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    AUTO PIlot

    Hi, the cost of the Dynon Servos in Australia is under 1200 AUD each and the control panel is under 1000 AUD and it is compatible with the the Dynon Skyview Packages in the Jabiru. So why is Jabiru charging 8,500 AUD for Dynon 2 axis autopilot, when the cost of upgrading it yourself is likely to be under 3,500 AUD. I am sure I am missing something. Please could someone enlighten me. Thanks 🙂
  2. This is exactly what I am expecting to hear, from those who have a real life experience with the J160. It is almost impossible to stall a plane, as long as you - don't pull on the stick! The single most important maneuver that causes the airplane to stall (IMO) is pulling back on the stick, no matter what the configuration. If unsure what to do, just release the back pressure on the stick, and most certified, "well behaved" planes will fly themselves out of the stall. I just wanted to confirm that the J160 will not bite, and behave as expected.
  3. RFguy: Imagine you are established on finals / base to final turn at 65 KIAS, with approx 10 knots headwind. You forgot to put on the flaps because of turbulence / crosswind / distraction (pilot error / human factor) / stuck flaps due to mechanical fault. Suddenly the wind drops, or you encounter a wind shear and the IAS drops to 55 KIAS. The stall speed is 55 KCAS = 58 KIAS in J160. I am concerned it would be enough to stall the plane or drop a wing in a turn while you are too low to recover. It can also happen soon after take off. while you are 50 to 100 feet up in the air. Another possibili
  4. Hi Skippy, nice to hear from someone at The Oaks! I did my flying lessons in a Jab LSA up there. In fact I was contemplating between going with the J170 up at The Oaks or the J160 at Albion Park, given the scary figures for stall speed for the J160. I was flying the Pipistrel Alpha Trainer at Albion Park, which is a fantastic little airplane. Although the Jabs had got a bad rap, for their engine failures, statistically, the commonest cause of fatal accidents is pilot error. And given the really low number of fatalities in a Jab, I would not wish to be in anything other than a Jab, if my fan w
  5. Thanks guys. All your replies are so informative and helpful. It all makes sense. Just don't fly it below 70 knots, no steep turns below 80 knots, and limiting to 30' bank angle if flying between 70 to 80 knots, as in base to final or crosswind turn, I guess should be OK.
  6. Hi everyone I was just doing a desktop comparison between the Jabiru J160 and J170. One of the things that got my attention was the difference in stall speeds between the 2 aircrafts. The clean stall speed of J160 is 55KCAS (58KIAS), whereas that of the J170 is 45 KCAS. A difference of 10 knots!! Just wondering if this raises any eyebrows or is it a cause for concern, as it appears to have a very low threshold or safety margin, before it can enter a stall or spin, especially if one happens to do a steep turn and if the speed was to bleed off rapidly and unintentionally.
  7. Thanks guys. It's no point then in trying for a RPL if all you you intend to do is fly an RA Aus registered aircraft, now that the RAMPC (RA Medical Practitioner Certificate) is being phased out, as per CASA.
  8. Hi, I just checked the CASA website and the fee for CASA RPL appears to be only $50, compared to $246 for RA-Aus. Am I missing something? If it's only $50, is it possible to fly an RA-Aus registered aircraft with just a current RPL? Thanks for your input.
  9. Hi everyone, I recently had an opportunity of flying a Jabiru J 160 at my local flying school. Having done most of my training in a Jabiru LSA, I found the flight controls on a J 160 way too heavy. Is this because of the larger control surfaces such as the rudder, elevator and ailerons in the J 160 compared to the LSA? Or is it due to the heavy wing loading on the J 160 as it is a much heavier aircraft with the same wings of an LSA? Has anyone else experienced the difference in the control pressures required while flying these 2 different models? Has anyone flown the Pipistrel Alpha Trainer, a
  10. No worries. Just shoot. I started off my training in UK with some 45 hours in a AX2000 cyclone microlight leading to my 1st solo. I started out roughly your age, but had to stop for 5 years, then went back into it with additional 10 hours or so in a Jabiru, at The Oaks, under the expert guidance of John (Snr FI) & Dave (CFI), before taking off to the skies on my own once again. In the meantime I did about half a dozen dual hrs in a Cessna 152 and was on my way to a PPL, but decided to go the recreational route as it was much more economical. You can always upgrade to a RPL - PPL - CPL - Ai
  11. Ok. Got it , so to become the native of a particular country, one needs to kill and murder the inhabitants and plunder the land. And once they have conquered the land by deception or using power against someone who is weak and vulnerable, then they become the original inhabitants . According to your logic - if countries like India & China, which have the largest armies, decide to conquer Australia in a World War 3, then everyone in India / China who moves to Australia will become natives of Australia, and will no more be immigrants! Lucky, the Indians and Chinese do not follow your logi
  12. It's a textbook landing. You did an excellent job, with the amount of cross wind and the last minute turbulence
  13. You are right, everyone living in Australia is an immigrant. Aboriginals too migrated here from another country, although they were the 1st immigrants! Cheers :)
  14. Aren't we all immigrants to Australia, the land of the Aboriginals? It is the only country in the world where people have mutual respect for each other and which thrives on human values, where all the communities live in peace and harmony.
  15. Hi Romeo Juliet Whiskey, I had been watching your youtube videos over the last week and think they are really wonderful and very educational. They are in high quality HD with an excellent sound system. I love watching them in my free time and intend to watch the full series. I was pleasantly surprised and feel privileged having received your response. I just want a cheap set up, hence was looking into using my existing action camera from China along with a Chinese audio recorder, which is similar to the Sony one you have but very basic and generic. I was hoping to catch the cabin sound via the
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