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  1. He does say the duration is dependent upon use and circuits will give half the time that normal flight would, so you may be down to 15 minutes of circuits with only 2 batteries. It would probably suit my type of flying, but re charging would have to be solar and that may add even more expense.
  2. I often wonder why trim is used to counteract the force to apply back stick. No matter what happens during the landing you will have to alter the stick position, it will be full back on the ground or forward for a go around. Unless your trim is extremely effective you should be able to control the plane without altering it.
  3. The provocation seems to be by more than one person. Isn’t it time to change the subject.
  4. A roll is not a turn and to maintain the direction required the turn has to be stopped and to prevent altitude loss rudder has to be applied. This means that the airflow over the wing is not the same as it was when flying level or in balance. The airflow is diagonally across the wing, therefore the chord is increased and the depth ratio is reduced, so there will be less wing lift perpendicular to the wings and there will be some vertical lift from the fuselage and tailplane.
  5. Don't all iPads have a built in GPS, mine does and it is not a new one. Avplan worked OK without a sim card, but I don't think it would transmit my location without a card.
  6. Good to hear from you again Bex. You are right about the Australian perception of China. We are fed the pro USA line by our brown nosing politicians while China demonstrates a terrific response to Covid 19, Far better than Australia response which was only to denigrate them. How goes the plane?
  7. I changed some time ago from Odyssey to Fullriver. The batteries are the same size and output but I find that Fullriver lasts linger and is cheaper.
  8. Sure you can register as VH experimental, but there seems to be a reluctance to do so. I have had both VH Exp and RAAus reg planes and can see no real difference in them. The medical standards to go VH may be slightly more arduous, but I reckon if you can't pass them you may have trouble with a drivers licence medical. RAAus is mor expensive due to the annual membership and rego fees. The only thing stopping me putting my Corby on the VH register is that I am getting too old to be bothered with the paperwork.
  9. We will have this sort of problem forever in Australia. We have allowed the bureucrats to dominate government and they only want power. It does not matter about the relevance or sanity of their decisions. As long as they make the decisions they are happy and we have allowed them to get away with it for so long that we are lost.
  10. And that would be blighty good. I had never heard of rucks, but blighty is old, does anyone know where it comes from? I reckon OME would soon find out.
  11. 1 No 2 Very little 3 Not really 4 No 5 Yes and No Really we have turned RAAus into a not for profit, profit making machine. The executive now have to ensure that they can keep the money flowing in as well as keep CASA off their backs. I am happy flying now but as I see it we are on borrowed time. Airservices have just stolen a load of our airspace and np doubt CASA will see us as getting less safe, because their are more of us per cubic airspace than before, so they will want to legislate that there can be only so many planes in any area or some other stupid thing
  12. I found that when I built the RV4 that the sender which is the same as KGWilsons could not be accurate at empty. before it reached that stage the float was on the bottom and there was still about an inch of fuel there and also because of the dihedral, there was even more inboard of the float. I calibrated the gauge for in flight level and on ground level, then hardly ever used it. Not having a good fuel gauge forces you to keep tabs on fuel use with the dipstick and you get a quick indication if anything changes.
  13. A friend of mine made his own prop using the grinder and a guide wheel of the same diameter. He used a special Plywood which was mainly longitudinal plys with only a small amount of cross ply. He used to carve one blade of a prop and then copy it to both sides of his blank. His props worked OK I know they were used in a couple of Boorabees.
  14. Not much has changed but an awful lot has happened. There has been a large amount of time and money expended on keeping the situation the same as before. At least one competitor to RAAus has poured a lot of time into becoming compliant ages ago, only to be brushed off by CASA.
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