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  1. Where is that I thought we agreed on this forum we would use names
  2. Brand new petrol-powered cars could be illegal by 2035 as traditional service stations are closed down under a radical climate change plan. The Grattan Institute has called for cars with an internal combustion engine to be phased out within 14 years, at least as brand new vehicles. They argued this was the only way Australia could have net zero carbon emissions by 2050, as promised by the United States, Japan, South Korea and the UK. Fully-electric cars are hardly popular, despite the environmental benefits, with just 526 sold in June among the 110,664 that last month left showr
  3. For those who know about the problems of kangaroos that WILL NOT move OR do when landing in the back blocks. IS THIS THE ANSWER FROM THE USA?
  4. IDIOT- DEFINED - a stupid person. -a person of low intelligence OR Idiot, from the Greek idios ("private" or "one's own"), is the oldest of these words, and has been in continual use since the 14th century. Over the years idiot has taken on a number of meanings, ranging from "an ignorant or unschooled person" to "jester, professional fool" to "Stimpy" (of "Ren and" fame).
  5. Without starting a war here - Rotax 915
  6. How stupid is RAA, that a LAME cannot do work on a RAA aircraft. Why would a LAME pay for a RAA membership to work on toy aircraft compared to the GA stuff - really.
  7. For two weeks i was landing on mission beach (lightwing 912) and others. The cops had no problem with it at all. Also was not stupid and did not land near anyone if they were on the beach. Got plenty of waves. Just don't do anything stupid or go near people or fly over them when landing. In other words dont be a di**h head. Remember everyone has a phone camera anyway!!.
  8. With all the crap and corruption again this week of the government and its staff or public servants. Questions 1. Do you have any confidence in CASA and RAA to provide service, better freedoms and better outcomes for our RAA sport. 2. What do you expect to be approved this year in RAA to provide more freedom to our flying 3. Is RAA doing a good job for the members? 4. Do we finally expect any MTOW weight increase THIS year? 5. Are YOU happy flying around in our toys compared to say 5 - ten years ago? Are we better off now???
  9. You can land them with both eyes closed. So easy to fly - nice plane.
  10. If and I said if - the two guys in the white shirts were flying in the Foxbat, she would be seriously over MTOW. Smile.
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