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  1. Amazing it’s only been a year. You’ve achieved a lot. Congratulations.
  2. I’m learning tail wheel right now and we do a steady 1,2,3 count power up. Rudder accordingly. I also discovered one should not shove the throttle forward for a go around after failed wheel landing (or anytime really!) A steady 1,2,3 is plenty of time before the bounced wheel landing wants to return to the runway.
  3. Yes, I’m going to do so as well. I make a reasonable living as an inventor. My success is always based on a paring back toward simplicity. Mechanical and software engineers I work with must try for simple solutions. These invariably take much longer to sort out. Opposite of what you’d think. I also accept the inevitability of occasional complex solutions. It’s a balancing act and requires an open mind. This simple piece of tape answer has to be combined of course with all the other things we are trained to watch for. Also, a huge help when moving between diffe
  4. I’m fairly certain the ball can’t be relied on. I recall possibly here or elsewhere a ball indicator at either side of cockpit as example amd they’ll do different things in spin
  5. Okay. I see and get this. I’d also suggest some good percentage of pilots can’t tell you which condition is spiral and which is spin. Let alone describe the way to regain control. I also stand by my statement. 🙂 I’m As prepared as I need to be at this stage of my flying. I also take on board your suggestion and if I get to USA as I plan I’ll go up with my American CFI who has just purchased an acrobatic aircraft. We will sort the men from the boys and girls.
  6. It’s the part that doesn’t blindly follow the USA into stupid wars. Good article in The Age today by the author of China Panic. Dr David Brophy.
  7. My flying experience is at the opposite end of yours. What I’m attempting right now is to apply that limited knowledge to the correct response to an unexpected aircraft situation. I stand by my post with this consideration. Prior to taking off I’ve recited the plan for EFATO. I also have the invaluable accumulated CFI unexpected closing of throttle. For the better part I’ve performed well. Once badly and suggested a turn back. That was the best experience of all “you’ve just killed us” was very memorable. I haven’t experienced spin or spiral other than the dip of a win
  8. I had 3 hours of IFR training as part of USA process. Also actual IFR conditions while interstate and observing for some 60 minutes how the aircraft was handled. My CFI consistently warned against having the slightest confidence I’d survive more than 30 seconds in IFR as a proven fact. Still, I value the possibility that all turning to crap totally outside my control I’d have some chance of a gentle 180 degree turn and exit the conditions. Main take home I had was to just have a thumb and finger on the yoke/ stick with very little pressure and just scan instruments constantly.
  9. Going on hours I have 119.6 and correspondingly less informed 🙂 Condolences to Rays family. I tell mine I try really hard to be safe and if something terrible happened it’d be okay. My favourite personal pursuit life experience... learning to fly, overcoming the odds each time as they stacked up against continued pursuit of flying. The people you fly with as you progress, each experience a special bond together in the cockpit, new friends who come with their experience and their aircraft, all the aspects of the experience coming together when you’re up high on your own and in control and confi
  10. I was watching YouTube of Ido Segev short land the Foxbat by pulling out flaps. Not something you’d do without a load of experience and definitely not while under instruction. Would have enjoyed meeting Ido.
  11. Yes, I was just thinking the last few days about the Nynja obviously being more slippery in air than the A22. Not quite as good as the streamlined A32 in the crash. Speed. Yes, 1.3 or so in the heavier aircraft like Cessna. They are so forgiving. Any wonder they can stay in flight school service for decades without incident. I think my second lesson in Foxbat coming back from USA and 172 I was with one of the invariably nice instructors at Tyabb. Over the numbers with about 20% throttle and say 15 knot headwind and I completely cut the throttle. It surprised me, the instructor and th
  12. Back on topic although I enjoy a meander away as much as the next and Yeah, I don’t get beer or at least not fosters and Carlton and the stuff we grew up with and no better in USA with Budweiser (butwiper) Discovered craft beers and totally different experience. Was just reviewing the Foxbat website this morning. Reason was annoying floats in the A22 last weekend where I was really trying to keep the speed under 50 knots. 55 knots seems to pretty much guarantees a nice long float...I would like to put it down to the covid vaccine 24 hours prior but not a very good excu
  13. Cheap wine is completely the opposite. It takes a while to get used to and consequently hard to start. It tastes okay after the third day and I try to remember not to buy that brand of chateau cardboard again. Bottles, yes, just not drinking enough to justify. Nev, I’m sure lots of posters know your history. I don’t. How come you have so many facts. They look believable as well which I find impressive.
  14. That was a month ago. Decided I won’t be going to USA until the world tames the virus! Had my first Covid shot last week as emergency worker (CFA). Flew exactly 24 hours later as advised not to fly prior on CASA site. Can’t say I felt great! Just a little off game. Wouldn’t have flown if definitely unwell. I noticed this really good video on the Titan engine. It looks like you can specify some of your own bits and actually watch your engine being made. The guy said he even called support and spoke to the guy who built his engine. Coincidentally first on support line. Builder rembered
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