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  1. Vae tibi, domino Latine! (Hated Latin at school!)
  2. Yes - I have got lots of different AN bolts from them. Will order if not in stock. Cheers, Neil
  3. Amazing scenery! You've got to have a lot of faith in your engine flying over that sort of country. Sadly I'm in metro Melbourne, so I'm locked down not able to fly ANYWHERE!! Cheers, Neil
  4. Hi Guy, Sorry to hear the trip's been postponed (not cancelled, I hope!). It would obviously not have been possible this month with the lockdown. Along with others I am not able to fly to Lethbridge (outside the lockdown area) from Penfield (inside the lockdown area). I look forward to meeting you when you reschedule the trip in the not-too-distant future!! Cheers, Neil
  5. Hi Chris, Good move! Tell us something about yourself........do you fly or hoping to do so? Where? What? etc etc Cheers, Neil
  6. Hi, Go to :- www.dhhs.vic.gov.au ..and search for Restrictions for those in Melbourne/Mitchell Shire. You will eventually get to a page detailing the rules for golf, surfing, fishing and boating. No explicit mention of planes, of course. However, it says you can do those activities provided you keep socially-distanced (eg 2 people playing golf must remain 1.5m apart and others should be about 100m away) and they must be done within the lockdown area. It says not to travel a long distance if they can be done close to where you live, but if your boat is moored 50kms away at the coast th
  7. Hi Jerry, Love your response........ :) As for hi-viz in Australia - some airports do, some don't. Best to have one with you. My airfield does, and if the airport manager sees you without one (how does he do that??) you owe him a bottle of red. (There are some very cheap bottles of red in Australia....) Cheers, Neil
  8. I don't think Telstra do that plan any more.....I found it only on a comparison with a current plan. Implies to me that it's an old one.
  9. Hi Guy, Looking good! Don't forget to let me know when you plan to be at Lethbridge - looking forward to a Savvy muster! Cheers, Neil
  10. I remember Bristol Freighters flying out of Southend Airport in Essex when I was a kid growing up in the UK. I also remember flying to Ostend (I think) for a day trip on one with my family. Cheers, Neil
  11. Hi Wirraway, From a friend who works at AAK :- "The Wasp is a mid wing, nose wheel 2 seat training aircraft that Ole developed years ago, but there wasn’t a market for it as that market segment is quite saturated. He only produced two flyers and two additional kits and the Wasp went out of production about a decade ago. There are still plans and some of the templates, but I doubt any further kits could be made. Should someone be looking at a second hand Wasp or kit he should give Ole a call, there is a partially finished kit out there which had non-approved mods and should be avoided.
  12. Not even where you have been - just the fact your phone has come within 1.5 metres of another phone for 15 mins. No location data is stored. Info greater than 21 days old deleted as no longer relevant. App can be deleted after this is over, or at any other time.
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