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  1. Thanks danny-galaga. I was very interested in the Bushcat and from what I have read I think it seems a very capable aircraft. I have bought an aeroplane now so I should stop looking and comparing and be satisfied with what I have bought.
  2. Hi Hwansey. Sounds like we had similar beginnings. Qantas were not impressed with all my mustering time and I probably didn't fit into their mould either. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the Hornet. I have always been impressed with what I have seen on the net about them. Does yours have the slats or the clean wing? What sort of cruise speed do you get out of it? Their website doesn't quote any performance figures from what I can see. Besides that they look how a bush plane should look to my eyes.
  3. Thanks rhtrudder, I know Savanah's have good field performance but it has to be a tail dragger. Probably seems silly but I have a thing about them.
  4. Hi Debra and Dave. Thanks for the reply. It seems the old saying "ignorance is bliss" applies in my case. The main attraction for me to RA was not having to do medicals and being able to maintain my own aircraft. Also the different bush style aircraft available within the category fit my needs. Pilots (myself included when younger ) often aspire to fly "bigger and better" aircraft. Its been my experience the "bigger and better" they are, the less fun they are to fly. Your final comment Dave makes a lot of sense. Sometimes we need to be careful for what we wish for.
  5. Hi Kyle The S21 looks a very nice aircraft. The performance numbers are impressive as well. I hope your trip to the factory goes well and you get your kit. Good luck with it all. I just don't have the time or the inclination to build one. There is always too much to do around the place at home,
  6. Has anyone any first hand experience or knowledge of these aircraft from South Africa other then whats on the website? BushCat Light Sport Aircraft by SkyReach | Light Sport as Intended
  7. Well at least he did finish it.....eventually. I am not on Bookface but did send him a message on this site. Hopefully he still reads things on here. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the info Sue. Four years to build ....just confirms to me I don't want to build one.... am not that patient. But I do admire people who do persevere and finish those projects. I have looked at that white Rans on the net and it is very impressive. I saw that the chap wanted to sell it but I thought that post I saw was quite old. I will have to track him down as I have not seen it advertised anywhere else. Yes aviation in Australia has become too regulated and I am glad I got to fly in places where you just used your own common sense to stay safe. Thanks again.
  9. Hi Sue. I would love to know more about what you think of your Rans Courier. It is another aircraft I am very interested in but I have no great wish to build one. I would rather just buy one and just enjoy flying it. How long did it take to build? I fly helicopters now but started out chasing cows on stations with fixed wing. I will have to do some research on using home for operating from.
  10. Hi Derekliston yes I have GA licences but the thought of doing more medicals after giving away professional flying doesn't thrill me. But you are probably right...I should try and keep both.
  11. An old professional pilot new to the forum. Mostly interested in bush aeroplanes I can fly from a paddock at home. Would be keen to hear from people who have experience with AAK Hornets or Bushcats or maybe Highlanders. Cheers
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