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  1. Do not rely on polystyrene to insulate you from vertical seat loads. that has been proved to be bad policy, but you can get Conforfoam which will do the job. Nowhere near as cheap, but it will not burn and give off poisonous gas, plus it stays comfortable for at least 18 years as proved by my own seating.
  2. Airservices can be contacted easily on line. Go to their web site and down the bottom, click contact us. There will be a list of optional subjects to talk about. Using the phone only means that you are wasting your time and not theirs.
  3. Why would the LAME have to talk to CASA? If he is convinced the plane is still airworthy, he can issue a MR.
  4. You could get the LAME to issue a new release. He should have the records of what was on the original release. If you are the builder you can re issue your own release. All a release does is state that the aeroplane was airworthy on the date it is issued and the upcoming maintenance required in the next year.
  5. When Airservices thought up their original proposal, they had completely forgotten that they had caused a mid air collision between two IFR aircraft. I think they were just trying to get more aircraft involved in their poor service. I am not saying that the traffic controllers are poor, more that the bureaucrats are poor.
  6. If you go to USA and get a quick PPL you will be able to convert it to Aussie PPL with air legislation and possibly other things to consider. You will be OK flying whatever you learnt in, but you will not be ready to fly some of the RAAus fleet of lightweight, fairly high performance, Rotax engined aircraft. If you go the other way and learn with RAAus type aircraft, you will be pretty well equipped to step into the ageing GA fleet. You may not enjoy suddenly finding yourself in what feels like a heavy truck type of vehicle, but it will not be really dangerous. The other difference b
  7. That allows it to be used when it would usually have to be stripped and all seals and perishable bits replaced.
  8. I could not find the reports when I looke yesterday and was wondering if they have been discontinued. I put in a report years ago and it was edited and printed up. It stated that I had not checked the tailwheel spring when I pre flighted, even though I had stated that I had checked it. Even so it is good to read what has happened as it can open our eyes to something unexpectad. My thoughts are that nosewheel damage is one of the most common events. Good to read what has happened as it can open our eyes to something unexpectad.
  9. Has anyone looked for the incident reports lately. I thought I would look to see how many involved nosewheels, but cannot find any reports on RAAus web site.
  10. I wonder what the accident rates for tail wheel are compared to tri gear and what type of accidents are most common. From what I have seen over the years, one of the most common accidents is nosewheel collapse or similar.
  11. I wonder what it would cost to register one of those Roulettes planes.
  12. We all know the dangers of quad bikes and I am sure Kiwi knew them just as much as we do. We don't know exactly what happened, but in my estimation Kiwi was aware of any dangers. It could have been a moments inattention, or a mechanical failure, who knows, but Kiwi was careful with all he did in my experience.
  13. Going the experimental way is obviously a good way to get into high performance or interesting aircraft, but it is not the way to go to learn. You may be lucky to find an instructor who will teach on your experimental, but it has to be yours. That means you commit to a certain aircraft even before you start to learn. As for age you are old when your kids have retired and your great grandkids are teenagers, don't ask me how I know.
  14. Such a sad thing to hear. Being an Old Station ex member I knew him well. Great bloke, will be sorely missed, also his old Cessna with the tractor tyres. Safe in the air and let down by those well known killer quad bikes.
  15. I used two pack polyurethane on the RV4 and only a very thin coat on the wings. I later put on a finishing coat, but for some reason it didn't harden properly. If a piece of cloth was left on the top of the wing, it would stick very slightly so you could feel the drag as you pulled it off. The paint supplier had no answer as to why. I ended up using MEK and washing the coat off, then left it for ages before having another go. It took an awful amount of work to swab the faulty paint off and was never a good job afterwards. I would go with automotive finish if I ever had to do it again. We do no
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