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  1. Jayco weigh each van off the line and attach the ticket inside, no tare on plate due to accessories being added after manufacture are to be allowed for by owner. Lots of vans way over due to soft regulation, weighing one in a hundred and making mid season changes. Not many interested customers in doing research before buying and wanting more and more gizmo’s in their van to best their mates. I have worked in industry for 20 years now. Car sellers not advising in a practical way as turbo pointed out, 1 driver, some fuel and no crap onboard to get 3500kg towing do not help either for newbies onl
  2. The Bushbaby has a mix of Subaru, Ford and commodore hoses plus the Rotax one (582 model). I had to machine a joiner to complete the radiator part.
  3. Buy a lottery ticket, that damage should have not been survivable. great to hear they survived.
  4. Today was too nice to pass up, out to the airport, move 5 planes by hand to get to back of hanger, after that 1 hour workout, Flew out to Barraba landed and had a drink and snack, then home. Not far but fun any way. Need to plan a longer run to do, maybe Narromine and look at museum again. Good to see some water in split rock reservoir. Still a long way to go.
  5. My old charger had a problem with needle valve and float once, because I had modified things fuel was squirting onto hot extractors (from the overflow pipe)with smoke starting. I think luck and a short run stopped a full blown fire starting.
  6. a great video to show how bad no visual is, I watched both horizons when he was banking steep whilst fiddling with the tech, cringing at how steep the angle was becoming. Bushfire smoke is closest I’ve came to fir for real, not a place you want to be. Every noise seems extreme when you lose visual. thanks for sharing
  7. Where did you find that shirt Red, I would like to find one.
  8. His project was interesting and looked to be progressing well. Shame not to see it completed or closer. sometimes things get in the way, I did a hour or two on my Bushbaby on the weekend and achieved some tasks. now need to make a list so jobs can be completed. 7 years and no air time. Needs to change.
  9. Not been the best weather lately around here. Friday and Saturday looking ok at moment. Might have to bug out and go to airport with a cobweb broom.
  10. Still seem expensive if converted to AUD from Euros. I would doubt the risk of failure would be worth it.
  11. I thought Dan’s whole point was to employ the KISS principle. The yellow tape goes on your minimum manoeuvre speed which happens to be 1.3Vso for a visual reminder of DONT MANOURVE BELOW THIS SPEED, to prevent us over thinking this thing and bending our airplane/selves. Flightchops channel has an episode on YouTube with Dan explaining this. I did manoeuvre once below a safe speed, and by some miracle did not kill myself and daughter, if I had marked a speed and knew don’t let that needle go past the line, it very likely would not have happened. I did seek remedial training before nex
  12. I have watched Dan on Flightchops with Steve and recommending the same idea no matter what you fly. I think next outing I will be marking ASI.
  13. Nice and green up your way. What’s happening to your air field?
  14. A Great looking trio of planes. too wet this weekend to do anything here. beautiful days whilst at work, Murphy doing his thing.
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