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  1. At our strip a Piper Tomahawk, doing circuits elected to fly towards the hill when a stiff easterly was on his nose. Instead of turning x-wind after take off he flew into the downdraft and failed to clear the hill. Expensive lesson but, luckily, in this case not fatal.
  2. The point being made was, I think, how many crashes have there been in the same period of a/c powered by Jab engines? A fair comment because Jabiru has been highlighted by CASA .
  3. Don't know where else to put this, cheers, Don. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikoyan-Gurevich_MiG-8
  4. Yep, going asymmetric when you don't know the consequences will surely lead to unpleasant consequence, agreed. Don
  5. Please note, I am not the "first without sin", Just remember this accident and the fact that, as Yenn says,"Over the years I have seen many instructors and many of them are forgotten as they were poor." The Board of Inquiry concluded that the instructor devised a demonstration of asymmetric flight that was 'inherently dangerous and that was certain to lead to a sudden departure from controlled flight' and that he did not appreciate this. https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19911029-0 I'm not wishing to be controversial, a stirrer or indifferent to the suffering o
  6. "You idiot! You've killed us all." From memory, the final words of the PIC of the RAAF 707 after the check captain pulled power on both engines on one side off Sale in the Bass Strait. "I've hit the...(Guy cable supporting 2XL's broadcasting mast)." Final transmission from the Snowy's Pilatus Porter, killing the pilot and 2 office girls,as it crashed in ground fog. Cooma Airport, 15miles away was clear. So many preventable tragedies.
  7. Years ago my plane, a VP-2, came with a de-Havilland 60"x30" prop. Its performance was so poor (produced max. 2850 rpm) it was dangerous. I went to Mangalore airshow and measured every prop attached to a VW there. They were about 56" max dia with far less chord and a flatter airfoil with max thickness about 1/4 of the chord. My prop had a Clark-Y type section with max thickness about 1/5 and a blunt leading edge. I attacked, taking 4" off the diameter, removing the brass L/E and savagely reducing the bulk. I placed an epoxy L/E and then had it sprayed white and with red tips and balanced it. W
  8. Far too adventurous for the management I'm thinking.
  9. A much better plane than the unfortunate Hughes Pocket Rocket I think.
  10. Did my (delayed) BFR last week in a Jabiru. 2 landings and the CFI said that for someone who doesn't fly a Jab they were pretty good .
  11. Wouldn't suit a Cessna driver!! I'd give it a crack 'though.
  12. My mistake...can't tell a bear from a gull:oh yeah: The Rutan SkiGull is an amphibious aircraft designed by Burt Rutan
  13. At around 1230 today we saw a very quiet twin with apparently a T-tail heading S-W over Canberra. This turned out to be a Chaika LLC L65 Seabear. I think that this was designed by Burt Rutan as his ultimate global retirement project. Any comments? Don
  14. Frank, it's horses for courses. If I lived in shorts & t-shirt country it has to be a Drifter. Down here with the white stuff, protection from the elements is king. The T500 has a bag on the rear end that adds weight and hides the fuel and controls. My plane is in good nick with a new wing and 100hr engine. Its about 10 years younger than a Gemini. Don
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