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  1. Hi Ian, Thanks very much for your reply! i've just sent you a PM. Cheers, Andrew
  2. Hi Spacesailor, thanks & good question - yes it would definitely go down the wall of a shed (picture attached with dimensions). cheers
  3. Hi All, Looking for some help. I'm planning a trip to Airlie Beach (departing Brisbane) in late September and seeking some temporary hangarage for my Gyrocopter (approx 3 weeks) somewhere that's near to Airlie Beach. Shute Harbour, Prosperpine and Bowen Airfields come to mind and I would be so grateful if someone could help me out with a small corner of a hangar. I'm obviously happy to pay a reward in return :) Thanks in advance! Ozi
  4. Thanks for all the constructive feedback gents, I really appreciate it - tailwinds 🙂
  5. Thanks Onetrack for your feedback and much appreciated mate, I generally replace all my zip ties annually so it's not a problem 🙂
  6. Hey thanks Downunder and that's great to hear. Yes the ceramic coating is holding well so far also thanks, it was well worth the $300 investment.
  7. Thanks for the feedback and that's great to hear 🙂
  8. Hi All, I'd love to hear anyones experience and any feedback good or bad regarding silicone hoses used on Rotax 912ULS engine and whether if this is appropriate? I recently completed a Rotax 5 year rubber replacement on my engine and replaced the one inch stiff ribbed style hose with a silicone one inch heater hose. This silicone hose flex (refer to pictures) easily meets/exceeds the temperature and pressure requirements of this system and there are no kinks when hot or cold. I would love to hear anyones opinions/feedback on whether if this was a good idea or not.
  9. Thanks very much everyone for your replies & I appreciate it! tailwinds :)
  10. Hi all, Can anyone tell me where I could buy Loctite Anti Seize 8151 (or equivilent) for use on muffler ball joints on a Rotax 912ULS exhaust? I was hoping to source some locally in Brisbane CBD area. Thanks in advance :)
  11. Onetrack, it's purely for surface protection and good looks. Guaranteed to make the machine looking more sexy now hehe..
  12. Thanks Skippydiesel for that suggestion and i'll be sure to check it out :)
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