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  1. Most dogs love riding in a car and especially like hanging their head out the window. I used to take my dogs flying when we went on holiday but they found it all a bit boring because they could not see anything happening outside at several thousand feet and they couldn't hang their head out the window. If a dog with floppy jowls and long floppy ears hung its head out of the window at 120 knots the flapping of all those bits would get it to pull its head back in pretty quick or risk getting beaten to death with its own lips.
  2. CASA and Logic are diametrically opposed in every way.
  3. I don't recall a single thing that Carmody has ever done be it for Aviation or anything else.
  4. As far as aircraft go in the early stages of the war the carrier based Mitsubishi A6M Zero was superior in every way except pilot protection to anything the US and Australia had at the time. After the battle of Midway when Japan lost 4 aircraft carriers and the Japanese army had most of its force at poorly constructed and managed airfields near Wewak destroyed by allied bombing, plus the reinforcement of more modern allied aircraft like the Spitfire, Mustang, Corsair etc it was all over in the air for Japan.
  5. In the not too distant future they will have drones refuelling drones when most of the military aircraft a piloted by desk jockeys.
  6. At the time of the election around 70 million I believe.
  7. It may come as a surprise but there are a lot of really stupid people around.
  8. The reasons Churchill lost in 1945 are very well documented. As a wartime leader he was unsurpassed. His oratory skills are legendary and his speeches galvanised a nation even if he was a cigar smoking pisshead. His approval rating at the time of the election was 83% and never fell below 78% the whole time he was PM. But the war was over, Britain was broke and wartime leaders were no longer required. What was needed was support for a population devastated by the ravages of 5 years of war. The country needed rebuilding and labours policies directly supported that and more so they won in a lands
  9. This thread should be closed but as it won't go away I'll add a final comment. Trump was and still is a malignant narcissist and as such is incapable of feeling empathy for any thing or any one. To him only one thing matters, himself. He is also a consummate con man. He managed to con millions and the alt right press pushed his barrow for him. Die hard supporters refuse to believe even the most obvious and blatant failures and despicable acts even when debunked by numerous organisations with video evidence & interviews etc etc. That also applies to some in Australia and members of this for
  10. If I was selling I'd just put it on Plane Sales, Aviation Trader or other web sites &/or RAAus & Recflying. Maybe I'd get a few tyre kickers but they will probably be less hassle than the broker & the only cost is the advertising fee. Before that I'd have all the photos, specs, log book, (& for me build log, build pics, test log) etc copied as pdfs & email these to prospects if requested. If they then ring with dumb arse questions I'd refer them to the documents I'd sent or tell them to come & have a look for themselves.
  11. We had a CASA seminar last Wednesday at the clubhouse and one of the concerns is the current trend to have so much information available that it is either confusing pilots, causing them undue concern when one indicator is a tad less than perfect or leading to less time looking out the window. This was highlighted with the current installation of ADSB which can lead to a false sense of security resulting in less scanning with Mark 1 eyeball. In the 70s there was just basic instrumentation in C172s with one CHT and one oil temp & 1 oil pressure gauge which just had a green zone for OK about
  12. While a Rotax 912 et al is avery reliable engine it is somewhat more complex that an air cooled direct drive engine. There is a fair amount of plumbing, radiator and gearbox so it is pretty important that these things keep going and the replacement every 5 years or whatever the timeframe is I would consider absolutely mandatory even if the existing hoses look perfect. It is certainly true that the risk of failure increases dramatically after maintenance so it is important to understand that aspect and deal with it wisely like test flying and checking stuff after the first engine ru
  13. I have steam gauges and a Dynon D6 because I did not install a electric or vacuum A/H or turn co-ordinator/balance ball & it has these as well as duplicating ASI, VSI, Alt, Compass and it includes rate of turn, as well as a volt meter. Personally I find I can get an instant understanding of my steam gauges in a glance but I have to look at the glass screen for longer. There is also the issue of full direct sunlight. Although it is sunlight readable it is nowhere near as good as the white numbers on black background of the steam instruments & then it takes even longer to interpret the d
  14. Murphy's law says that as soon as you have signed the contract and paid the money a far better cheaper exact item you want will be immediately available close to where you live.
  15. Different aircraft of course and I built it and I also wanted to ensure that there were as few areas for the engine bay air to escape except through the bottom via the suction created by the wide lip on the cowl bottom. Jabiru produced a lower cowl lip kit for some models back around 2010/11 which was a glass shaped lip that you epoxied on to the exhaust area of the lower cowl to assist with cooling by generating suction. See the plate I remove in the photo below.
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