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  1. Mike Patey is going to do something interesting with scrappy's wing giving a wider speed range.
  2. OME you messed up the force and acceleration, F=MA. A 3kg mass will have 30 N of force due to gravity, there is no 0.3kg anywhere. From my high school physics.
  3. I have read the paperwork and did consider getting basic med instead of class 2 at my last renewal. The New Zealand basic med requirements are DL9 with passenger endorsement (bus). I doubt there is much difference between NZ DL9 and Australian commercial vehicles medical.
  4. We already have it, called basic med in Australia.
  5. HI Don, check the breather is not blocked. Seals can leak for no reason however check the bearings.
  6. Ok you are correct, a mode S transponder may not be required to be connected with an approved gps source and transmit ADS-B out. After spending a reasonable sum on a mode S transponder, why not completed the package including the ADS-B in part. The IN part is what could save VFR pilots. SkyEcho2, ADS-B out and in displayed on your choice of tablet, yes.
  7. You should be able to hear traffic on 118.15 or 129.85 in your area from over flying aircraft. It is possible your aircraft radio has a problem, check it with engine off. We once had a "failure" with the club brumby when the pilots headset got plugged into the copilot Jack.
  8. I believe Brumby's at Cowra have the type certificate now, there was talk of it being manufactured again as a cirrus competitor. Would be a tough market to crack.
  9. To make it easier to see the fuel level in the Thruster I put angled strips on white plastic behind the pvc tube, refraction? Changes the angle with fuel. Sight tube has to be close to plastic. Need to replace my tube as well.
  10. VH-SSK http://www.edcoatescollection.com/ac1/austmz/VH-SSK2.html
  11. A borescope looking into a cylinder can not see a broken or stuck ring or a leaking valve unless it is just about to drop. Only the leak down or differential compression tester will highlight faults reliably and consistently.
  12. That is not a wind tunnel. A flawed computer model perhaps. Wings need a certain amount of thickness just for structural reasons.
  13. If you think about it Skippy the following systems are the same for all aircraft regardless of the material used for the airframe. Engine, electrical, fuel system, brakes and wheels, control cables push rods and bell cranks, control surface hinges, windows, avionics, instruments and pitot static system, seats and harnesses. Yes we look for cracks and corrosion while inspecting metal aircraft, composite airframes need inspection as well. I have a 58 year old all metal aircraft that is ageing very well.
  14. I love my thruster and have never found it difficult. I think it has made me a better around pilot, apply the same skill set to mission planning, airspeed control that is required to land tail dragger. Near enough is not good enough for tail wheel aircraft, they will depart the runway.
  15. Meanwhile in Indonesia something similar happened. A happy ending this time. https://simpleflying.com/garuda-indonesia-737-engine-failure/
  16. Like you I have never heard of rospeller before today. Engine failure is one thing, propeller failure is next level scary shite. I guess the market spoke. Happy to be proven wrong.
  17. What did they do about the blade retention issue, design appears unchanged?
  18. Looking in the cylinder with a bore scope has limited value in my opinion. A differential compression or leak down test will tell you exactly what is happening with the cylinder. The differential tester is $43 on ebay, do the test often record the results. The trend is you friend.
  19. For tail wheel training Dan Compton, Wings out west at Dubbo has a very good reputation and beautiful cub aircraft.
  20. That would depend on how many tail wheel hours you have😂. Have not flown a Decathlon but doubt it is different to other tail draggers.
  21. ADS-B transponders, TABS and EC devices dont rely on radar. The signals are received by ground stations. Amateurs can set these up for a few hundred dollars and feed the data into Flightradar24 etc. For air services the cost would be much higher but still cheap enough to have complete coverage in the J curve. ADS-B transponders, TABS and EC devices dont need radar or ground stations or 3g,4g,5g to provide aircraft to aircraft traffic information.
  22. That's not a line of trees, he is totally surrounded by them. A good place to have lycoming power🤔
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