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  1. The document refers to LANDING in QPWS managed areas and use of a recreational aircraft in these areas. That means on the ground. Once airborne you are subject to rules defined by CASA so unless an area is designated as a Danger or Restricted area or is CTR there is nothing to prevent you flying an RA registered aircraft over that area. If the area has CASA restrictions then with prior consent you can still fly there.
  2. I can walk under a Jabitu wing but I'd have to be a real good limbo exponent to get under mine. My wingspan is 25.9 feet, a Jabiru 170/230 is 31.3 feet. I have flown all 3 & ground effect in my Sierra is far more pronounced than the 2 Jabirus.
  3. You could come over the fence at 80 knots and still have a lot of space to slow and land at Casino especially on 28 which is uphill. My approach is 60-65 & slow to 50-55 over the fence. With my low wings less than a metre off the ground at the root I only have to have a tiny bit of throttle on and I will float in ground effect forever. Ground effect affects high wings far less.
  4. So what happened to the Orchid Beach strip? My understanding was you rang the resort & they advised if the grass was mown or not & gave you permission I think for a fee.
  5. I've been with Optus (via Amaysim) for years and now find that I often get better reception in odd places than Telstra. Today while sitting on the aero club veranda one of the guys was complaining about Telstra & did a 4G speed test. He got 30MB/s download and about 10MB/s upload. I did the same & got 75MB/s down load & 24MB/s upload which is better than I get at home on the NBN. My plan is $10.00 for 28 days with unlimited calls/texts & 2GB data. I use Airmate Nav which uses hardly any data so I use hardly any of the plan. It doesn't roll over though. They keep trying to get m
  6. kgwilson

    Hawker Hunter

    The best looking military jet of its time.
  7. Yes, I watched the 4 corners report and the LNP have got their heads firmly up the gas lobby's bum. It is good to see that NSW & SA aren't buying it. All the investment evidence is bypassing gas for renewables especially in battery technology. Morrison is talking of taxpayer funded gas. He has to. No investment banker or venture capitalist will touch it & Santos et al won't carry the risk. They just want the profits, not their capital tied up in a sure fire failure. All they have to do is to keep those Political donations going & hope that it works out and the taxpayer will take th
  8. I reckon that is a sound theory, supported by the dumping of a lot of ballast to try and get the tail up so there would have been a pretty volatile hydrogen/air mix somewhere around the leak. I have seen the video before but not taken a lot of notice. The speed of the destruction is incredible.
  9. I never use any flap for takeoff except if the ground is soft or the grass is long or the field is very short. Cessna recommends no flap for TO in the 172 POH but many instructors advise 10 degrees anyway. I don't know what is in the Jabiru POH but all (3) Instructors have advised me 1/2 flap for the 160, 170 & 230. On a T&G for me it is full power, flaps retract (electric), stick forward to gain speed & then full climb, all in about 5 seconds.
  10. 110V is half as dangerous at the same amperage level and because volts is pressure the current gets depleted by resistance so yes it is less dangerous but it only takes 50 milli-amps at 110 volts to stop the heart. Over 90% of all electrocutions in the USA happen in residential homes and are from the 110 volt system as people truly believe it is the voltage that causes electrocution and consider 110V safe.
  11. Volts is pressure, amps is current or flow and ohms is resistance. You can have thousands of volts but almost no amps as in a static electricity discharge from an acrylic T shirt on a very dry day you will see the sparks sometimes and hear the crackles but there is no danger at all as there is no current.. A battery holds the charge and a direct discharge from positive to negative with a copper wire will cause the flow of amps to quickly overwhelm the amperage capacity of the wire and heat it until it melts within seconds. If electrical resistance is placed in the middle of the wire like a lig
  12. A balanced and realistic article. While there are problems with production and storage, technology will address these as time goes by unless battery technology improves several thousand percent exponentially.
  13. I went IMC deliberately once and with 2 passengers. I wasn't panicked and just put my head down and said in my mind "believe the instruments" over & over & never tried to look out the windscreen until after climbing around 9000 feet popped out into bright sunshine. It didn't really hit me for a couple of days and when I'd think about it and what could have happened. I made a decision because I had no other choice. I had 1 job and had to see it through. There were no other thoughts & nothing was said during the climb as far as I can remember. In hindsight I don't think I
  14. I've forgotten what the speeds and engine RPM were landing the 230 but I do remember the 170 which has the same wings with 1/2 flap and 2000 rpm will sit very nicely at 500 fpm down at 70 knots. I think therefore that the 230 will do the same but at 16-1700 rpm. Then on short final reduce rpm & slow to 60 knots over the fence. Fly to the ground & begin flare to stall at a foot or so off the deck. The horn will be blaring as you increase pitch to touchdown on the mains & keep the stick back to reduce nosewheel weight until you are at fast taxi speed. You do not require full flap mos
  15. Why not just have a separate surface mounted LCD display above (or to the side or below) the switches & dials, then you could have say 4 lines & also with more characters per line.
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