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  1. Still seem expensive if converted to AUD from Euros. I would doubt the risk of failure would be worth it.
  2. I thought Dan’s whole point was to employ the KISS principle. The yellow tape goes on your minimum manoeuvre speed which happens to be 1.3Vso for a visual reminder of DONT MANOURVE BELOW THIS SPEED, to prevent us over thinking this thing and bending our airplane/selves. Flightchops channel has an episode on YouTube with Dan explaining this. I did manoeuvre once below a safe speed, and by some miracle did not kill myself and daughter, if I had marked a speed and knew don’t let that needle go past the line, it very likely would not have happened. I did seek remedial training before nex
  3. I have watched Dan on Flightchops with Steve and recommending the same idea no matter what you fly. I think next outing I will be marking ASI.
  4. Nice and green up your way. What’s happening to your air field?
  5. A Great looking trio of planes. too wet this weekend to do anything here. beautiful days whilst at work, Murphy doing his thing.
  6. Took TWM on a mid day local flight today alone to build time. Still some brown country out there even with the rain we have had recently.
  7. Looks a tad twitchy in the air. Put a couple of streamers on a pair of them and you could have control line style dog fights.
  8. Finally, got to strap on the wings today and fly, it might have only been circuits, but boy did it feel good. Might steal away some time tomorrow and take a local jaunt over the dams if the day is good.
  9. What about fitting a pair of the car whistles with high quality mounting tape like 3M or Wurth body tape for vehicle construction. Worst case scenario you end up sounding like a Stuka on final
  10. The club plane I trained in had an issue for a while where it would stall the engine on roll out after landing, it was always a bit un nerving to have the noise stop, even though safe on the ground. They got it sorted and all was good again. I don’t know if I would like the noise stopped in the air much, maybe I should find an instructor and try an in air restart up high to experience it for real.
  11. Plane is a great price, but a divorce is $$$$$$$$$. be like taking a new girlfriend home, they have no sense of humour.
  12. I find Armidale to Coffs in a general straight line at 7500 not bad in 182, I do tend to wander from open patch to open patch of high country. I get 120kts and I find 1hr 10m from Tamworth to Coffs around the average, Less than 1/2 of that is tiger country, there are a few strips on properties (oz runways shows them) as a back up. then you can run up the coast at 500 to 1000 enjoying the view.
  13. I wouldn't mind that one, but it would come with a side of DIVORCE. Looks like a whole lotta fun.
  14. I had a look, estimate on shipping is 5th Jan to 12 Jan 2021. Way better price than new one ordered. I was looking forward to flying at Christmas time-at least early local jaunts before heat of day. After putting in 92hrs at work for 2 weeks in a row it of been a welcome relaxing time. Might have to track down our local Raa instructor and go off in one of his planes. cheers
  15. Is there any chance that someone has an oil cooler in their spares for a continental O-470, mine has a leak they cannot fix and are looking at mid January before one turns up (if it turns upon time) then needs fitting. This will be 3 months out of the air by the time it is fitted. If you message me I am on most days after work. cheers clint
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