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  1. And just for something different if all else fails, photo is a Windshield Antenna kit. One end to a Handheld comm, the rubber duck antenna on the other end and it sticks anywhere on a plexiglass surface. I have one, not tried in flight yet, but in the Jab you can attach the antenna to a rear window. Just a thought!!
  2. I use my Dynon D2 pocket panel efis to give me gps ground speed, altitude, track, and slip/skid info. Dynon also say that the instrument is not certified for IFR ops. Like others have said, I cannot understand why the Glider in the Video did not have any attitude indicator at all. Is this normal for Gliding Ops?
  3. Have a read about the Dynon D3 instrument and you may change your view.
  4. I agree, and endorse an earlier post which recommends reading “178 seconds to live”.
  5. Congratulations Shajen. What model is it?
  6. It showed cockpit video of a Glider, being flown very close to extensive cloud. On the left was large buildups, on the right was large areas of cloud free sky. A voice behind the Student (or Pilot) was giving track guidance and suggested a left turn which took the aircraft into cloud. Control was lost shortly after and panic seemed to take over. The Camera fell upside down and i think recovery was made shortly after exiting cloud. Thats my recollection.
  7. Yes I saw plenty of opportunities for a right turn into clear air! Unbelievable lack of judgement i reckon.
  8. This was a very active flight school trainer. I heard it on the Radio at Bankstown regularly.
  9. I seem to be having some finger trouble with my reply, however suffice to say I agree with OME,s thoughts on this matter
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