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  1. Looking for a low hour wing, can collect from anywhere
  2. I have had thoughts of taking the canopy off !! However I flew for about 2 hrs at 6am last week in only a tshirt !!!!
  3. Yep, thats what Erol told me, seems too good to be true !! ??
  4. My thoughts were that "who knows who wrote them" somebody from the factory ect, thought i would post them anyway, Head in the clouds has a very good point !!!
  5. Hi Guys, Im also looking at the Bushcat taildragger,, Im a little skeptical at the moment regarding stated performance, took one out for a test flight yesterday and loved it, 70/80 knts doors off stall clean around 40, 1 notch and 2 notch no different at 36ish. very very comfortable , i am 6ft 110kg and it was the most comfortable plane Ive flown !! Erol tells me that all the new models come with VGs which will lower the stall speed by 8 knts !!!! However, Im not trusting too much about what the manufacturer says,, Im based at Heck field and know Erol very well, he is a really nice
  6. I will give you 2k for it, only because i have a spare motor !!! I know you said you wanted 3.5k but its just not worth it. Let me know ?
  7. Hey Mick, is your outback still for sale ? pretty interested Mike 0411241909
  8. I love the Jabs, just know for a fact that the idiots at the Jab factory need there arses kicking !!!!!
  9. Watts Bridge has a great reputation, just too far, I have been traveling to boonah and caboolture to hire aircraft and its just too far for me. my budget is 25k
  10. Cheers Dazza / Phil and everybody else, by the way Phil I am a pom from Congleton and used to be a member at Arclid International near Sandbach, we used to fly flexwing trikes out of there. Seems like we have a few jokers on the site GREAT Im a little sick of hanging with old blokes at the airfields with no sense of humour,,, you get that alot over here Phil. The days at arclid messing around were great fun, anyways ive gotta find hanger space and Jacobs well is not only full but the new landowner is trying to close them down, its in court very soon.
  11. After many years of flying here and there at different clubs Ive settled here on the gold coast and completed my rec licence. Now looking for an aircraft and club to join, got my eyes on a brand new Xair falcon with a new 582, Any local guys here know of any hanger space to rent Mike
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