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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4344291868916965&id=130736376939223&sfnsn=mo
  2. The USAF and the FAA tell us that the human body can survive sustained 9G declaration. To the point that it has become (I am led to believe) the requirement for structural integrity of seats and cockpit in N registered aircraft. I can't find the study right now but will research it if anyone is actually interested, that looked at deaths related to deceleration in aircraft accidents. 100% of cases where the deceleration was 9G or less were survivable, yes higher transients up to the low 40's were survivable, albeit with some nasty injuries, but the tolerance was in the tenths of a second. I am
  3. Is this where I throw in a quantum physics discussion about the fact that gravity does not exist? That its an interpretation of the impact on space/time of a body with a significant mass? Gravity is relative to your frame of reference!!! Perhaps the Best Lay explaination i have ever seen is here..
  4. 3 makes little sense. How can it be at various angles to the airflow and still be at the same AOA?changing the angle to the airflow changes theAOA thats the very definition of AOA? Are we ignoring the Total reaction on the aerofoil? Wind tunnels have no weight and no thrust so the TR will be different.
  5. Ahh so you were talking about vertical component of lift? VL. If that’s he case when any rolled AOB is compared to a 0 deg roll total Lift (L) remains the same L1=L2 but VL2 is always less than VL1 (assuming all other factors are equal). If the pilot doesn’t do something else to make up for the smaller VL the aircraft will descend. He can’t increase AOA with elevator or the aircraft will turn (unless he is doing a barrel roll but that’s not the case here).
  6. I believe it was Bob Tait that said something along the lines of “why ask a complex question that requires clarification when you can ask 5 simple ones”... I think I may have modified the quote but you get the gist.
  7. OK I need to clarify here. Is your intent to pose questions to spark discussion? Or is it just to prove you know more than everyone else and will word questions in 3 different ways to confuse and when people try to answer you will be condensing and arrogant? Just so i know whether its is even worth trying to answer because you keep moving the goal posts. You want a specific answer yet your questions are so open you can get any number of different ones. Then you post comments like "When will people read what is written"... Well I did, then you wrote something else... So when will you pose a que
  8. one word??? Irrelevant.... At the instant its stopped at 45 degrees of roll there are a lot of other forces acting not he aircraft including the aerofoil. Not the least of these are Mister newtons first and third laws.. so in an instant the lift is probably irrelevant....
  9. It comes into effect in 3 days and I have yet to find a copy of it. I realise that RAAus have detailed the changes as part of the roll out of Part 149, I even attended one of the recent info evenings. However I won't be 100% comfortable I am fully compliant with any changes until I have actually seen the changes!
  10. Logged in for the first time on ages as I was sick of people just trying to show they know more than everyone else... I notice things havent changed..... Someone, not that long ago asked why instructors dont comment on this sight, I can give you a few good reasons.. now back to PPRUNE
  11. Roll to the nearest horizon then pull!
  12. Same applies to over temps and exceeding RPM redlines in hire aircraft!!!
  13. I remember a young pilot being "Excused" from pilots course and the ADF in general when it was discovered he could not "safely control the speed of his motorcycle". I believe words along the lines of "If we cant trust you to ride a motorbike unsupervised how can we trust you to fly an aircraft?"
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