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  1. Any aircraft that has the final say in what happens to it (Airbus) is not one that I would prefer. (licensed 20 odd years on 767s and 747-400 series)
  2. Head to the Jabiru homepage and you should have the POH and all manuals available for the whole Jabiru family of aircraft. You can download as many as you need, free!
  3. I’m guessing that a 914 powered Jab 230 / 430 might be ok for a VH-Experimental rego, albeit a bit nose heavy. That could only be done with a kit built RaAus rego due to LSA rules applying to factory built craft but I don’t know what MTOW would be granted, possibly sacrificing pax, baggage or fuel allowance. I don’t see any reason why you would go to the expense of messing around with the balanced, lightweight and proven combination that Jabiru offers. It’s as reliable as the next type when maintained correctly and smooth with power to spare.
  4. Who will we claim our carton of beer from when it has a heavy landing?
  5. He’d have needed to punch off the external stores just to stay airborne. We used to say that they needed the curvature of the earth to get airborne on a hot day when armed.
  6. In my day, all aircraft to be armed were positioned on a “safe heading “ and stayed there until scrambled or disarmed. It saved a few lives and property when on a couple of occasions a missile went flying without permission due to moisture ingress in the “shearwafer connector”
  7. Love the pun Bexy, love my Jab 3300 too.
  8. Donated using the wife’s PayPal. I hope it went through ok (I don’t usually use it)
  9. It was probably chasing the jetstream for a faster, cheaper sector or was just admiring the beauty of the “Apple Isle”
  10. I love this site and the invaluable information it is able to impart to our aviation community. I, too, would be more than willing to pay an annual subscription for membership to keep the site operating as it has for the last few years, rather than seeing its demise or its move to facebum. Thank you for your work over the years.
  11. A colleague of mine found the answer. If you choose a restricted area on OzRunways, you can hold your finger on the area in question and a short list of the local hazards appears and indicates the status of the particular restriction, red being the active indicator. Thanks to all who contributed to this thread and I hope that this helps.
  12. How can we tell when the Danger and Restricted areas on the WAC are actually live? Is the only way to ask the area frequency controller as we approach the area? Notam is only relative to particular airfields but not area hazards. Can anyone please shed some light on our dimness?
  13. Hay, NSW, (YHAY)is only a 15 minute walk into town if travelling light. Rooms at the Saltbush Motel very good and great brekky next door. Corowa (YCOR) also great. Stay at Motel Meneres (ring direct to book) and Leah will pick you up from the airport if you explain that you’re not at Albury, but the local field.
  14. Do Camit engines have the same valves and guides as the Jabiru 2200 and 3300 engines?
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