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  1. Glad your enjoying your Jabiru. Great aircraft.
  2. Great video, well done Gofly for putting it out there.
  3. Seems hard to find any information when it is held. I have missed the last two because I found out after it had been on.
  4. Can someone confirm that Dunwich Breakfast is on next Sat the 15/2?? Cant find anything ?
  5. If you are not looking for speed the Savannah is a very good option for you. Payload is very good, as Kyle has mentioned. Is available as a kit and plenty of 19 rego home built available to buy.
  6. I have some hours in a Drifter, I still think of it as one of my favourite aircraft. Love the view and to sideslip on finals. One of those I miss at times.
  7. Thats a beautiful area where you live Franco.
  8. Love Out of Africa, this is fantastic, thanks for posting.
  9. I have also flown an XL Savannah with a centre stick and really liked it too. Now that I'm happy with the Savannah looks I would be more than happy with an XL model.
  10. It is very heavy in the controls. If I had my own it would be a centre stick. Have flown a Foxbat and loved the centre stick, very comfortable to fly. It is getting a hammering, everyone loves it.
  11. Love the Savannah, but it took me awhile to get to this. I always thought they were ugly so never looked twice at one. Then I had the opportunity to fly one, from the first flight I was hooked. A fun all round capable aircraft. If I had to complain they are a bit slow. But everything else about them makes up for this. Oh, and they are not ugly anymore.
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