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  1. According to the comments, the pilot was very active in Angel Flight. 😮
  2. I don’t want to buy it, just make some enquiries.
  3. Scuse me for laughing, but the abusive text from the owner was kind of funny. Can you tell me the aircraft so I can make some enquiries of my own?
  4. Hats off to anyone who builds their aircraft. High school physics and maths is a fine basis for learning about navigation, weather, force vectors, acceleration, ideal gas laws, energy vs momentum and force vs mass and etc. Chemistry was good with the latent energy of evaporation and clouds rising. But the capacitors and resistors and volts and amps and induced magnetic fields we learnt about were *completely* inadequate as a base for learning about electronics and aircraft electrical systems. I have no clue.
  5. apparently the tricycle carbon cub takes off snd lands shorter than the conventional version. (I think it was Carbon cub. onevof those ones)
  6. Fancy the commentator saying that putting the engines there was a “deliberate decision”! So we know they're not there by accident?
  7. At Roma, the person driving the vehicle and wearing the vest won't tell you the gate code unless you shown him an ASIC. At Quilpie, Charleville and Archerfield (!), the code is written on the inside of the gate. I expect that you could get someone to tell you the code at Roma. So, you could probably get away with most small places without a card. If you have the gate code, you can get to the toilet, leave the aerodrome and get back in again.
  8. That's just what I was looking for, but did not find one when I was looking for one a few years ago. I ended up getting an MSA/Gallet at much greater cost. The MSA/Gallet was really, really uncomfortable for the first 10 hours. The tinted visor is really, really good quality, but.
  9. Recovery from a spiral dive is power down, elevator slightly forward, roll wings level, then pitch (ref: Airplane Flying Handbook, FAA). You need to move the elevator slightly forward so you don't over stress the aircraft even levelling wings. Of course, in a stall or spin, rolling the wings level first will cause problems. My guess is that in an UA, the first thing to do is unload the elevator/AOA as you are checking your airspeed. Disclaimer: I have 150 hours.
  10. 6’4” Foxbat is fine. Sivana was not fine at all. You can order a foxbat with cutouts for knees.
  11. Poor Stewart stacked his pride and joy and forum people want to carry on about posts about the island’s name!! Strewth…..
  12. edited...mod. The guy was asking for advice not smart...se cr...
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