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  1. On the weekend these guys turned up to see what Drifter flying is all about, so I showed them! I don`t know why the video screen is black but footage is there once you start it. Domonic Bryant-1.m4v
  2. Second Drifter flight for my 4 year old Great-Grand-Son, Deacon Theurillat. Deacon2.mp4
  3. I regularly do some landings on my North-South strip to maintain my ability, this was yesterday...Keep in mind, I`m flying over my own property and I only do it solo. Franco.
  4. G`Day Clinton, if you`re ever in Cairns area, look me up and we`ll see what we can do....Cheers.
  5. Some footage I shot and put together on a solo flight I did with my Drifter, last Friday, from our property here at Deeral... I started learning, from the internet, how to put a video together about 3 weeks ago and this is my second video... Franco. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urRSVL-Xgc8&t=3s
  6. Terrible bug this flying bug and now I`ve caught the video bug. Last Friday I was working with the excavator, here on our property, I needed a break so I went flying, shot some footage then put it together. In the afternoon, I took up Rachel Platte and her father, who is up here for Rachel`s birthday! Rachel lives a couple of hundred meters up the road and has flown with me previously but for her father, it was his first Ultralight flight. Just a side not! a while ago, Rachel brought a lady friend of hers here, for her first Ultralight flight! the lady was so impressed
  7. Something went wrong with my post, I`ll try and correct and post again as soon as I can fix it.
  8. Superglue to make a needle! Great idea!!!
  9. Don`t know if I`m any help but there`s a KitFox with a KFM engine in it, sitting under a house, not far from here! the guy built it himself and he flew it from our property here at Deeral for several years! he`s now in his 80`s, not in good health and hasn`t flown it for a few years. If you are on facebook I can put you in touch with him! you`ll find me here, on facebook https://www.facebook.com/franco.arri
  10. A couple of better photos!
  11. It is interesting because the camera can`t move so I`m assuming it was just the Drifter moving around, there was turbulence! apparently the camera does have some inbuilt stabilization so it could be the camera making adjustments. I`ve just started using the GoPro Hero 8 Black and I`ve got a lot to learn! by the way! in the photo the camera looks much larger than it really is due to the way I took the photo! it doesn`t impair my vision at all because I`m actually looking over the top of it. Oh! it can`t come off either.
  12. ? Seems to still be there!
  13. G`Day O-K, It really is my first video! I just started a week ago by downing loading, 'Openshot' and 'Olive' both free programs, then spending the required time with online tutorials. This morning I worked out how to upload to youtube and that made it possible to post the video here. I have several adhesive mounting bases (for want of a better word) so I stuck one to the front, in the center of the wind-screen, about 10 inches from the top! I can see the screen and I can reach over the top to start and stop the recording... Because the recorded files can end up so large I took several short
  14. G`Day guys! I now have a 'GoPro hero 8 black' and I`ve just started learning to use a couple of programs to create and edit videos`. This was some of my flying yesterday afternoon and my first attempt at creating a video and posting it to youtube.
  15. I saw an Air-Bike for the first time at Donnington Air Park, back in the early eighties! loved it and I certainly would fly one, given the chance. Franco.
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