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  1. Take your hearing aids out :) But seriously I turn my hearing aids right down and use EQ1 Noise Cancelling Headset. In my case it is a case of having enough noise to hear the engine. I hope to hear a problem before the gauges can tell me that I have one.
  2. Different headsets lol. I bought the rec flying ones first then later on bought some EQ1's. I was cleaning out the shed last week and came across the RF ones so decided to move them on.
  3. After grounding myself over 2 years ago for medical reasons, and only having flown 2.5 hours in the last half of 2018 and 1.6 hours last year accompanied by an instructor and having sold my plane. With no recurrence of my medical condition for over 18 months, and the approval of my Doctor, I decided that it was time to try again. In the last 4 weeks I have flown 5.8 hours in 2 different aircraft and am feeling confident in both my health and my flying. It is wonderful to get back up there a do what I love doing. I do not regret grounding myself or selling my plane, as both were done fo
  4. Fact:- We have lost more Afganistan Vets to suicide since they came home than we lost during the whole conflict.
  5. Freight traveling North is Prime freight. There is no such thing as backload freight, have you ever seen a truck driving backwards up the highway?
  6. Interestingly my first job tomorrow is to collect a container of surgical gloves ex China and deliver to a medical supply company. So stuff is still coming in from China.
  7. OK after further research the Qld Police commissioner has stated the fines will be revoked. Essentially if a business can stay open under the rules then people can use that business so long as the follow social distancing guidelines. ie We had an over zealous copper which as I see it is the biggest risk in all of this, some bullies using this crisis to flex muscle that they have no right to flex.
  8. Not as funny as it sounds, the Willawong Tip in Brisbane is still open to the public, however a man was fined yesterday for going there.
  9. 450,000 sq klms against our 7.62 million sq klms. Sorry but not a valid comparison.
  10. That looks like a genuine Cavalry Saddle, could you show a photo of the other side please. Circa early 1900's If it is what I think it is then it is truly a collectors item. I have actually ridden on one, a truly uncomfortable piece of equipment if ever there was one.
  11. I did see a directive from the Qld Chief Medical Officer where he stated that riding motorcycles was a form of exercise and that fishing was a form of passive exercise, and as such both were permissible under the current regulations. Social distancing still to be adhered to at all times. I can't find it atm, but I have seen them both. I wonder if recreational flying could come under the same rules. Either way under social distancing I would translate that to mean only 1 person permitted in a recreational aircraft.
  12. So after all that, did he buy it? :)
  13. Are you sure it was The Queen Elizabeth because a week ago in Brisbane it was the Queen Mary 2?
  14. I would have been happy to deliver your container for you, I could have helped unpack it and taken the empty away. I would have only charged you a joy flight in the finished product. ?
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