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  1. No sorry. The Pickles bloke in charge is GAVIN and you could contact him on the Pickles website aviation section. He was taking phone calls while i was there and didnt get a chance to speak to him
  2. There were at least 15 Aircraft there, they presented very well. All had full glass instrumentation, all were polished up to a mirror shine. Foxbats, Bristells, Tecnams,, Aquila, and a Tecnam Twin. Interestingly, at 2pm I was the only tyre kicker in attendance
  3. Well i dropped in to the viewing this arvo and was told all paperwork was available for perusal.
  4. The Jabiru Manuals give clear guidance. As mentioned earlier, the specific Aircraft Manufacturer is the source. I dont think RAA can help with this, give them a call to confirm the above.
  5. Is anyone aware of AOPAs position on this issue?
  6. A flight from Bankstown, Camden, or The Oaks to Orange under this proposal would be an impossibly dangerous exercise. Who would want to sneak over Katoomba at 1500AGL in a Westerly wind over 15 kts? It can be very rough in that area when there is very little wind. This Proposal affects any flyer on the East coast wanting to fly anywhere west. I just cannot understand the thinking behind this Proposal.
  7. In the RAA response to Airservices received today, it talks about Dual Monitor single VHF Radios not acceptable. Dont know why ?
  8. Like I said, maybe a handheld 2nd comm would satisfy this, but i cant see a possibility of the 2 Radio requirement getting up
  9. I cant see the 2 Radio requirement being mandatory. In fact this whole Class E matter will need need to be revised with CASA involvement.
  10. Would a Handheld Transceiver satisfy the 2 VHF Radio requirement? Just a thought!
  11. Thats a good video and pretty much a carbon copy of my flight last year. As long as you are prepared, like this Crew, its a great experience!
  12. Mine was also into Canberra as part of the final 5 hour Nav for the PPL. In those days you had to demonstrate competancy in landing at a Primary Control Zone Airport. After achieving the PPL, I did many flights into Sydney for the proverbial Cup of Coffee, no fees of course, and one memorable time they let me taxi my Cherokee to the Intl Terminal, escorted us up the Bridge, and let us wander around at will. Then it was back to the Royal Aero Club at Bankstown where Gentlemen were required to wear ties after 6pm! This was the early 70s. What memories!!
  13. Think I will just request a clearance from ATC which in my past experience, shouldnt be a problem. They will be able to identify me on Radar from my transponder return and be glad to assist!
  14. Ok so I have a TRIG Mode S Transponder. From memory cost about $2500 back in 2014. It’s calibrated with the Encoder, and transmits my Rego, Alt, and airspeed. Has its own HEX Code obviously. It’s the small one that fits in the instrument hole and is a companion to my TRIG VHF Radio. I believe I satisfy the requirement to operate in Class E from my reading of the requirements.
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