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  1. If the Pilot has a PPL or higher and casa Medical and the airplane has radio and transponder then ok CTA experience is assumed.
  2. I saw Ray at Camden airport a few days ago. There is also a Sign on his Hangar WEDGETAIL AIRCRAFT
  3. Buy them from Jabiru, support local Industry. And Jabiru will supply you with an Invoice which is handy and may be useful for a warranty claim. Same day shipping and advice if required.
  4. You will find the vertical Card type much easier to read in any sort if turbulence. Downside is the cost to purchase and install. I have always wanted a vertical card compass but cant justify the cost when thinking about the amount of time actually LOOKING at the compass. My compass is located at the top of the winsdshield and very difficult to read in any sort of glare.
  5. Yes I have a friend who has a 160 and his Punkin Head Cover runs right up to and under the prop and also goes right down under the doors. Cant get out to take a pic due lockdown.
  6. Not at present. PM me if you like and happy to discuss.
  7. And the video from my gopro hero4 is excellent!
  8. Ok, there is a Pilot shop in Qld called Flightstore that have cables that record audio and video ftom Action Cameras. It may only be gopro camera cables that they have but i found them very helpful recently on an enquiry i had.
  9. Anjum are you after a video/audio solution like from a gopro camera, or audio only?
  10. Yes the Headset is up front expensive, but will last you for years, and your ears will thank you. If you intend on doing a lot of flying, a top of the line Headset will pay for itself over time and comfort. The Headset is designed with the function to record all audio and intercom. No, I am not a Headset salesman, just responding to your request for suggestions.
  11. Invest in a Lightspeed Zulu3 Headset which connects to a phone app called Flightlink, and you will get crystal clear audio and intercom recordings.
  12. I have the same problem. No issue with my ipad or iphone but my Apple Watch shows the US Units and no option to change. Kiwi if you go to the Sportys pilot shop web and you will find various email addresses to discuss problems like this. I find them very helpful. I only use the App on my phone, have never tried on the watch as the numbers are too small and impossible to do things in turbulence. Good luck!
  13. Ok I fully understand where you are coming from.
  14. I know nothing about the situation Spacesailor is in, but as Turbs and Kasper have said, just contact RAA!! Spacey time and time again I read knowledgible people telling you what you need to do, but you seem reluctant to take advice and just complain.... with respect, stop complaining, and listen to the advice of those who try to help you.
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