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  1. hi 2 sound barriers ( as reccomended for out door setting under dome shelter ) & security system for activation tad under 6K expensive but if it works then i will be in frt . go to this site for info etc http://www.sonicforcesecurity.com.au/index.html the distributor is a very knowledgeable chap about his product tell him lyle sent you his way
  2. yes all the comments on checking fuel qty before flight is a no-brainer check before you fly but the point of this post is the popular past time of removing fuel from aircraft`s & all the damage /loss/stress that one can be confronted with when you arrive at airport to go for a quick fly & then you may need to repair your aircraft or replace fuel this doesn`t put you in a good mental space to go flying . so i have had to go the costly path of a DETTERENT to keep my plane safe so i can just check & fly without a constant repair everytime i wanted to fly
  3. hi yes i have also been the victim of fuel & damage at my remote home hangar i had to get the plane out of there until i have installed a deterrent device called a "sound barrier " which i believe will save me further damage loss . reports in our local paper of similiar device when its suspected use by russia & china on american diplomats produced mysterious dibilitating side effects requiring medical assistance (not permanent ) this i hope will convince them of the error of their ways
  4. hi all i have a J120 jab so share the frustration of my fellow pilots but my research has led my to use the following set- up : 1-MGL FF-4 fuel flow meter which has fuel flow virtual tank & GPS for real time fuel calculations currently ( i also check the no`s manually ) i will fit an Ultrasonic probe to my existing MGL FF-4 fuel flow meter ( to give fuel level rather than virtual tank ) then all the calculations will happen real time on gauge The Radiant LCD fuel gauges, coupled with the Radiant Perfect Fuel Probe (an Ultrasonic probe) they also make a LLwarning
  5. hi to the person requiring services to an EQ-1 Wireless headset send e-mail to the e-mail below phone contact very unreliable you should get a response in a short time [email protected] gary the original distributor has sadly passed away & this guy now provides the service i`ve required some repairs in the recent past & on both occasions i was able to get my head sets serviced hope this helps lyle
  6. hi all for those pondering fuel sensors /warning lights etc here is a couple of links that you might find interesting the site has all sorts of instrument s& plane related things also their own kit plane Fuel Sender | Belite Aircraft Bingo 3 Liquid Detector - Radiant Technology happy reading
  7. Hi all has anyone made /used the data cable to download the data from theTC-3 & TP-2 gauges using software I am currently struggling to ascertain the software needed & as a data cable is no longer available i need a plain English. Wiring diagram so I can have one made all help appreciated thanks lyle
  8. i made the decision while cammit were still around to replace with there dipstick so easy to read level was basically the same with a flat end with a whole bunch of fine holes in flat end in which oil stuck to indicate level so much easier to see level sadly they aren`t around anymore i guess you could mod the jab 1
  9. hii am also a territorian use MKT @ noonamah for my town visits fly a Jab J120 what are you flying ??
  10. hi winsor68 thanks for editing post i was struggling with trying to find the "EDIT " button which i`m sure is there in front of me i just don`t see it the other strange thing is i don`t see my post if i refresh my page with "new or new post " button something else i done wrong i guess lyle
  11. hi all Home | the Chipper Aircraft Co. anyone know if any of these kits have arrived or flying in australia ?? thanks lyle
  12. hi all Home | the Chipper Aircraft Co. has any of these made to australia ???
  13. hi all i have a j120 jabiru which used to wear the inside of tyre U/C would splay on landing LH would wear more than RH while using factory supplied tyres (chinese). can`t offer an explanation for outside wear . rang the man at wagga tyres ( he has advertisements on forum sidelines at times easily found on google any way) he has a wealth of knowledge on jabiru`s & what does & doesn`t work tyre wise ,a change of tyre from chinese & problem solved negelible tyre wear / less punctures & to my susprise landed with a puncture & didn`t even know unlike chinese brand it woul
  14. lyle janke

    Zenair ch 200

    i spoke with someone previously but more than happy will pm details
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