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  1. Hello everyone, Trying to navigate this site. Hope to get better at it in time. Deb, as far as hours go...less than 1000 but I've been fortunate to have flown multiple aircraft and have a few ratings and endorsements Test flown several homebuilts as factory builts after major repairs. Not sure if that makes me good or a tad crazy but some skill and blessings were with me ..as now and I'm still here. Flying after these years for me still makes me feel like a kid albeit with a little wisdom. Never met a plane I didn't like or a pilot that I didn't want to talk to
  2. The Jabiru is a very good power plant. The age of the Avid Flyer should not be an issue if it has been maintained properly. My Cygnet was built in 91 and has many good years left in her.
  3. Good morning Sue. Thanks for the reply. The Cygnet SF2A was designed in the 70's and won an award for best new design. N6580K was given its airworthiness cert. in 1991 I'm Muskegon, Michigan. After the builder passed several years ago it was sold on eBay and went to just north of Tecumseh where I acquired it and flew her home to Ionia, Michigan last June and in between flying...did some overdue maintenance and repairs. The Wings are of wood geodetic construction and are angled forward . The roots are at the pilots and passengers shoulders. The cowling slopes downward and in my case..h
  4. Hello Everyone, My name is Doran. I just found this forum. I am 50+ years old and have been flying with ratings for over 30 years. I have owned several aircraft and currently own and fly an armature built bird called a Cygnet SF2A. I don't have a memory without airplanes as my first ride was in a Piper Tri Pacer at 4 years of age. I've been involved with homebuilts since 16 years of age and have owned and flown several including my Cygnet.
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