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  1. I'm guessing the site's SSL certificate is expired and someone in the office hasn't renewed it. Might need to increase our fees to pay for someone to keep on top of that issue? 🤑
  2. RAAus BFR = WOFTAM. GA BFR with a decent instructor = good value & worthwhile. I have not done a RAAus BFR that was challenging or from which I took anything significant away. But a GA BFR where you are placed under the hood and have to maintain S&L, execute a level 180 or climbing 180 to a specific heading, go through CTA that you normally wouldn't or properly use the P charts to work out if you can get in or out of a particular strip is good value.
  3. Yes....And no...The Comanche I missed out on was priced very reasonably for what it was - probably why it went in less than a week which surprised even me. The other one I've looked at, is significantly overpriced for what it is. The seller paid $92,500 a year ago, installed a very basic GPS in it, and now wants $105-110K for it - and from what I can tell, it hasn't had the gear SB done on it, which if it fails, is mega $$ (the FAA actually made it an AD, CAsA didn't).
  4. I think @jackc is on point. I've tried to buy the same Comanche - twice - and each time the buyer has pulled it from sale after it being listed for a few days. I missed out on a beautiful Comanche -260C by a weekend last month after the KRviatrix dilly-dallied confirming the $$ would work out, so now to get an equivalent plane to that -C model will likely cost another $50K. Wimmen! 😛 I'm thinking about penning a letter to every Comanche owner on register asking if they want to sell. I CBF importing one from the US with all the extra hassle!
  5. IT always was, and remains, the best option. You might roll your plane up into a ball, but you'll likely survive if you choose what you hit. Once you depart controlled flight, where and what you'll hit - and how hard you hit it - is anyone's guess.
  6. I got hit with a near-$15 landing fee at Scone a couple weeks back, in a <1,000Kg RV-9 - after ironically flying up for an information session (all of 2 hours on the ground) to discuss the airport upgrades. They've also introduced a fee for each T&G now too, asshats. Yet Councillor Ron Campbell in their December meeting wants "the airport to be used much much more in the future" - but they are increasing their landing fees, and introducing additional ones, to deter GA operators from using their airport. Can't remember which document I read it in, but they added (or wanted to add) a
  7. Just a followup to my "The Scone camera's aren't working..." post above. They are now - courtesy of the folks at Airspeed Aviation & East Coast Aircraft Maintenance. Click HERE. I'll hopefully be able to add a 6th option in the next few weeks from the opposite end that has weather data overlaid on it.
  8. For the moment, I'd avoid Scone like the plague. The availability of fuel is limited and the AD Manager apparently published the incorrect phone number for the on-site refueller now their self-serve bowser has been removed - and she has now got the Council charging for each T&G, instead of a 1-per-session fee like most other places. 🤬 Wait until they get their "upgrade" sorted out before planning a stop over there. I can't even get the RV into my hangar there until the end of January! 🤬 Also bear in mind going coastal through Sydney is likely to be easier than going coastal thr
  9. After a quick read through the judgement, the thing that struck me was the Judge finding the pilot, in effect, negligent for screwing up the approach resulting in the subsequent go-around. I've lost count of the number of times I've abandoned a landing into Somersby because I didn't like how things were going, but does that make me negligent? I'd argue not at all. Flying visually is purely a seat-of-the-pants judgement exercise. What one person thinks is a mile away might be two, but that difference between two individuals is a 300' difference on the glidepath... There's no argumen
  10. From the judgement, here is where the court found the Ferris Wheel. IT pokes into the splay a damn sight more than 2m!
  11. I typically don't change tanks regularly. Start & warm up on one, taxi out on the other, take off and climb to altitude and change back to the first one until I run it dry, and only then do I change back. The one exception to this is if I am down to less than 15L or so in it, I'll go for the fuller tank in the circuit to minimize the chance of unporting the outlet due a slip etc.
  12. I don't understand why everyone doesn't have an AH - even one of those little portable jobs like a Dynon D3 - as a "I stuffed up but this can save my life" type of deal. I've lost the horizon when flying before, but wasn't in cloud - surrounded by it yes, but not in it - and I was eternally grateful for that 10" EFIS right in front of me. And that's in a simple VFR RV. Being able to immediately transition to that might have helped these two idiots...
  13. Makes me wonder if they snagged the glider as U/S for an engineering inspection. They pulled enough G's to lose the camera mount - and I know sometimes it doesn't take much to do that - but the G-meter shows nearly 8G's on the recovery and that looks to be over the redline on the G-meter.
  14. Yeah, this'll work.....HHmm, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.....What's that smell?
  15. Must be the Kiwi -GDG, the Aussie one is listed as a single seat. The only other thing I have to say is "WTF were they thinking playing so close to cloud without an AH?" Wonder what a new pair of seat cushions costs for one of those fancy high-performance gliders?
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