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  1. Adjusting yer underpants is likely to cause a degree of levitation tooooo.........)
  2. One very small step for mankind, one giant ego trip for Jeff Bezos. The world’s richest man ejaculated himself into space this week, in what was not quite the first suborbital tourist flight – Richard Branson beat him up there – but definitely the fastest. “Everybody who’s been up into space, they say that it changes them,” Bezos said earnestly, of a trip that lasted roughly the time it takes to hard boil an egg. If you say so, Jeff. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jul/22/jeff-bezos-space-trip-midlife-crisis-amazon
  3. Not quite: end of 2021, the notification says.......
  4. Peter Gillespie (the Australian ICP agent) tells me that he is able to supply the 3 point door latch kits. Price is A$265 inc GST plus postage. He has them made up as required. His email is [email protected] This is the kit I installed, it is well made and works fine when properly set up.
  5. A recent incident here in NZ involved an automotive oil thermostat on a 912, which reportedly failed and cut off oil flow to the engine. Fortunately, this happened on startup on the ground and the engine was promptly stopped. If I were considering an oil thermostat, I would be sourcing one that cannot fail in this fashion: as I recall, there is one advertised for the 912, and the manufacturer specifically states it cannot cut off the oil flow if it fails.
  6. Mark: I've emailed Peter to ask if he or anyone is now making them. My thought was, if not, then maybe publish the design for the benefit of others?
  7. Bent rod end: Mark, is anyone over there now supplying those door closer kits?
  8. Okay. With my setup, I 'adjusted' the tang on the door handle by modifying the bend in it until the door there closed well, but not too tightly. Then the rods that close front and back have a chamfer on the end of them: I also bent the very tips of these to effectively give a greater chamfer at the tip, so that they pick up their locating holes without the need to pull the door in tightly. It was a matter of working round these closing points, but once I had them adjusted, they work fine. Finally, when operating the door handle, I don't pull in at the end of the handle. I p
  9. Why is it hard to close when seated???
  10. Looks fantastic, Mark! What is the paint system?
  11. I bought the system that attaches to the existing handle to (also) provide slide bolts (rods) front and rear. Works well enough after a bit of fiddling to set up. No difficulty working when seated. Was supplied by the Australian agent, Reg Brost, when I bought my kit from him. I believe he had them made up. However, the Oz dealership has now changed hands, and I don't know if the kit is now available. Wouldn't be hard to make.
  12. I don't know. But I'll ask the locals what and why the next time I run into them.
  13. Are you on level strips, Student Pilot.........or steep uphill ones?
  14. Someone told me that the original design was intended for crop spraying (liquid, rather than solids), but that the wing did not lay down a good wet pattern, which is how it came to be sold on to the NZ manufacturer. I don't know if this is true. There was also the story of someone who picked up several of these aircraft for next to nothing: Some of these pilots used to travel the world with the seasons, perhaps they still do...wheat crops in the UK, then down to the cotton in the Nile delta and so on. The story went that one of the Arab countries had bought several Fletchers, a local pi
  15. I believe the turbine also allows them to make a faster approach, then put the prop into beta on touchdown if required: that's certainly how they put down at the airfield at the end of the day. Then many strips are sloping, so the speed washes off quickly once on the ground, and it's not unusual to be applying power again to get the aircraft back up to the loader.
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