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  1. Just re read my Policy and I have $2mill combined pax and property coverage, on my QBE Policy. Aircraft is RAA registered.
  2. And also it depends on how many times you take a passenger! 95% of my flying is solo. How many of you guys add extra coverage for your pax? Agree that $250K is not nearly enough.
  3. This has got me thinking, how many RAAUS reg airplanes just fly around and rely on the RAA 3rd party coverage provided to members. My LSA will be 7 yrs old when next Ins renewal is due, in the past I have insured the Hull and added a bit more 3rd party to the RAA coverage as well, but will really give it serious thought next renewal
  4. After reading all the comments on this thread, I still maintain the good old C182 does the job. Plenty still flying, parts available, good payload, good turn of speed, comfortable for pax, etc etc
  5. As you have mentioned, I would have concerns around parts availability. We are talking about a 50yr old aircraft and I would also worry about corrosion. Rare to find an ALWAYS HANGARED aircraft of this age and a really thorough pre purchase inspection by an independant Lame goes without saying, but i see from your comments that you are very experienced as a builder and know all this anyway. I keep coming back to the 182 and while its not as fast as you want, you wouldnt be too much behind the Comanche over a 2 hour flight. I havent seen a Comanche at Bankstown Airport in a long time,
  6. Would a C182 do the job? There must be lots around with SIDS done at a reasonable price. A good genuine 4 seater and load carrier!
  7. Ken what are your thoughts about Jabirus recommendation for Avgas over Mogas due to QC and traceability issues?
  8. Not sure, but this could be a DOCTORED video with model planes made to look like a real crash! Some people are really clever at doing this.
  9. The Jabiru J 170 Manual says that with average Pilot Technique, direct steady crosswinds of 14kts can be handled safely. It also talks about variables such as gusts, terrain, and technique to use. In some GA Flt Manuals, they talk about max demonstrated crosswind but these numbers are usually taken from test pilots under controlled conditions.
  10. No doubt your Instructor is highly skilled and experienced, however i would have preferred that this manouvre be demonstrated at altitude as discussed in the Zimmerman article.
  11. I operate a J170D and have my loading graphs downloaded onto Avplan and have had the parameters checked against my POH figures. I check that the C of G is within the envelope at tkof, ZFW, and landing before tkof. If the C of G remains within the envelope at all stages of flight, then i am safe and legal. It doesnt matter to me if the Cof G moves close the the fore or aft limits, just that it stays wholly within the envelope. You can do the same with a J230 without having to worry about bags of concrete. Just load the aircraft within limits and if your calcs show too far fwd or aft, then
  12. Thanks for that That clarifies it very well.
  13. I know in GA Casa has a schedule of items that a Pilot can perform, quite extensive.
  14. Can an owner/Pilot do Scheduled Oil changes and Inspections on own Aircraft only used privately? Or must this be done by an L1 or 2.
  15. Yes those Class D Airports become CTAF when the Tower closes so you can operate as if OCTA then.
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