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  1. So, you definitely can overcome your airsickness.
  2. Okay. How’s this? “At the moment, I am opposed to Chinese cars because the Chinese government wants to take over the world.” Are you happy with that?
  3. I used to even get sick on commercial flights and overcame it. I started off by playing games on my phone as a car passenger. That got me used to the decoupling of acceleration with visual input. It will stop you associating the airplane with feeling sick. Thrill rides at theme parks are another option. I spent 2.5 months going to Dreamworld to overcome my fear of stalls. I could help with airsickness too.
  4. You don’t know how cloth got in your engine? Maybe whoever last rebuilt it knows?
  5. Calling me racist was a jerk move. You wrote a lot but very little was about whether or not China wants to take over the world. In fact, in our era, China has invaded Tibet, Korea and Vietnam and had border clashes with India and Russia. It has bern in conflict with Japan over islands. It has invaded the sea space of lots of Asian neighbours with the nine-dash line in the South China Sea. The belt and road initiative is designed to, amongst other things, control other countries through debt. With China’s wolf warrior “diplomacy” has been a disaster for the
  6. HF probably stands for HF Area I suppose. OzR said they will add info to the docs. That is the advantage of whinging instead of being resourceful and stoic.
  7. No I don’t (I know). But the HF frequencies are in the Planning Map and the ERSA, both of which are in the app.
  8. Wow. Classic latent error material right there. I thought that notams were displayed in chronological order. Were there 57 more recent notams?
  9. Hyundai cars used to be awful. Now, I actually think that they are a little bit actually cool. It's like they are the new Holden, and Nissan and Mitsubishi are a bit yawn. I am biassed. But I enjoyed driving my Hyundai i30 more than the more expensive more refined Mazda 3. The main thing was the seats were more comfy. At the moment, I am opposed to Chinese cars because the Chinese want to take over the world. But it is good to know that your Chinese stuff has been going well. Motoring writers emphasise handling and what not. They can't understand (for want of a better word) why th
  10. From what Turbo said, you need to get competent legal advice ASAP and before you do anything. In my limited experience, you need a senior lawyer, with the right expertise, who really does know what they are talking about. Also in my limited experience, if you get advice from the lawyer and proceed on your own, your fees are reasonable. If you get the lawyer to go off and do things, or, worse still, have people communicate with the lawyer, fees get stupid and utility deteriorates fast.
  11. If what you say is true (and it sounds it is) this could be the most important post on this site ever.
  12. The issue was that the data could not update. My login details were rejected. When I logged in, after some difficulty, OzR went back to functioning normally. BUT I didn’t know about tapping and dragging on the box like you mentioned! Which is interesting. It would not have worked, I expect because the problem was related to my log in credentials. OzR support did not mention what you mentioned. I believe that the software is supposed to update every time you open the program. That is what has happened every time before and since. AND
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