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  1. Thanks Garry! I didn`t know about, Garmin Autoland. 👍
  2. Hey! old buddy, old pall! I don`t sit around drinking coffee all day, like you! , you`d be surprised how much hand push mowing I do with my trusty Victa. It`s been raining here almost non stop for the last two weeks! cleared up yesterday and the forecast is, no rain for the next five days before it starts again, so I promise I`ll mow the strips.....I shot the footage for this video, yesterday...Franco.
  3. Hi Everyone! The wet season has come to North Queensland with a vengeance! on Monday, here at home, we just missed Kimi a category 2 Tropical Cyclone, that fortunately! stayed off the coast and continued heading South before turning into a low pressure system. Most years, after serious rain, I go up in the Drifter and take photos of our area, so it`s nothing new or an unusual thing for me to do, but this year I`ll be doing videos! I took the footage for this video a couple of days after the rain started. When the strip at the Drifter shed is too wet, I come up to the
  4. Hi, New2flying! I held an Australian Ultralight Federation (AUF) CFI rating and ran my own CAA/AUF approved flying school for 12 years before retiring from instructing, several years ago...When anyone came to me for advice on learning to fly, I would tell them to find a good instructor who they could communicate effectively with. If for whatever reason you can`t communicate effectively with the instructor, regardless of who the instructor might be, it is going to make it difficult, if not impossible, to get the best out of your lessons! if you truly want to learn to fly, don`t take
  5. Sorry for the thread drift!...This morning!!!Back to topic. I can tell you all for a fact, that it takes more than money!!!....Franco.
  6. Well!, it`s still happening at Deeral.....I took two of these three lovely ladies, Drifter flying, this morning! first Ultralight flight for both of them and I think the photos say it all. Franco.
  7. G`Day Don, good to see you`re still flying! I`ve had 4, 582 grey head, with a total of 2120 hrs, and don`t recall ever having carby icing! not saying it can`t happen, however, carby icing is pretty hard to prove. Found this for you, saved me typing it out! Condensation is caused by a temperature difference between a surface and humid air, effectively lowering the temperature of the surrounding air to below the vapor point. I would say that your carb is getting cold as compared to the ambient air. This could be due to the low pressure in the venturi or from the gasoline flowi
  8. Merry Christmas to you also, Nev.
  9. I hope you got, I was kidding... I will continue to try and make even more people enjoy flying, Drifter flying, that is! for as long as I can! I have two ladies coming to fly with me, for their first time, tomorrow morning...Merry Christmas to you also.
  10. I can do it all with 48 hp and a hell of a lot less money!!! 😁 ....😘.....Merry Christmas, Garry!
  11. I did this flight 3 weeks ago and enjoyed every second of it, but then! I enjoy all my flights...Franco. https://youtu.be/ZRvPXCjxC_4
  12. The old and the new.... Yesterday I met and got to nurse our nine day old Great-Grand-Daughter, Sadie Jayne Cheetham, for the first time. Our Grand-Son, Matthew Cheetham and his wife Keah also have a son, four year old Nate, so now Nate has a sister and Frances and I have five Great-Grand-Daughters and three Great-Grand-Sons...Franco
  13. Thanks Guys! I appreciate it... Here`s another solo flight I did around three weeks ago...Franco. https://youtu.be/ZRvPXCjxC_4
  14. All`s well at Deeral! no Kovid-19 up here! I`m still flying once a week on average, people still asking me to take them Drifter flying, so I do! life`s good at Deeral. One of my recent solo flights to the Atherton Tablelands, I did this one a couple of weeks ago and another one since and I`ll post that one also, if anyone want`s to see it....Franco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5qNcipV3e4&feature=youtu.be
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