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  1. Very easy to take exception to this type of statement (which implies that "All labor govt's are economically ignorant"). I read the story of this from Wikipedia. Seems that it sought to utilise untried technology and failed to be economic. No mention of "meddlesome govt fiddling". The late Turnbull govt embarked, with great ballyhoo, into Snowy 2.0. This was a boondoggle from the get go designed to show a competence in energy industry management that was simply not there. The lies began immediately. Promised a $2b price tag, completion within 4 yrs and a cheap solution to provision
  2. Spurways ST-10 is a good hand riveter (long handles - good mechanical advantage) but are a bugger to reassemble after cleaning the jaws. Marsden Klicker are good and easier to service. Don't get any chemical contamination on the rivet stems as this causes a build up metal fragments on the jaws.
  3. This is exactly what I envisaged as the perfect town car. ABC news reported a few weeks ago on a similar Chinese project which sells for around $5,000. Could sell the Astra and keep one X-country wagon and use this as a town car. Would smack the arrogant Angus Taylor in his mouth claiming that govt support for EV's would be the equivalent of subsidising "luxury" cars. Don
  4. Sorry, didn't mean to be sexist. "Stages of life" may be more appropriate.
  5. Kaspar, stages of man is the answer. Either you are in the still developing state of existence where all $$$ need to be shepherded for children's school etc or you reach the end stage (some call this retirement) where the money is your super and intended for enjoyment of your later years. Hopefully you've reached thay stage in which case... don't think about it, just do it! Don
  6. Try $10bn and counting for MT's boondoggle Snowy 2.0. This is exclusive of new transmission lines and estimated 50% energy loss in said transmission to Syd/Melb. As I have stated before EV's are only a political sop. Without legislation how many will be bought. Angus Taylor has insulted the intelligence of us all by stating that subsidies in this field are the equivalent of govt paying for people's "luxury cars", fer *hrissakes!
  7. Here's one for you red blooded pilots to watch...
  8. G'day NT5224, I don't mean to be unnecessarily pedantic and I am not obtuse either. We have had a discussion over the past regarding abbreviation of geography. Not everyone who reads our posts has a categorical memory for 4 letter codes nor are they interestedf. For pure clarity and also as a display of good faith, could you please use layman's language. Thanking you for taking this point, Don
  9. Nev, I have apologised for mistaking the gist of your post. I am an amateur pilot with less than 1,000 hrs in basic planes over the past who knows how long. I read de Crespigny's book and agree that a lot of very fancy footwork only just avoided disaster. I have not read more than one tech report on the Air France disaster but it left me (and others) wondering why the crew thought holding full back stick would have been wise under the circumstances. You have provided a plausible reason for this and I thank you. )
  10. Nev, I'm sorry if my reading of your words was in error. I cannot see how the Air France accident near the Azores was anything but pilot error. Whatever software fixes embedded in the FMS systems to prevent pilots from crashing obviously were not enough to prevent catastrophe. Nothing can prevent bad outcomes resulting from profoundly incorrect actions. Airbus seem to be doing well and 'fly by wire' is set to become universal as greater efficiency demands more technological inputs.
  11. I don't get this implied antagonism towards AB. I have read praise of Airbus from many eminent captains for their aircraft. Richard de Crespigny, Captain of QF32 had nothing but the highest praise for the Airbus engineers, responsible for writing the POH, on the A380. In particular he was astonished that every question he asked during the 5 hrs preparatory to landing the crippled jet was answered. 'Automatics' did not prevent the crew from managing a nightmare occurrence into saving the plane. Others comment that the workspace is far more user friendly than Boeings because of the side
  12. Time Left: 28 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE

    This lovely Cub-like aeroplane was designed by Jesse Anglin of Spacewalker fame. It has a spacious cabin and baggage shelf. Taildragger with 600x6 aircraft wheels it is a true bushplane. Constructed using only the best aircraft materials it first flew in the early 2000's. Originally powered by a Subaru EA-81 this was found to be too heavy. It would really fly well with a Rotax 912 or Jabiru 2200. Got too old to be considering making the required mods it is offered for sale at $5,000. Included are, 1) Icom A-200 VHF radio, 2) Grand Rapids Technologies Engine Information Monitor, 3) Molds for cowling and seat, and other possible inclusions (rebuilt Subaru with Wade camshaft, EFI and PSRU) PM for more details. Don


    Canberra - AU

  13. Best compromise...T-600 Vision (Jabiru 2200 of course!)
  14. We have an 'A' model Karatoo project which may take a bit of work to get back to Flyable. PM if interested/curious. Don
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