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  1. Mine are Stereo plugs and most know of are stereo these days.
  2. Bose had a good reputation until the company was bought by Apple. Now they are mediocre but still expensive.
  3. I didn't investigate why. It is not uncommon for different headset brands to be incompatible with one another. May be different these days. This was back in the 90s.
  4. I had an Altronics headset years ago. Worked OK on its own but was not compatible with my Avcomm or David Clarks
  5. The winner of the international model competition in Paris. Instant reverse thrust and control surfaces with a model that must have weighed only a few hundred grams.
  6. Apathy. Most pilots only care about their legality to fly. I voted but didn't get the email. I did get the last email on National safety week just 3 days ago so I have no idea what is going on.
  7. A sound plan. So long as you have your Class 2 medical you can do just about as much with the RPL as a PPL during daylight hours.
  8. The problem is that over many decades Republicans have sought to skew the process to ensure they retain power with the Electoral College system with Republican winners like Trump, Bush and Nixon becoming Presidents without receiving a majority of the popular vote. Even Hilary Clinton who was not well liked by many got nearly 3 million more votes than Trump and lost. Now of course Trump & Republican controlled states are desperately trying to make voting and voter registration more difficult and spreading baseless misinformation of the legitimacy of mail in voting.
  9. The US military make the final decisions & advise the President of the day what to do and or say. Whether Trump has started any wars is irrelevant to the fact that he is a malignant narcissist who cares only for himself, his own image and being re-elected. He deflects and blames everyone else for everything he has failed in and the 21,000 lies or mistruths have been growing at an ever increasing rate as his desperation becomes more acute. If Biden wins he will be tied up in lawsuits for years and his business empire is crumbling with massive debt with over $440 million due within the next
  10. Their instructor rates are pretty high $132.00/hour for instruction in a PA28-181 & $121.00/hour in a J120. That's $4,620.00 for a 35 hour week or $4,235.00 in a J120. Given most schools charge around $50.00/hour for the instructor it seems pretty steep to me. Then again this is Melbourne.
  11. I don't know why it should take half an hour to work out your ground speed is less than your IAS (converted to TAS). I'd check this as soon as cruising altitude is reached & adjust the throttle to get the GS up as would seem there is a small head wind. Otherwise I'd accept the longer ETA and conserve fuel by continuing at 75% power or adjust altitude to see if there is any change. Even though the pressure is high, unless you are in the middle of the high the air will be moving in an anticlockwise direction to areas of lower pressure and also downwards. This effect will be reduced with alti
  12. That Foxbat is $100 ph overpriced. I'd go somewhere else. There are plenty of RA schools that charge $200 to $220 ph. Why pay $350 for a 50 year old aircraft with pretty poor performance when you can pay $220.00 for a <10 year old aircraft and have all your hours credited towards a PPL.
  13. You can only take 1 passenger with RPL, same as RPC. Yes bigger aircraft but usually 40 or more years old and twice as much to hire.
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