent fun flyer to learn in. 2276VW with dual ignition,electric start and a revflo carb work well but about 40lbs heavier than I like. The Jab2200 or a 912 rotax would also be excellent choices if building new. REF nx237f - YouTube Matt
  15. Mark, I have yet to verify as I am not yet doing cross country where careful fuel consumption can be monitored the data I have is from a previous owner who fitted the 2276. "105 mph on 50 percent power (19.5” MP)" However I took the stated fuel burn and converted to Liters per hour from US gallons. My plane started life in Canada so on review the hash marks are actually imperial gallons which converts to ~16lph in good alignment with yours. I am encourages by your panel layout. I want to add a steam gauge altimeter to mine and lay it out again with the fuel down the center of th
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