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  1. Agreed. 2 of the best pieces of advice from my CFI. 1. Stay ahead of the plane. 2. In circuit if things start to pile up and you’re feeling pressured just leave the circuit. Fly away and rejoin when you’ve regrouped. Looking forward to your next post. Just noticed your comment on Taiwan... haven’t flown a light aircraft here so no idea on ATC. I’d say with fair certainty it’s English at the larger airports and Chinese would be spoken at the uncontrolled airfields which are bugger all. Paragliding is challenging with the language barrier and with th
  2. All good. Just to clarify. I’m only talking not looking at ASI after let’s say a wings length or 2 above ground.
  3. Wow, right there is experience I’d have been caught by. I’d have trusted a much more experienced pilot and followed. Lesson learned! I tracked back to incidents part of forum via research on Brumby via RFguy and then seeing these planes made in China. They must be assembled in Australia as final stage. Correct me if I’m wrong. Just going in the Chinese characters in factory pic. So, seeing China I thought about quality. I’m in Taiwan where quality is much closer to Japan standards. Just ask somebody about machine tool purchase. Taiwan or China... Taiwan every time and granted china
  4. I was nearly going to post this earlier in response to Facthunter discussing landing lights. The landing lights are almost a distraction. When you’ve spent endless hours learning to look down the runway for landing perspective and then at night you’re presented with a beam aimed at your landing point it’s distracting. I was warned about it and still managed to fixate on the beam first landing and was given the not too gentle reminder to look up the runway. If the lights were more car headlight style maybe. This was a fairly old Cessna 172 with what seemed to be spotlights.
  5. Nice to meet you RFguy. I’ve been quiet for a while holed up in Taiwan and looking forward to Australia and flying. just getting back a little into reading this forum. Enjoyed reading your detailed discussion. You’re way ahead of where I was for hours. Impressed! Also makes me think about what Facthunter says... fly the plane.| Saying this because I can get caught up in all the tech and at the end of the day it’s still seat of the pants on controls with an eye on airspeed. Then, as mentioned above somewhere near the runway it’s all seat of the pants. Can’t have an eye on airspeed i
  6. Mike Gearon

    Why I don't fly now

    I’d not swap the tinnitus for lights. Bugger! Sorry to hear this. I was just thinking about the sounds of tinnitus. Whooshing etc. When it’s really quiet I have mosquitoes. No idea if they are real or not. Used a lot of bug spray and now I just go “have at it”.
  7. Mine looks like this. It’s an iPad Pro. Seems way too spread out and to be honest I can’t be stuffed looking for how to fix. By the time you move between email, website searches, Facebook, Amazon and some other stuff you really get sick of clicking shit. Just need to be simple.
  8. They ate my motorbike seat when I was 12 years old. Seems fitting we both work our way up to larger and more expensive items. Enjoying the discussion on crosswind. Not enjoying the idea of zero forward velocity/ kinetic energy and the wind just disappears as RF discussed. That dropping sensation would be annoying.
  9. I thought the higher speed was more related to extra command of the control surfaces. I guess the dipped wing and crab angle are bleeding speed. Also set up to float longer with the speed when you’d really like the ground and at least one wheel in contact with runway. Are any of us here good enough to run the plane down the runway on a single wheel? I’m not. That’d be a nice skill set for cross wind capability (IMO) Giving up grain space for runway is relative to total planted. If it’s .001% and the farmer isn’t an x orchardist it’s probably ok.
  10. Guess it depends if you farm grain or cattle. Cattle aren’t a problem for whole paddock landing and productivity. Except I guess keeping the runway short. Cattle also love new grass the best. Must be tastier when new shoots so they’ll intensively graze the mowed area anyway. I guess what I’m saying is keep your main runway to prevailing wind direction mowed and otherwise just land in between the cattle on the less rough stuff. That’s my plan.
  11. Mike Gearon

    Why I don't fly now

    Bugger. I saw this posted above. A peculiarly Australian response perhaps. It was my first response as well... I was bloody annoyed about my knees deteriorating, my shoulder in constant pain, feeling tired all the time and I see this. I have bugger all to feel bad about. So sorry you have this. I have tinnitus. Constant ringing that can drive people mad. I ignore it. Harder to ignore lights with closed eyes. Hard to deal with not being able to fly and do other things you have a passion for. Bugger! You look just have to replace the bits missing with other things you’ll be passionat
  12. The only certainty I’d have is that pulling the stick back kills you. That’s not an option. Only level or descending flight scenarios and 30 degree scan looking for the clearspot/ the softest friendliest looking spot (between the softest looking tree trunks).../ the spot that’s not putting other lives at risk. My paragliding instructor is telling me Taiwan trees are softer so I’m big on soft spots at the moment. These without power obviously or not much point. What was air speed reduction I’m going to practice these. Good idea. With and without power. Will do with CFI as plan.
  13. Another test pilot. I just know I’m not flying it until somebody else does. Hadn’t thought of mud or pumping air.
  14. I’m keeping the Nynja as latest plan. Been a difficult journey for all of us through the covid crisis. Well, still of course going through it. Haven’t seen my wife in 8 months now and never been away so long. Good part has been how safe Taiwan is. Bad part not getting a dose of Australia. Started watching Rake on Netflix in desperation for some Australian accents. Bloody surprised how good it is. Well written and acted. Bloody stupid of course and that’s part of the fun. Early in the year the plan involved monthly or even weekly trips to the Phillipines from Taiwan and flying quicksilver ai
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