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  1. Single seat four stroke. I'd go with this. Late model for this particular aircraft. You would need to get an independent inspection, and factor in shipping.
  2. No one here is capable of realising that it is the magneto. 😡
  3. You still don't get it. When you wrote the scenario, what was in your mind was engine power. But once you posted the question, the answers depended on the question not what your intention. The correct answer was wind. If then engine lost power, the aircraft would have lost height (and you did not give enough detail to suggest that a different less likely outcome would have arisen). You were wrong and lacked the grace to admit it. That is the fault of you and your question, not the fault of the people who responded to the question. Re: "I'm sorry no one had the ability to look at th
  4. By having the aircraft maintain height, you actually eliminated a magneto failure from consideration. 😂
  5. You wanted to eliminate it from the question. Which is why you, and your question, are wrong. If the engine lost power, you would have lost height. Instead you said that the aircraft was slow. The way the question was written, wind is the correct answer. Thanks for coming.
  6. That's about 7 kg of fuel. So, your question is wrong. People keep mentioning the wind because it is the correct answer.
  7. There is one fatal accident per 100 000 hours. So, if you fly 50 hours per year, you have a one in 2000 chance of dying. The baseline rate of deaths for middle aged people is about 1 in 1000 per year. The baseline rate of deaths for kids is about 1/2000. So, if you regularly take your kids flying, and they die, its probably going to be in your airplane. The road toll is rightly a big concern. IIRC, It is the number one killer of people in their early 20’s... and it is much much safer than flying RAAus. So a) RAAus could do with being safer, and b) this is nothing to do wit
  8. Suppose you are trimmed and flying along. Eventually, your aircraft will become lighter. Does the aircraft maintain the speed it is trimmed for and gain height?
  9. A trimmed aircraft would have list heigh, not speed. 🙄
  10. The real value in this question was working out where it is wrong. The question states “the aircraft was trimmed nicely”. Aircraft are trimmed for speed, not altitude. Therefore, if the engine lost power, the aircraft would lose height, not speed. For a trimmed aircraft to lose speed but not height, it must have lost power AND have a trim problem. So, it was a systems problem after all! OME wins! Well, he would have, if he had told tge readers to ignore wind. The forecast and lack of turbulence are, of course, nonsensical nonsense.
  11. So, the answer should have been. "Check to see if you are no longer at 75% power, your revs dropped or you are flying slower than normal". No knowledge of systems was required to do the first step and check if you are flying slower than normal. S T U P I D
  12. If you are maintaining 75% power, like the question says, then it will be wind. I suppose the answer you want is to check for carburetor ice.
  13. I've got $10 that says that this is going to be nonsense.
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