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  1. Maybe dashboard Jesus would make a good turn indicator? I’ve ordered a non religious more traditional portable type ball indicator to sit up in foxbat tomorrow. Might take Jesus until ball indicator turns up.
  2. I’ve gone from hangar greenhouse style to realization I have a huge shed and can drop out an upright with added double C purlin 250mm x 2.5mm. Easy job with extended tracks and same sheets used to make second slide door. 20 hours and 700 dollars. Have 10mm sag and will Jack up 20mm and add 20mm tensioned rods angling up and to each side. I’ll bet it unjacks to perfect. Unjack must be a word. I just used it. wife doing her first ever weld in pic. I was surprised as it was okay. May polyurethane floor and line an area of 15m x 8m and buy a rans 21. Rans is 4 hours drive
  3. Pilot doctor who gave me medical in USA mentioned airman. I remember Great Plains long drive home and thinking I was about to be a qualified airman and that was a big deal. Your post exceeds the knowledge input from Stick and Rudder. Exceeds in that it’s compact and full of on the mark explanation. Wolfgang is long winded and also talks about flippers instead of elevators. tyabb... I was shocked on first final to that skinny ribbon of bitumen. Used to runways you land nuclear bombers on. Wide and long. Now it’s not a consideration. Probably on topic drift now. I
  4. Should be dawning when closer to the ground and choosing a direction change or the parcel of wind itself choosing a direction change that makes the aircraft in relation to ground track weathercock slowdown speedup other? I’m probably missing something.. At my 110 hours this is what I’m trying to bring awareness of more strongly. Going to do more ground reference manoeuvres once landing LSA stops seeming to be difficult. Instructors last week really sorted it and I realised I’d been flying better a year ago. I remember last instructor a year ago and then
  5. In the 172 I was always on glide path or near enough. LSA I’ve been all the place and only really learned the above statement in the last few weeks. Well, learned because the CFI later asked why I didn’t just lift back up to the glide path and reduce speed at the same time instead of dragging it in while adding to an already too high airspeed.
  6. 2 things as I advance through thread... 1. okay, I get HF is not what this is about. 2. in the above list and perhaps at number 1 is coordinated turn and an uncoordinated skidding turn shielding the inside wing from airflow with disastrous results.
  7. I’m just reading through this thread while looking for information on the accuracy or latency of dynon electronic ball. (I think it’s next to useless btw) I’ll comment further after reading all this thread...This post caught my eye though. It’s exactly where I am. The 172 I learned in heading for 2 years ago was so well behaved and predictable I’d not ever been too concerned about coordinating turns and well aware final is the most dangerous. Low and slow and tempted to tighten the turn with a badly managed strong tail wind. I did this once only and was quite rightly hammered by CFI enough it
  8. I see so many aircraft over the strip. Will post a fly in thread when I'm confident the road grader has it nicely flattened and the Cape Barren geese have settled down to their pair per area. They flock for a while then seem to spread out. Yes, scones. My wife was just telling me how she will sort. I told her my English grandmother was always making them and I have it sorted... We will see. Slow combustion heater to cook so definitely when it cools down and prior to too wet to land. Pic this morning. I've moved it a bit based on the first landing. Trees gone and a realignment. Nee
  9. Would the NZ poster consider NZ not international? Australia not international? Both domestic? Does make me feel better about mine. No powerlines, less trees and a big expanse of water to sort it all out if things aren't going to plan.
  10. Excellent. I'm a long way off future project so will keep looking with interest at developments. I have 3 aircraft now that will end up in farm hangar in Melbourne. An unexpected development. Between them I have Airbike... Take off and land in bugger all feet. 100 to 300 Quicksilver with floats. Nice option over Westernport. Nynja. Capable little aircraft and I'm not far from going to meet both it and Vince. Current thinking long term they'll be a single aircraft ikit build. Can fly and enjoy and build while not getting into too much
  11. As a future ground looper I'm bringing this airbike to Australia. Was going to send to Philippines and that was a good plan until Covid.. I'd have daily done tail wheel conversion there in the Angeles flying club drifter. I'm in Melbourne until Covid vaccinated.... Say 3 months.... flying out of Tyabb and Tooradin and don't know of any LSA options at these locations with tail wheel. Any options anywhere in Australia? Not far from being able to travel in the Skyranger as needed.
  12. I've started playing with the idea of a Jabiru kit to stay gainfully occupied. I find myself hoping some item of farm mshcinery will break down so I can repair it. They all seem annoyingly resistant to failure at the moment. I've asked Jabiru about the D motor. They quite correctly suggest that their 7,000 motors plus compared to a company probably under a 1,000 motors isn't a good bet. https://d-motor.eu/ However....Side valves remove so much complexity and fuel injection adds the correct hi tech. It's definitely the engine I'd want to build from scratch a
  13. That's interesting... I read the whole deal above JA. It both makes sense and I'll suggest can be summarised with a word. Yes. Or to expand more fully, yes, the advert is okay and it'd be even more okay with a qualifier such as " I believe". Interesting question asked above about home built in CTA. I did a brief Google and haven't found answer yet.
  14. I watched your video Dan. Excellent. I'm reading the old Stick and Rudder at the moment and even just 40 years after flying first started he's discussing AOA as primarily what it's all about and the feasibility of AOA warning systems. The 172 I flew out to Wahoo, NE had a stall warning. Guess all the Cessna have one. Pulled out of shirt field take off ground affect too early once and pushed the stick back down with the horn in the background. CFI also pushed it down.... 2 X AOA systems 🙂 Flying the LSA variety now and they don't seem to feature this that I've come acro
  15. Really glad I purchased this book. All the way back to basics and incredibly well written in simple terms. Pic taken today with runway in background. Cleared trees to left of workshop and next landing will be heaps easier. Especially if Melbourne lockdown ends today. Currently up to chapter 4 The Flying Instinct. Page 70... The Feel of Lift. Gently tugging back on the stick them letting it go forward... I'm realising this is of course how they'd have done it pre ASI. On base and feel the speed and nose up lift or a worrying lack of lift then nose down/ power on as appropriate. Hav
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