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  1. IBob

    912 Uls

    kgwilson I picked up that habit from my Savannah instructor. I am not sure how much it proves, as it is my understanding that the ignition modules tend to fail by degrees, the first indication being failure when cold. But I do it anyway, at 3000RPM, where I see a drop of maybe 200RPM. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As an aside to that: I used to see a quite uneven drop when doing this, with distinctly rough running on one ignition module. However, this cleared up while I was chasing a minor radio
  2. IBob

    912 Uls

    Or register your ownership with Rotax, and get regular news, updates, and notifications etc from them.
  3. Lots of folk here do the same, Skippy, so you're in good company! It'd be interesting to run a survey. And we could print 50 and 100hr t-shirts and stand at opposite ends of the bar.........)
  4. Lovely to see the punters wandering all over the paddock, and not a single individual minced up! That must have been when they were still delivering Common Sense with the milk every morning............)
  5. It's surprising (to me) how many elect to change the 912 oil at 50hrs. I assume that Rotax built in some margin when nominating the 100hr change. This isn't intended as a criticism.......clearly it is for every operator to decide what suits them....but I am just curious.
  6. However, as recent events around the Covid vaccination have shown, there are entire segments of humanity living in alternative worlds where the logic of this world does not apply.............
  7. I have also read that manufacturers may change their oil formulations without notice, but that Shell have agreed to consult with Rotax before doing that with Aeroshell Sport Plus 4. It seems to me that cost of oil is a very small part of the cost of operating a 912. Given that we depend on the engine to keep us in the air, I don't know why anyone would consider moving away from the Rotax recommended oils, unless for some reason they are unobtainable.
  8. Why not just use Aeroshell Sport Plus 4 as Rotax recommends? Here is a list of recommended oils: https://legacy.rotaxowner.com/si_tb_info/serviceinfo/si-912-016.pdf
  9. IBob

    Better tank vent

    Hi JG. I converted my Savannah underwing breathers to forward facing ones, much like the one in your pic, but using a very small 90deg bend from a garden irrigation system. On the first outing, with just the inner tanks valved on, I experienced a huge amount of crossfeed, one tank level going down at a rate, the other tank level going up, so turned back after only a few minutes. On landing I found fuel stains on the wing top from the tank that was going up: the tank caps were screwed tight as usual, but the additional pressure in the system had caused that tank to bleed pressure at a
  10. Hi Marty. 1. ICP advocate the use of Loctite 577 at the fuel tank fittings. I used this also on my manifold fittings etc. 2. ICP provide nicely made worm drive hose clamps. I needed some extras but was unable to source anything of the same quality locally.. If there is a better option, as outline by Skippy above, I would definitely go for that. 3. The fuel manifold and fuel taps we are sourcing from China (it may be possible to get them locally, but you pay a premium). They are one size down from the domestic ball valves used for isolating taps and WC cisterns etc. I use Ali Exp
  11. Kurt, you're not talking gibberish at all. I believe Mark has his fuel return plumbed back into his fuel selector valve block. Seems to me it would work fine, let's see if Mark has anything to add to that> Eightynots, the air bubble in the receiver tank problems dates back to the older Savannahs, which had no vent pipe from the receiver. The problem was that once you got air in there, it had nowhere to go. The manual now calls for a breather pipe from the top of the receiver tank to a point high in the L inboard tank. This effectively addresses the problem.
  12. Hi Kurt, really interesting to read of your control mods and see your progress! I'm most interested in your Arduino work: I do a bit myself. Credit where it's due: my fuel valve setup is a direct copy of Mark Kyle's setup on his original XL, and I referenced his build thread here a great deal during my own build. Also, and as Mark mentions, I fitted a flashing LED instead of the bulb supplied for the low fuel indication. I then fitted a second one in parallel on the pilot's side (the standard indicator goes on the RH side of the panel). The flashing LEDs were sourced from RS, the fuel
  13. Yep, a couple of things struck me. The first was that, while Juan Browne is an excellent and knowledgeable commentator, in this case he was commenting on something that he clearly has little practical experience of. The second was the amount of time they spent stacking that aircraft: a full 30seconds and it may have gone on longer without the stall, the way they were mucking around. During which time the aircraft is burning off height and flying on beyond the spot. Given that the thing has handles and steps, it should be easily possible to stack and leave in half that time.
  14. It does sound like the Camloc would be your better option. That's what I have on my oil inspection hatch, which is opened every preflight. I think they are better suited to that sort of constant use.
  15. Give us a clearer idea of what you are trying to do Spacesailor. My aircraftt has Dzus for the fg cowlings (higher load, greater weight) and camlocs for oil inspection and belly hatches. Different fasteners will be more appropriate in different applications. In all cases there will be lookup tables identifying the sizes and how they are measured. It's just you sometimes have to do your own homework finding the appropriate table. And you have to know how they are measured, or you're just guessing. I would guess Aircraft Spruce only take orders for part numbers to avoid arguments with
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