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  1. I am thinking of hanging up the headset. I reckon 85 years old is good enough for me. That means I will have my Corby to go to a good home sometime soon. Haven't thought about price.
  2. in my local area the fog is there at dawn and then lifts completely. A local CFI decided to take off with a student for a trip to Bundaberg as soon as it stared clearing. Away he goes, but it doesn't clear, his point of departure is covered in fog again as soon as he took off. No worries, carry on to Bundy, but it doesn't clear and he is flying over a fog bank, with a low cloud layer above. Luckily he hears radio chatter from the coast near Bundy and they tell him it is clear there, so no problems. Except that it was poor judgmnt and luck that carried the day.
  3. Skippy. I sympathise with you, even after explaining what you want, none of us has given an answer. You will just have to live with it. I have C/S endorsement, but haven't used one for years although I did fly an RV10 as a passenger and found it really great to use. My experience with suppliers is that they are very hard to track down and get answers from.
  4. Does anyone really believe that US fighter pilots are somewhere above pimply faced geeks when it comes to killing people. If they believe what their bosses tell them, they will have no remorse about killing unarmed civilians. There military does not have a very good record of acting compassionately or even ethicly.
  5. Would you really want CASA to be actively running our flying. They have spent years doing nothing, except growing fatter and taking more taxpayers money. They are still in the process of changing the rules and what do we have. Just about the same as 50 years ago except it is now impossible to know exactly what we have to comply with.
  6. If a CS prop is too complex for you and you find it hard to keep up with, should you really be flying?
  7. In the operating handbooks I have written I put in worked examples of several weight and balance conditions. For the RV 4 I had Max weight with max luggage at rear posn, Max wt with max fuel and also min fuel, plus others. The most dangerous loading was max weight with min fuel, which would put you out of safe C of G quite easily. I am surprised at the apparent lack of knowledge of a lot of RAAus pilots and how they seem surprised to find that they can easily load the plane into a dangerous situation.
  8. What trimming does is get the plane flying in balance. If your C of G moves aft for instance as you burn fuel, you will need to trim nose down to correct it. If you don't you will start to climb and slow down, so you will need to trim to regain speed. If C of G moves the other way so does the need to trim to prevent speeding up and descending. I remember a Mooney pilot telling me that he had to move his charts and paperwork from the passengers seat to the top of the Panel to trim for fuel burn.
  9. All the bad things that people are afraid of with slipping, but the really big plus is that when things go wrong all you need to do is relax the control inputs. The nose will straighten up, the low wing will lift and you will have enough speed to be in control. Definitely necessary if you don't have flaps. If I remember right there was a Yanky Kitplane a few years ago that didn't have flaps and the designers recommended that slipping was not a good idea. Not the sort of plane I would like to fly.
  10. The weight of an ADF is not enough to need a re weigh an Archer. From memory a re weigh is required if the weight change is a certain percentage of max weight. From memory it is 5%, but I could be wrong, will have to refer to my notes.
  11. Who does a mag test in climb? It is a regular part of my flying and tells me more about mag workings than a check before take off.
  12. Somebody mentioned Brietback news. I look at it quite often and find it interesting. It is blatantly pro Trump and reading the comments from readers, who are all madly pro Trump is like reading a poison pen letter. It just shows what the mentality of trump suppoerters is like. It is really frightening to think that they can vote.
  13. My tiny tach is faulty. This was the seond time that it had re set itself from 2 pulses per rev to 1 pulse. Resetting on the ground is easy and I am back to correct rpm. The tach works on only one mag so if OMEs' problem arose I would have had a small rev drop or zero rpm. I still think that given the facts from OME that with light and variable winds during a high pressure time and in a coastal area, that 30 minutes coule result in several miles out in distance travelled.
  14. My flights are spent with one hand on the throttle all the time. The cockpit is too small for it to be anywhere else. On Saturday I was stooging along and all of a sudden saw that my Tiny tach was indicating over 5000rpm. That is the only tach I use and it was new only a few hours ago. The Jab engine will not run to 5000rpm. I know what happened, do you? I will fix it before next flight.
  15. Onetrack. Is it legal to fly a kitbuilt or any other type of aircraft without a POH or some other type if instruction manual. I would consider it extremely foolish to fly without reading the POH. I have done it, but after a great deal of questioning of the owner about systems and flying characteristics. I have written 2 POHs' for the planes I have built. Even flying a similar plane it would be sensible to read the POH, as I discovered with a C172 demo plane. I flew it with the agents pilot and on final I did what I normally did in a C172, pushed down on the flap lever for 10 deg of flap and fo
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