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  1. We have an 'A' model Karatoo project which may take a bit of work to get back to Flyable. PM if interested/curious. Don
  2. Just looked up the specs... says up to 300l/hr. I used to pump from 60l drums. Don't recall it being terribly slow but it was a long time ago and so not crystal clear in memory. Beats hand pumping!
  3. I think that he will find difficulty in obtaining parts for the engine. Must need a full strip and re-build with a smashed prop.
  4. Collings wrote a bloody good book called (I think) "Riding the Fire".
  5. Great replies you blokes!!! Agree that any additional information is a plus to "see & be seen". Nev, I agree with"pass on the right". Just that, as has been said in this thread, Things can and often will happen within seconds. That's why I have mentioned the dichotomy of *turn left for circuits* and *pass always on the right*. As you say,Nev, we have to be soo clever. Never stop learning (and thinking too).
  6. Please comment: We were "Shootin' the breeze", in the clubhouse the other day. Actually discussing see and avoid scenarios. Someone mentioned overtaking or passing another aircraft and spoke of conditioned reactions. My mind was confronted with the fact that circuits are most commonly left handed whereas the accepted avoidance manoeuvre is to turn right in a descending turn. Which one is going to be the "conditioned reaction"?
  7. SorryJacko, many of us are to old and tired to put up much fight any more. Understand that we have been trying to carry the torch since the 60's when we marched through the streets of Sydney in the Moratorium against the Vietnam war. Carrying the torch for the plundered native forests through the 80's and 90's then trying to change minds on the mad plans to flame the Middle East in the "War against Terror" (haw, haw!). Watching, shocked as a functioning govt is replaced by a grotesque effigy shouting "Axe the Tax" and (disgracefully) "Ditch the Witch. Now we are being led to a "Gas led " solu
  8. Not looking forward to that either OME. Best to remember that as a mega-star collapses it releases an unimaginable fireball consuming all around it. Better in our old age to concentrate on our grandkids/pets and not think too much about the future. Have a good day, Don
  9. "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat historic mistakes". I hoped that the neanderthals inhabiting the powerful positions would benefit from the Vietnam war experience. The "world's greatest military power" humbled by a society schooled in millenial struggles against powerful invaders. Staggering it was to see in the 90's headlines stating that overcoming Iraq would be a "cake walk". Fools whose only life experience was as indulged rich kids in a society drunk on its material indulgence. As they gloated over Russia's "Vietnam experience" in Afganistan they blindl
  10. We had breakfast at the Tumut Aero Club on Sunday. These 2 men had spent a week based there. Reports were that they were very nice fellows. Always such a waste and a tragedy. IMO powerline surveys should be helicopter or drone based activities. Too dangerous for fixed wing.
  11. You can always trace the money. It is said that the original Rothschild averred, "Let me control the money and the voters can go hang themselves". (Or something akin). Last time I looked the US had cornered around 75% of Aust. industry. You can expect the tiny population of true oligarchs in the states to urge their political enablers to defend that investment. However I don't take any comfort from this: See the Munro Doctrine and how it is administered in relation to the South American states. Especially Cuba and Nicaragua. The awkward decision to buy Super Hornets (against overwhelming
  12. I suspect that more than a few people were pleased enough to build a Quicksilver as supplied. Surely another, well researched kit would receive similar reaction. I'm not familiar with this Aerolite thing.
  13. Spacesailor, You have been dudded by the old "grandfather clause" switcheroo. I know that at least 1 Baby Great Lakes acrobatic biplane was registered as 95.10 by manipulation of this "get home free" card.
  14. I am far from being an anthropogenic climate change denier and I have a strong interest in progress towards carbon abatement. I do however posesss a pretty active BS detector. I see the current interest in EV's as, perhaps, PR window dressing. Look over there... The public are mostly unaware that cement is the world's greatest single industrial contributor to CO2 production. 8% in fact, but we hear little about plans to de-carbonise cement. Anybody been offered a "carbon offset option" on their unit/home purchase?
  15. I used a fuel injection pump (second hand Bosch from wreckers) for years. Electrical connection from my ground vehicle via a 10m lead to cigar lighter socket.
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