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  1. You can get jerry cans that you tip upside down, and the weight of the fuel opens the tap. Very little spilling. This one is called a Tough Jug. I can’t vouch for the quality. I was looking for a pic because people were mentioning jerry cans and electric pumps. This is an alternative to a normal jerry can. One advantage of this is that the aircraft supports the weight of the jerry can while the fuel flows.
  2. Am I right in thinking that if you have a bigger radiator, the pressure and temperature gradient across the radiator will not need to be as big? Does that mean that if you have a bigger radiator, you need less air and can therefore get away with less drag? If so, are LSA radiators optimised for drag or for weight and cost?
  3. I noticed you had a testimonial about VG’s and a Foxbat. IIRC, the factory tried VG’s but ditched them because they messed up the stall characteristics. Thoughts?
  4. You have gone to a huge amount of effort. What motivates you?
  5. I forgot to mention that one of the commenters on Kathryn’s page said he left town without paying his bill.
  6. Hard to know what was happening. He was only aged 60, so frontal lobe dementia is unlikely but possible. Poor judgement, grumpy, insight-less. Poor financial management. Did not care about any of it. He did not even do a proper preflight, much less an inspection. He flew a strange aircraft *at night* while not current. The strange part was he seemed to be doing all that while he was broke. The brokeness would have contributed to the get home itis. He deserved to be punched in the face.
  7. The best thing to do when landing is to try not to land. Prevents a lot of problems with nose wheels.
  8. Nosewheels aren’t for landing, they’re only for taxiing. (I have a massive 160 hrs. So, Im just repeating something memorable and instructive I heard.)
  9. Good CRM. Copilot unthreateningly pointing out something to the captain. We can all learn from this cartoon. Well done, Gary Larson.
  10. Good points. I hadn’t considered it from the point of view of future emission standards.
  11. Sounds like they got an engineer to come up with the name, too. And not a very innovative one neither.
  12. Maybe you could make the cowl the most aerodynamic and aesthetic shape and address internal airflow with baffles. That would provide access room around the engine, and if it grew a little it would not throw your plans out. Disclaimer: I know nothing about this.
  13. I imagine that someone would travel if you paid them properly. Flying instructors often like flying around. They might like the idea of collecting your new plane with you. Maybe you need someone to inspect it too.
  14. You can look up the Wheels magazine review on their website. They compared the Skyactiv compression ignition engine to the old one. The fuel economy was the same. The new engine was 16% more powerful. Considering the expense in development and production, passed to the consumer, not a good outcome. Not to mention probable shorter engine life.
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