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  1. Same applies to over temps and exceeding RPM redlines in hire aircraft!!!
  2. I remember a young pilot being "Excused" from pilots course and the ADF in general when it was discovered he could not "safely control the speed of his motorcycle". I believe words along the lines of "If we cant trust you to ride a motorbike unsupervised how can we trust you to fly an aircraft?"
  3. OK I can speak to this one as I have both done and taught Autos. To a large extent it will depend on the instructor, aircraft and insurance!! I cant speak to an R-22 as I have never flown one but the B-206+ and 205 are fantastic for it and hold a lot of rotor inertia through the initial and flare and give you lots and lots of cushion. I would imagine the little Robbies would be a lot more sensitive to RRPM changes with a tendency to overspeed on entry and in the flare and would run out if you were a little high. Some dont like doing them as you will be doing a run-on landing so t
  4. You do realise you can reset your BFR by learning a new skill?? Perhaps a formation endorsment? Perhaps tailwheel? Perhaps a low level endorsment? Maybe instead of just doing a few CCTS and a engine failure, this year you could look at getting something out of the process and improving your skills??
  5. Realistically how much is it going to cost to buy an airframe in as good a condition as yours? And it will come with either a 350 hour engine or one like yours and you are in the same boat. How badly do you want the 24 rego? You are obviously planning on keeping it a while anyway. So go on condition on the engine, get the best bang for buck avionics you can and fly it up here and see the sights.
  6. Sadly these days the Diamond Reo brand is back and a Chinese owned company... They are the LDV / Cherry of trucks!!! Would rather drive a UD.. Its a shame what's happened to a good old brand.
  7. Surely a simple nonstandard “can you advise how long until clearance is available? I am unable to proceed in VMC” May have promoted the controller to evaluate what was going on?
  8. Sorry but i see the blaming of ATC here as a “we need to have someone to blame” issue. They did not make the command decision to commence flight when they shouldn’t have. They did not make the decision to commence descent. They did not depart on a marginal weather that day without even bothering to get a met forcast or use and up to date Nav database. We go on and on about ADM and single pilot resource management yet we blame the ATC when someone fails to use either of them. The fact is the ATC were right to deny him the clearance (although they didn’t know it) as that pilot in that day i
  9. Also remember the stated figures are for a factory new aircraft, with a factory new engine / prop. Not one with dents and faded paint and bugs and 1500 hours on the engine...
  10. I teach ABC for an engine failure in a fixed wing... A- Airspeed is your friend... Know and establish best glide speed. Convert Alt to height if you can safely do so (you are converting genetic energy to potential energy). B- Best possible landing field have a GOOD look is it below you? Is it behind you? what is it and where is it? You should know the wind as you made a not of it every time you noticed it.. C- Commit to the landing area you chose - many many people have failed to make a forced landing by selecting a suitable area and changing to that one, t
  11. I would hopeif you were planing that flight (at least for the over water sections) you will be using a NAV system somewhat better than an iPad with OzRunways.........
  12. I was taught and Always flew oval CCTS in the defence force.. Especially at low level!!! A constant rate turn from base to final was the go but then again my final patter went like this.. Attitude, Aimpoint, airspeed closure rate (closure rate was kept at a fast walking pace all the way to a 3 foot hover...). For the record in a fixed wing I teach square CCTS at normal height to allow students time to sort out the aircraft. Make configuration changes when not turning as I want your eyes outside in a turn and look at the airspeed before you do anything (flap, turns, power changes etc etc if you
  13. Nev I sincerely apologise if you felt any offence it was never my intent. My reply was simply to the "change power to change speed" concept. I did not mean to say you were in error or to belittle your knowledge or experience. Interesting that you knew these guys, I purchased my original BAK book from Mr Thom himself some time in the 80's still have his Nav, Wx and Instrument books on the shelf and use them as as a reference. I like the way he simplifies things when i cant find the words to explain a concept. . I am sure we must have moved in the same circles at some stage and must
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