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  1. VH-DIK is well known Gundaroo resident Dick Smith.
  2. Time Left: 18 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE

    We have a Tee hanger designed for Rans S-10 Sacota surplus. Some damage from tree impact. This hangar is approx. 8.4m wide x 6.2m deep with 3.1 projection to the rear for horizontal stab. It is weather tight and fully lockable. Height is 2m. at the front and about 1.5 at the rear. It is very well constructed with sliding doors at the front. Needs to be disassembled and trucked to your place. PM me if interested, Don.


    , New South Wales

  3. Nowhere near that much damage OME...ha ha ha ha!
  4. We have a Tee hanger designed for Rans S-10 Sacota surplus. Some damage from tree impact. PM me if interested, Don,
  5. HARS is a fabulous museum. The Southern Cross replica must be all but completed by now. The place is staffed mainly by enthusiastic volunteers who, going by my experience, are as generous with time and knowledge as you'd like. Having such a comprehensive collection within reach of most on the Eastern seaboard is a winner. I think that the siting of the original Southern Cross in a somewhat distant and uninspiring building kilometers from either the domestic and international terminals is disgraceful and I started a thread on the topic here some years ago. Lindberg acknowledged that the tr
  6. The 1990's coincided with Daimler-Benz being in bed with Chrysler, a US corporation, No? Anybody see the pattern? Don
  7. Could be an unintended consequence of Morrison's trade war.
  8. Certainly, crankshaft overhaul is a particularly specialised and skillful task. Checking it for wear within tolerance not quite so complex. I bought a new crankshaft when considering replacement due to failure. Even so, replacement of old with new part is not a watchmakers skill. We are still debating private operations vs for hire/reward. I think there is a world of difference. Who really wants to be an instructor with so many students trying to kill you? Ps: Not many LSA's with R-582's to my knowledge, I could be wrong!
  9. Thread drift has taken this far away from its origins. Recreational flying was intended to allow operators to assess their risk and act accordingly. My posts have attempted to argue that your decisions are dependent on the operational circumstances. Eg. Nev argues that taking off with high obstructions in your flightpath mandate a more conservative rule than the alternative. Are you going to risk tiger country? Is your aircraft likely to survive outlanding in a paddock? We are all involved in a pastime that contains some element of risk. It's up to you as pic to make a decision. Don't think th
  10. This AD also mandates the overhaul periods for engines engaged in charter operations reflecting CASA policy related to the aircraft engaged in fare-paying passenger operations. ie. No mention of manufacturer's TTIS for aircraft engaged in private ops. that I can make out.
  11. Requirements for operating piston engines in aircraft engaged in private operations are detailed in - AD/ENG/4 Amdt 11 - Piston Engine Continuing Airworthiness Requirements. There is no mention of requirement to observe manufacturer's time expiry limits.
  12. Our Drifter has a hatch on the forward top surface of the pod. This is held in place with a pair of black plastic Dzus-type fasteners. One went AWOL in rough conditions the other day. Any ideas where a replacement can be obtained? Don
  13. The Sapphire that I saw was powered by a 2 cylinder Continental . It came from a generator set that were once as common as... in Vietnam. This one was found on a tip , I think around Bendigo many years back. It only produced about 30hp and was noisy as the exhaust directed onto the prop. Magneto ignition and 2 spark setup.The old bloke owner was very proud of it and had flown to Natfly , Narromine from central Vic. Gob knows where it be now!
  14. Please show evidence that R 582's are injuring the public or causing a high rate of property compensation claims.
  15. Yanks will sell these off so cheaply that discount airlines find them irresistible. We travelers (as always) will be grist to the mill. And so it goes!
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