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  1. just received this email from my asic card provider: WTH have you received this ?? http://veritasengineering.com.au/veritas-logo-(CMYK)-without-engineering.jpg Reference Number: VEA xxxxxx
  2. Hey B , that looks suspiciously like a Bravo , yeah ?
  3. Ah yes, I am still waiting for the Privacy commission's ruling on that one, I have not been paying attention lately & thought maybe there had been a another backflip to rescind that foul decision, always the hopefull ! Sorry about that, I'll just go back now & bury my head in the sand again. Cheers
  4. I haven't been paying much attention to RAA antics of late, So would you mind enlightening me on this RAA backflip re landinf fees ..??? on the side, I've heard nothing from the Privacy commission!
  5. Michael Monk is true politician, Very clever at looking good & carefully saying what will be well received. Quite a polished operator. BUT, MM is there for MM only, not for RAA, & certainly NOT for the members, they are the simple mug's that keep him in a job.
  6. yeah I had one of those card detectors, bloody thing went black, so I threw it away. won't get another one of those !
  7. That is very sad to hear KR, a real shame. I am looking for something else to do instead, [ gotta have something !] but so far, still looking looking looking....
  8. Oh, thank you very much spacesailor, that's a novel idea ! ....... it is on the horizon.
  9. Yes, I also spoke to M. Monk for some tine & was disappointed to learn the AAA agreement is for 3 yrs before review, & RAA legal team advised NOT to CEASE divulging our personal information. so is is business as usual. My complaint will also go to arbitration. Apparently one of the stipulations of this AAA agreement was, it was NOT to be used for backdated invoices. So I would guess anyone in that category could ignore those invoices. Again apparently, the airport involved was put on notice that any further abuse would block them from the RAA database. yidity yidity
  10. I would give Ian credit for having sufficient intelligence, and maturity to know better than that rubbish. He appears to encourage a courteous debate of issues generally. Ie respect for other opinions. Not pointless bagging.
  11. Absolutely brilliant, Awesome footage from the past, great post Garfly
  12. KRviator summed it up very clearly for my complaint also OME, he is more eloquent than I
  13. It would not be practical for RAA to collect direct for the airports, due to the sizable investment in hardware owned by avdata, to record CTAF. or ........mmmm maybe that hardware is owned by the airports, .... anyone know ?
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