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  1. One thing I repeatedly notice is the amount of hi tech instruments, in some of these light aircraft that basically! can be flown by the seat of the pants. I wonder how many close calls there are by pilots fixated on these instruments rather than focusing on keeping a sharp look out and flying the aircraft.
  2. We all can stall at any attitude, at any airspeed, so, airspeed alone won`t prevent a stall!!!!
  3. ..........."Ear, Ear"!
  4. Hey Nev! Would that be in the pitch of, E, E#, G# or A flat?
  5. Shucks!!! I`ll just have to keep trying then. ...
  6. Flying a stretch of the Mulgrave river, in North Queensland, Australia! How about this music, then?
  7. Thank you Bob! Regards to Sal, for Fran and Me...All the best to both of you.
  8. Yeah! I knew it!.......... I only fly within gliding distance of a suitable landing area! always have, always will! that`s why I`m still around to enjoy my flying and make videos! I can talk from experience. What you don`t see in a lot of the footage, is all the farming land behind me that you could land a 747 on and I never point the aircraft where I can`t turn away, if the engine stops ...After all these years, I still practice dead stick landings, regularly! who else does? onetrack, I`m using a GoPro, Hero 8 black, with a wide lens and hyper smooth, stability! needs
  9. Flying some of our high country, this morning...We`ve only had a couple of weeks without rain and already the dust and smoke is in the air.
  10. Hi BrendAn, Don`t look at it as easier or harder, rather, just as a skill you need to learn, if you want to be endorsed on both tail dragger and tricycle (nose wheel)! I`m endorsed on both.
  11. R.I.P. KIWI. To call Quad Bikes well known killers, is like calling Ultralight Aircraft, well known killers. I used a Quad Bike for many years in my work as a farmer! I still have one and ride it regularly and like my Drifter (and other Ultralights I`ve flown) to date, I`ve never so much as been scratched by any of them! that`s not to say I couldn`t make a mistake or several and become a statistic. Investigate the accident and find the reals reason that caused it.
  12. The earth certainly isn`t flat in my area and here`s the proof...I did this sunset flight, earlier this week.
  13. Absolutely Garry and there`s a spare back seat, just don`t bring too much luggage! you coming?
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