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  1. Re organic… yeah. Particularly relevant on a commercial project and the gradual decay of matter. Not going to happen! Removed for sure. This is a little more low key and if the runway in 3 to 6 months has dropped 10mm through decay it doesn’t matter. Relating to firmness It’ll just gradually become more firm with time regardless. I absolutely agree re cutting off the bump tops and a bit of filling. My east west should have had this treatment as temp solution. Learning….
  2. Onetrack and Turbo have huge experience. I’d suggest we extract this into a separate thread. How to construct an outback dirt/ gravel and/ or grass airstrip or combine into a thread I’ve not found. I’ve been amazed reading this. I’m going to show to my new best mate pilot buddy on French Island. I respect his privacy so we will leave it at that until I chat about this huge depth of knowledge. It’s the type of thing we’ve spent months discussing and here’s major input! Way beyond what my experience by an order of magnitude. Note on organic matter. This is one of the big deals
  3. Bloody hell. I’ve been farming and grading since 15 years old. This is a whole new level of experience. I’m really grateful for your taking the time on all this. Those east winds had me trying to grade it in and what you explain was what I’d hoped for. I have a Behrends heavy duty grader. It’s a big heavy bastard and it can dig in. It’s just the clumps on next run and yeah.. full angle and try to get them cleared. I fly for business and family reasons. Family health problems this last time. I can take the ferry or barge. It’s about 3 times quicker to fly and when I’m hav
  4. I have one. Why didn’t I think of that…Even better we have another pilot on the island putting in a runway. I’ve provided my discs to him and he has a good italian mulching mower. You have a good point. I could have borrowed this and not had a bloody great furrow in the way of landing. It’d just knock the tops down amd even fill in a few lows. March/ April depending on season it’ll be cultivated north south and east west then my mate with the grader promises to make it beautiful. I now know I can land in the unprepared paddock. Only did that with slight desperation toda
  5. Strong easterly had me trying the unprepared paddock. Surprisingly easy. The dirt furrow was an ill advised attempt to peel back the grass and form a temporary summer runway. Grass just clumps under the grader blade and eventually stops tractor. I knew this… wishful thinking I’d get it to work. Will disc and grade at some point. Loads of aircraft fly over. Will have to set an event at some stage FullSizeRender.mov
  6. Yeah, I’ve already had a few. Pretending to be financial institutions warning of fraudulent emails 🙂
  7. I put my Skyranger Nynja up for sale on sportsaircraft and plane sales check this response. I don’t get why they’d benefit from this. I just sent a reply saying a sale via PayPal is never going to happen and they can phone me or give me a phone number. It’s Nigerian I think. Maybe Russian, Chinese or North Korean. What it isn’t is an aircraft buyer. Hi Michael, I am sorry for the late reply due to work. I am still interested in the purchase of your aircraft and I am ok with the price/condition. I am a miner and presently on site. I want to buy it for my holiday as I
  8. I notice bare feet on the rudders 🙂 Much better than my thick sole runners! Beautiful countryside you fly over.
  9. One of my local airports had a stuck mike or intercom thing going on recently. I could hear both sides for a full 5 minutes. It was almost all a foreign language with English from instructor for radio calls followed by the student repeating. I chose to make my radio calls as if they could be heard and took off. I guess I could have changed to 126.7 ? Next time…. I was proceeding across the bay then decided with low cloud to follow the coast to narrowest crossing point with glide in mind. I then heard foreign language with “right turn” interspersed. I expect the lesson was the other
  10. Windsock. It’s pretty much a 02 20 runway and fairly good chance it’ll be a 10 to 15kn S to SW. I’m usually in the workshop/ hangar and happy to see pilots visit. I’m currently tiling the 120 sq m hangar floor. It’s my punishment for making 5mpa French island concrete. Okay until you decide to put in a hangar and want to paint the floor…too soft.... only solution is tiles 600x600 ceramic gray tiles.. You’ll want to be sorted as I’ve mentioned by the workshop. There is a 10ft wide area that’s smooth with undulations that timed right will pop you back in the air “surprise!” And you’l
  11. Exactly as you mention… a quick glance at the compass… always. I’ve learned this through experience unfortunately.
  12. Yeah, the RV6 will make short work of the 300 or so NM. The blackshape landed with that tiny nose wheel and handled the cow hoof impressions okay. I’ve since filled them in and rolled. My larger wheels were doing okay and I look forward to next smoother departure and landing. Notes for landing… You’re welcome to visit anytime. PM or phone 0488585980. Fly in. Yes, I’m thinking local guys first from Tooradin and Tyabb then we expand. 1. Don’t fly over the houses to east and west (please) 2. Left pattern for both 02 and 20. I tend to let Tyabb know on 128.00 and Tooradin on 124.2 w
  13. Yeah, ferry runs to a schedule. Google French island ferry. Some video here of recent landings. The Black Shape you see here is for sale. http://plaaviation.com.au/ It is very cool. Retractable gear, 140kn cruise and a cool sounding exhaust. Same 912 I have and just way better exhaust note! Videos…. My typical landing. (Narrative was for Facebook not for pilot viewing! ) I was surprised to find the cattle pretty much ignore the aircraft including not getting out of the way unless I’m taxiing directly at them. I’ve trained them to be calm and quiet. Nobody herds them. Th
  14. Good information. Really good! Thanks.
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