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  1. We fly C 42 with turbo engine in the club, this engine is new and works very good for towing Gliders, it is super powerfull. We have another C 42 traveller for longer trips with a new 100 hp rotax engine, with constand speed, it works also without any Problems.
  2. yes, but this works not on the older rotax engine. The s oftstart works on newer engines very well, this told me the mechanik from rotax company.
  3. yes, the engines with the green starting box have this Problem. Jear 2009 100 HP.
  4. I had a rotax engine on the Gyro, i had a lot of problems with strike back, the freewheel was broken. It was a lot of work to change it. It is really expensive and complicated to fix. This can not happen with Sauer Engine, this engine is based on VW Boxer engine. Old technology and good sound. But the power is a bit less than rotax.
  5. This was the route. I fligh also Ikarus C 42 Traveller from the club, in the past I had a Autogyro MTO 3. I like also Gliders,I fly a Grob Astir and ASK 23, also a Motor Glider HB 23 from the Club. I desidet for this sky ranger because it had only 350 hours and the engine was new. I wanted to have not a rotax engine, and this one was equippet with a sauer engine.
  6. Hallo my Friends from Australia, I had to fly from Oppenheim to Friesach Hirt (LOKH) because i bought the plane there. They finished the plane end of November. From Oppenheim to Passau was the first Route, the weather was foggy, the visibility was bad till Passau ( it is close to the alps on the north side). I stayed one night in a bed and breakfast there, the people was very friendly in ( Fürstenzell, EDMF). Next morning it was always foggy, but i checkt the weather, and in Ried im Innkreis it (LOKL) , this is very close to the alps on the north side, the weather was clear, so I asked for cle
  7. I wish you a nice camping trip! Gerhard
  8. Hallo, I am looking for bush wheels for my sky ranger swift, do you have an address to order?

    Thanks for information



    1. Garfly


      Dear Gerhard,

      in Europe, I believe the source for all Skyranger supplies (and advice) is Flylight Airsports in the UK.      https://www.flylight.co.uk/


      There may be a German agent, too, but I'm not sure about that.


      Good luck with your Skyranger!



    2. Gerhard Schneider
  9. Im looking for bush wheels for my sky ranger. regards Gerhard
  10. Hy, I hope you can open the pictures, it was my ferry flight from Germany to Austria, via Salzburg ( Austrian alps)
  11. sorry, my translater was switched on.
  12. Hallo, ich habe einen Sky Ranger SW in Österreich, ich interessiere mich für Buschräder, wo hast du deine Buschräder bestellt, kannst du mir den Preis nennen? Danke Gerhard
  13. A04A0D54-D6DB-4CB1-BE28-E3BA4AABBB1C.heic F26FEEBD-9111-4060-9E04-828E18BCAFE3.heic 475E5244-88C8-468B-ADF5-9DADE1F58402.heic F668D8C6-EC62-48C6-AB84-81CBE92F7A9D.heic 7A512ADE-4D1B-4DB3-AE96-87E6C41F4517.heic FD783C0D-DF1A-44F5-BBDB-499410CF949A.heic ABEACB94-76F2-49AB-AAD2-9099E1FE9351.heic ACE822D8-307B-4D41-BF7E-3E77EEAA71AF.heic
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