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  1. ATC is supposed to make travel as safe as possible, even for pilots who do the wrong thing. That’s how come a finding was against ACT even though the pilot was wrong. This way of looking at things is at the heart of aviation safety. Also, saying it was determined to be ATC’s fault is a straw man. Also, the point you made would have been understood by the people doing the report. They get it, don’t worry.
  2. I can’t believe this got three upvotes. The school already gave their side of the story to the OP, and the school is hardly going to comment to a third party about OP. Maybe the comment was to the effect that there would have been two sides to the story or something. Feel free to explain what I am missing.
  3. Magnetic variation is 30 degrees west for a fair bit of the trip. So, say, they took magnetic variation from halfway along the route, 303° would be correct.
  4. I’m not saying its not saying lies. It’s still weird. The plane shudders a bit, as if, maybe, part of the wing is stalled.
  5. Doesn’t sound like you were too nervous or lacked commitment. Don’t quit.
  6. Seems the same as a Foxbat, at idle. At about 575 kg, at full throttle, at 30 kt indicated, the Foxbat climbs at 400 fpm.
  7. Momentum is a vector. Otherwise, two blocks running into each other on a frictionless plane would have the same momentum after the crash regardless of the directions they were going before the crash.
  8. No. If you are straight and level into a 30 kt headwind and are 10 kt above stall, and you turn instantly 180 degrees, you are 10 kt above stall
  9. I forgot. The bearing in the rocket box is magnetic. The OzR people promptly replied to an email I sent, and pointed that out to me. It changes with magnetic variation. So, even the rhumb line would be wavy if it was represented literally instread of symbolically!!!
  10. That is a good observation. The quoted heading is for the rhumb line between the two points, and it certainly looks a lot less that 303°
  11. The Distance to Go, and the Distance to Go (Great Circle) are stated as being the same. This is a screenshot from a trip I was planning from Brisbane to South Africa.
  12. So, it looks like a draggy aircraft performs 10% worse and a really slippery aircraft performs 50% worse with the prop stopped vs idling. That makes sense, and is something for me to remember. Thank you for the info.
  13. Pretty much the whole emphasis on airline safety is organising it so that if the crew stuff up the plane still doesn't crash. The crew is dead, so they don't need to be excused. It is no coincidence that modern risk management began with airlines. The usual response after something goes wrong is to punish/sack/sue the person who did the wrong thing. With airlines, the person who would have been punished was already dead, so they needed a new procedure. It is *inevitable* that pilots will make mistakes. At the moment, there are three fatal accidents per million departures. To have a
  14. Units should not be stated as part of formulas.
  15. The above conflates expectation with respect to preparation with expectation with respect to probability. The reason that it is important to expect an engine failure is as follows. It takes about three seconds for someone to respond to an engine failure on takeoff. During that time, the aircraft can go from Vy to below the stall speed. In addition, there is a temptation to pull the stick back. That means that the pilot needs to be ready to push the stick forward quickly. About the probability of an engine failure being "well below 5%". Rotax engines have a failure rate of 15 per 10
  16. In the case of the tail, decreased stability would not help in maneuverability. It would decease ability to maintain co-ordinated flight with rapid turns. When maneuvering aircraft vigorously, rudder input is *increased*, so you need an effective rudder. It would not make adverse roll and Dutch roll worse. It would make the aircraft less stable, which would make it less useful as a gun platform. This issue is different with dihedral, where stability acts against the ability to roll the aircraft.
  17. The camo might be so that he is not spotted being where he is not supposed to be - rule breaking.
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