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  1. Are you rude to people who buy aircraft from you? Or do you change completely? Or is it too early to tell?
  2. Where was the CoG? I imagine that the plane could be overloaded and still have the CoG within limits.
  3. a) Inertia and momentum are the same thing. b) If something is weighed on a scale and the scale says 2.35, then the mass is 2.35 kg. (Assuming the object is not being accelerated and the scale is accurate and being used on the surface of Earth.) c) You messed up because force is measured in newtons, not kg.
  4. Yes. Some people have posted here about what survival kits they would carry. The survival kit that you should carry for remote areas is very simple. a) Sat phone, b) EPIRB (or whatever the correct acronym is), and c) as much water as you can carry, say 10 L per person.
  5. Disclaimer: I have about 90 hours. On the other hand, I have bought my aircraft for touring and exploring the desert so have given it some thought. I think that if you want to see the sights, you are better off with a high-wing aircraft. If you want to avoid misery half the year, avoid something with a bubble canopy. Your aircraft will not be hangered for the 12 months. I was not game to get a composite aircraft because I did not know what the sun would do to it, so I was keen on getting something that was not composite. I suspect that if you are touring, you will want the ability to land on s
  6. The actual answer is that whichever ship has the most favourable tides will go faster, this factor being much more important than air density. It also overcomes the issue of hull speed.
  7. About flying in your mind, you can do the same thing when you are learning to navigate long trips. You can sit in a lounge chair, look at your watch, plot on the map and fill out your flight log.
  8. I train at Archerfield and don't find that I get held up for more than a few moments. There are other reasons to train at a non-controlled field, and I suppose some controlled fields do waste your time. I passed the RA-Aus theory exams by myself, but I did physics (gasses, momentum, acceleration) and maths (vectors) in Grade 11 and 12, which helped a lot. The other thing, which I hinted at before, is that it does not matter if you attempt an exam and fail. In fact, the more you fail the more you learn. I found stalling too frightening to do. So I went on the thrill rides at Dreamwo
  9. Grit is more important than talent. Failure is an inevitable byproduct of success. Flying instructors vary in quality.
  10. If all else fails, the longest answer is most likely to be the correct one.
  11. This is me doing an inverted spin and recovery in an Extra 300. I stand by my previous comments and have nothing to add. 201121a EX300 Inv Spin - Copy.mp4 201121a EX300 Inv Spin - Copy.mp4
  12. Triple fail, Turbo. The first fail was that you missed the comment in my original post that was wrong, and, if followed, actually could have caused a problem if someone followed it. I said to recover from a stall by, all at once, applying full power, aileron neutral and release back pressure. In fact, according to the FAA, you should move the stick forward (if you are not inverted) THEN apply full power. They said that the reason for applying the controls in that order was so that one was not tempted to try and maintain altitude with the elevators and still break the stall. So, the correct ord
  13. The answer is that I'll get more out of it if I think about it before I do it. Also, as far as I know, Foxbat don't have a specified method of spin recovery, so it's going to have to be generic.
  14. Anytime someone reads a book, they are learning to fly by correspondence. And suggesting that I could kill someone by writing down a guess is just ludicrous, Facthunter's +1 notwithstanding.
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