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  1. I prefer the ones that are T-shaped. If the cross bar of the T rests on the wing, you don't have to worry about if the bottom of the dipstick is on the actual bottom of the tank.
  2. I was mystified by the SAAA’s submission, and by their website. They seem to pretend that people only build aircraft to go on the VH register. The SAAA’s submission made their position very clear, but did not explain what it was based on. Engineering? Past accidents? Jealousy? Snobbery?
  3. A slip is much safer than a skid. Disclaimer: I have 117 hours.
  4. As you know, you can go 10% late on certified GA aircraft, ( but the next service needs to be correspondingly early).
  5. Commenting about the vendor’s *motives* is going way beyond the data. And the statement “can also be flown in controlled airspace on its current TAAus registration” is probably totally true. Here, you need to distinguish between what the vendor actually said and what happened in your imagination when you read it.
  6. The situation at the moment is the exact opposite: to fly in controlled airspace, you do not need any licence (you are training) but need a Class 2 medical.
  7. So, was there somewhere in the advert where the vendor said that a particular licence could be used??? Furthermore, you can fly an RA-Aus plane in controlled airspace without an RA-Aus certificate; you just need to be learning to fly and have a Class 2 medical. Also, you don’t need a PPL, you just need an RPL. And you can only do it during daylight hours, where daylight is defined as... Unless the ad referred to licencing requirements (which it seems it did not) it is silly to criticise the ad when we can’t get straight the rules. A correct statement about the rules would
  8. My car is registered and therefore can be driven on the road. I don't need to specify that the driver has to be licenced. Others here have pointed out that aircraft need to be fitted with a transponder before they can fly in controlled airspace. So, it is relevant to the ad. Also, I met a flying instructor once who told me that an aircraft is not permitted to fly over a built up area unless it has a certified engine. In short, saying that the aircraft can fly over controlled airspace is both true and informative. The idea that the pilot needs to be appropriately licenced is obvious and outside
  9. Discussing things with you one one site is plenty, thank you.
  10. This is a pattern. When people disagree with you, you assume that they are dumb. Centrifugal force is apparent, but it is also real. Let me explain. Centripital force and centrifugal force act in opposite directions. If you have a rock tied to the end of a string and swing it around your head, the string goes tight. String can only go tight if it is under tension. A piece of string can only be under tension if it is being pulled from *both* ends in *both* directions. The apparent part of centrifugal force is not that it does not exist, but that if you let go of a string, the stone flys forward
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