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  1. “Humanly possible” and “Within the standards any reasonable instructor would consider sufficient” are two phrases that almost mean the opposite of each other. And I don’t fully get the idea of agreeing with a rule and being frustrated by it and wanting it changed. Of course you are more than competent to fly the Gazelle with less than five hours instruction.
  2. The obvious point is that if you are extremely qualified then the rules are not made for people like you. The rules are made for the 99.95% of pilots who are less skilled than you. You should know that so, from this perspective your frustration is not understandable. Apparently there are two types of practice, normal practice and so-called deliberate practice. Deliberate practice is where you practice by doing something that is currently beyond your skill level. Doing that increases your skill level. (Normal practice is where you just practice, like someone who does something for
  3. If there are fewer airplane ads, might not that mean that demand is up and supply is down?
  4. The report said that the power pole was 27’ high and 360’ feet from the end of the runway. That’s an angle of 4.3 degrees. Most light aircraft (as opposed to LSA’s) approach at 3 degrees. Unbelievable.
  5. Funny you should mention that. The runway length was 3880 ft and the landing distance for a DC6 is apparently 2600 to 4000 feet.
  6. One good thing is that you can cut the throttle while you are working out what is going on. It is the first step for spins and spirals. (Disclaimer: I have 120 hours.) Next, check the airspeed. If is fast, level your wings with the AH. (or turn indicator or DG). If it is slow, stop the turn with your feet. (I'm saying this to myself more than you all. Mental rehearsal.)
  7. There is no need to straw man people on this website. No one even hinted that hitting a LC with a Micra would hurt the LC more. It is hard enough to have a sensible discussion on here as it is.
  8. Wow. Is the plane lighter now? Do the planes with the yokes like that have more room under the yoke for your knees?
  9. I don’t understand why they approached at an angle to the runway? There was no wind.
  10. I have only read the vectors section. I understood it only because I already knew the information from before I started learning to fly. It would have been better if it had stuck to two dimensions and said that any vector had an X and Y component, and had a picture. You would have understood that because you already know that any wind can be divided into a head/tail and cross wind component.
  11. I did not find the article supportive of the card. It provided me with information that I thought was helpful: it’s not an access card, watch where you walk, and people are obliged to dob on you, and you have to renew every two years. I didn’t know any of that. It seemed to imply that you could not or should not apply for one for fun, but if you fly into security-controlled airports for fun, you will need one.
  12. Words to live life by. Were any of your instructors Buddhists? Are you able to come up with enough quotes to write a book entitled Zen of the Army?
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