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  1. We don't want any RAA involvement - look what they have done so far. Also no CASA. - Pirates forever! However very kool!
  2. Skip - never heard of them or any of anyone has used them in 35 years of flying. Sorry.
  3. Do get I get an automatic RAA tailwheel endorsement if I have a GA one on a tiger moth - that has no tailwheel?
  4. Skipppy - Well we have got no real transit lanes into CTA besides what you mentioned. All CTA should have no clearance VFR for GA and RAA. With that attitude of not getting your vote what is the answer, we get no where and go backwards. RAA just are not doing anything for the members form my stand point except safety this safety that. WHERE IS THE OPERATIONAL PROGRESS which is called freedom. And another point is that any ex GA PPL pilots and up now only flying RAA should have automatic approval to transit CTA. Let RAA think on that one. I never - ever had a GA BFR once i got my G
  5. Give me 50% more power on just about any aircraft specifically RAA for take off on any day - but specifically for heavy hot, high, short strips that's all I would use it for.
  6. Now after all this above - we need to have transit lanes for all raa aircraft. Then ATC just have to adjust Commercial aircraft around these lanes that we RAA don't need clearance - and don't tell me it cant be done coastal at 500 ft in these zones with all the airports all the way up to cairns.
  7. What are the Jet commercial aircraft they are building and will / how it pass international certification. Also are not LSA aircraft being built in china? Anyone know the brands?
  8. The USA drone market ban is not going to hurt Rotax
  9. 58 minutes ago, Bruce Tuncks said: Are there chinese clone rotaxes? tell us more please. YES
  10. Sorry jackc - occupational health and safety wont let you drive a car if they had there way!!
  11. BFR and Flying Instructors But all is not equal with instructors. I know of and have personally trained and approved these new puny gods and CFIs. Some are good some are not so good. They only pass as they themselves have passed a set of standards given in the book. (some i would not fly with or send students to. These brand new shinny deer eyed gods that need time to actually be able to develop skills themselves to teach at a higher level. Then you get the old bastard types that just know you have stuffed up before you have done it - like watching a slow train wreck.
  12. https://www.flygas.info/flygas-912-rotax/ Food for thought and question yet to ask - Could it be used for takeoff then go to carbs for the rest of the flight ? TBO? Cost of unit?
  13. I wonder if our leaders at RAA are going to pushback or do anything about it ?
  14. Frank you old bastard - when are you getting the "push mower" out. I notice on the video with your departure the grass was a bit high. Stop polishing your propeller all day making these plane pornos! and do some work around the place. SSCBD
  15. I have not flown specifically a Jabiru 230d but looking to fly one in the next couple months with view to buying. However I flown have many other types in RAA aircraft and GA. I am interested in the quoted take-off performance of the 230d fully loaded at MTOW 600kg. Jabiru advertise these distances. Jab 230d take-off roll - 236 m To 50ft - 356 m Landing roll - 140.5 m (love the .5m) From 50 ft is - 534.5m (again .5m really) I assume this was done with nil wind, on tar and at close to sea level and at MTOW? (I hope) Question - And yes I know
  16. Ok seriously - I have had a few frights over the years with kangaroos when landing in the afternoon at some strips or anytime during the day. Yes I have buzzed the strip at ten feet and a few moved but still many stayed. The bloody things don't move even when I get the plane down to walking speed on landing they have still been standing 10 feet from the wing. So of course I expect one to run in front of the prop or wing as you wont be able to shut down and stop as fast as they can hop in front of you. SO has anyone used a horn on their aircraft for this reason. Is it e
  17. Is she the CFI or just an instructor? Is the flying school owned by someone else. If she is not the CFI or the owner go above her head and complain and get the truth plus they have lost money and reputation. If she is the god of the flying school - walk away. Sorry for your bad experience.
  18. Hi Bruce - can you tell me are you flying the Jab on the 500m strip. Can you tell me whats the problem with it - eg, the length or trees in front or the jab etc
  19. OME - Let's keep it simple. The circuit is at Old Mate's place at Wattagai. So why is everyone looking to fly low slow on base final turn? Because we were trained that way on L plates. Simple way out of it - is to extend you normal downwind by 20 to 30 seconds - at cruise speed for RAA or not over 100kts do your landing checks without slowing down. Next when you are ready at extended base, do radio call base with long final, with that out of the way - then turn, kill rpm and turn basically a continuous 180 degree turn onto final. Stop worrying about an extended center
  20. I have been flying for over 30 years. Still alive. I have never had a CFI ever say anything that I was doing wrong. (except they like to fly at this airspeed on downwind or finals or they like to have cruise power set at this number etc) All totally personal preferences of the Gods. ( Not having a go any any single CFI ). Never learned or was told anything new. This question is really for those who have been flying a while, not new pilots. Do we need BFR's and do they do anything for pilots that say fly 50 hours plus a year except cost money and time. I am Not saying t
  21. Quote - Westpac is forecasting the Australian dollar to rise to 80 US cents over the course of 2021. by - Prashant Mehra - AAP - Thursday, 31 December 2020
  22. This is all guess work. IT always depends on conditions and aircraft type, eg wind / no wind / gusts / turbulence from trees hangars etc - where you are eg terrain conditions at the end of the runway -- what you are in - aircraft type - also what weight and height you are at. AND how skilled or game you are to die. No one can give you an answer because it will usually happen when you are in dead mans curve anyway (forgive me the chopper pilots term). Remember when the noise stops along the runway - how long will the shock of - Jesus Christ last before you really act and think it
  23. Yep the factory confirmed it with the wing bolts. Don't see any problem with COG. Looking for next late next year so have time. Another mate of mine want to do the same flight with me from the USA so it might be two jabs. He has been flying for many years and can get some time on jab 230 in USA in the mean time. More fun and back up aircraft if any problem on one.
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