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  1. Grab the little sh#ts and flog them. It’s the best way to teach them. This soft nanny state way of dealing with them never works. Little pricks become car thieves and crims next. They might have a little chance of straighten out if they remember what happened when they screwed up last time. You would be doing them a favour.
  2. Mike from Mojogrip on you tube showing a turbo prop 200hp on an ultra light size aircraft at Oshkosh recently. no radiator required. Was only mock up at moment, but think of the performance. I think 270lbs was quoted install weight (122 kg).
  3. They are so scary when you are a newbie, when you finally get your head around what they do I lost the fear, but who needs it now with iPad and oz runways.
  4. Looks lean and mean, might not meet RAAus specs on current wing loading and power😁Lots/0m2 is the rudder going to be small due to speed aspired to?
  5. Eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil gets rid of sticker residue on cars and caravans skins. Try micro fibre as its grippy soft surface works well without damaging delicate paints. if fibreglass or metal an eraser wheel works, not on soft fabric though. cheers clinton
  6. Ice does weird things even to cars aerodynamics, we had a minus 4 frost on Monday, my roof bars on triton only make a small amount of cabin noise at around 100km normally, they were solid with ice lumps on them, and the howl was deafening in the cabin all the way to work. They are shaped like an airfoil, but the upset was noticeable. If your wings/struts had that happen I don’t think it would be real great for airflow
  7. My workshop rained coffee coloured water on everything, every night until I pulled the roof sheets of nd fitted Aircell insulation, now no more raindrops. It is like bubble wrap made from foil. It is not cheap (around 300 for 30m by 1.3m roll) if you get in and do with hanger owner to save on labour it will make a big difference. Knocks the heat out of the shed in summer, which will help with heat sensitive aeroplane parts.
  8. Just what we need, people seeing us as privileged a$#holes with transport that can cross borders when restricted says a lot for the pilots regard for rules. Hope the public don’t lump all of us in one basket.
  9. A bit like reading about our RAAF personal sent to fly P40s to Papua New Guinea to fight japs after learning in tigers and low powered trainers. In the book 44 days it was mentioned several were lost on way up coast within hours of takeoff, training had consisted of go read the manual and taxi around. the true pressures on RAAF pilots were probably much higher than the guy just wanting to have a nice toy, but results the same.
  10. I have been hesitant at taking my children anymore, it is my choice to fly, if something goes wrong, I don't want to be responsible for hurting them or worse. probably over cautious, It is good that this one came out well.
  11. Jayco weigh each van off the line and attach the ticket inside, no tare on plate due to accessories being added after manufacture are to be allowed for by owner. Lots of vans way over due to soft regulation, weighing one in a hundred and making mid season changes. Not many interested customers in doing research before buying and wanting more and more gizmo’s in their van to best their mates. I have worked in industry for 20 years now. Car sellers not advising in a practical way as turbo pointed out, 1 driver, some fuel and no crap onboard to get 3500kg towing do not help either for newbies onl
  12. The Bushbaby has a mix of Subaru, Ford and commodore hoses plus the Rotax one (582 model). I had to machine a joiner to complete the radiator part.
  13. Buy a lottery ticket, that damage should have not been survivable. great to hear they survived.
  14. Today was too nice to pass up, out to the airport, move 5 planes by hand to get to back of hanger, after that 1 hour workout, Flew out to Barraba landed and had a drink and snack, then home. Not far but fun any way. Need to plan a longer run to do, maybe Narromine and look at museum again. Good to see some water in split rock reservoir. Still a long way to go.
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