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  1. Fact that EFI is all but universal in the auto field and has been for 20 years answers this question. The number of problems apparent with Bing and Mikuni carbs speaks volumes for the 'yes' case. Electronic ignition is also preferred vis the electro-mechanical alternative. Conservatism rightly has its place in aviation but should not blind us to better alternatives.
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  3. Hey, I notice your Volt meter. Mine was a Jaycar kit that I made up years ago. Same display.
  4. This is my Thruster panel. I like white as the background, easier on the eye. The instrument lower center is a Grand Rapids Engine Information System. Not only does it replace Tacho, hour meter, 2x CHT's, 2x EGT's, coolant temp, volts, outside air temp plus an aux, it has settable parameters and a warning light should values be exceeded. Not as capable as MGL but cheaper and adequate for a 2 cyl 2-stroke. ASI front and center.
  5. Reminiscent of the Viking SF-2A Cygnet amateur built a/c. At least 2 examples built here. Extraordinary vision from cabin due to forward-swept mid-wing layout. Performs well on 60hp VW.
  6. Annoys me...this stuff! Who here has fully stripped and reassembled a 582? I have. I have flown aircraft with 2-stroke power almost exclusively (except for my 550hrs on VW). This was with Fuji Robin EC 44-PM and 582, 447 and 503. Always with pre-mix and often with fuel which has sat in the tanks since last fuelled. Never had problems with starting or detonation. This is with pump 91 RON from any convenient tankage. On the topic of 2-stroke oil and metering pump, I bought an engine that had done 350 hrs (I'm told) running on the "sacred" green slime. The pistons were heavily oiled up, pa
  7. Is it best to use mobile data, requiring cellular capability, or is it simply a matter of hotspotting from android phone?
  8. I've flown Technams, both Sierra and Papa, and they are almost too easy to fly. The J-170 does take a bit of concentration from the round-out to give that satisfied glow. Does this mean that the Technam is a 'better trainer' than the Jab? Apart from the round-out, no problems with the handling of either. Don
  9. Under the tree, Dec. 25, Ohh... a new, in the box, Samsung Tab A 7! Instructions herewith," Please connect to Ozrunways ASAP!". Has anyone among the august forum membership tried this and, please, what where the results? I am sorry to say that I have a visceral distaste for Apple and all things IOS. However, the seal is still intact and I am informed that it is possible to exchange (with liberal lashings of extra $$$) for an I-Pad. This option of last resort akin to pulling the red handle thing in the Cirrus roof. Please help resolve this dilemma. Seasons greeting
  10. No Dean, though I flew both back in the days at Holbrook. Here is the last of them, my son Alistair and Wayne Adams in the club Gemini at Holbrook in 1991. Cheers and Happy Christmas to all. Don
  11. Another one...Tyro at Holbrook. Around '95.
  12. Go Brendan! Take it slowly and fly as often as you can. Safe skies.
  13. Mate, your response time to my posted foto. Just sayin' that was lightning fast.😁
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