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  1. I think it is paint- was polished originally, some of the ADF gear, cb, hf, internal coatings all just adding up, but it does eat into payload. I was once told if you can shut the doors it will fly, but not something I want to try.
  2. My 182 has gained 79kgs from its original POH and last annual, the strangest thing was the guy who weighed it this time, did its initial weighing.
  3. Would be a good one to fly the little yellow plane from a few posts back through, would get the ATC smiling
  4. I watched his you tube vids over and over again before my check ride for rpl, next day I did some of my best landings ever consistently. The timing of the flare using the width of runway expansion was very useful. I should do again as they are getting untidy again.
  5. Buy or borrow a large enough paddock To land in all directions just like some of the WWII fields, takes all the hassle out of it.😁
  6. I had a spare cut for 182F from local key and shoe man, being older it may have been a more common blank, not much good though as security, a local opened it for me in about 30 seconds with a lock pick one day when I left key at home, hence spares now in bag. Nice looking 182 in your pic Country Flyer. Cheers Clinton
  7. I think duracell and eveready are both made by American carbide, so when they make their claims of being better than the competitors they don’t get sued. Bulk buying packs are best value with the long shelf life available now.
  8. Their happy hour usually would make that more hazardous, but more work for me with all the carnage, mmm ideas
  9. caravans are the same, who designs a window cutout at 914mm by 565 mm or 280 mm by 1524mm. Doors are 622mm by 1823mm/1750/683 high. awnings are sold in feet measurements, alloy cladding covers 254mm deep (10") good fun when trying to get customers to provide an awning length the correct way when they dont want to come in first for me to check.
  10. Cessna works well, 172 or 182 with long range tanks. Load good, space good (in the 182) speed 120kts is decent normally. Sids is biggest downside. I use a farm strip at moment which is unimproved and works with big wheels 8" and no spats. Pretty hard to break undercarriage, I have tried?, not deliberately.
  11. I like the cable along ground at airports. They seem to be anchored quite well, and the tension on cable pulls ropes taught with some spring if require. I don’t know if the claw set I have in cessna would help in high winds. I do have some alloy star posts and dee shackles to put in kit
  12. What’s your rego no on that one, is a 19-xxxx ?
  13. 2 bottles of red later this still hurts my brain to think about.?
  14. Set it at what is published for airport or area and we should all be ok, without the headache And at worst case look at your iPad or phone and go with it.
  15. Speaking of Bex, does anyone know if he is OK and where his build is up too.
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