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  1. I don't understand why some of you guys don't support our own pilot supplies shop Clear Prop, it's in the menu...it is also what helps to pay the costs of providing this site for you
  2. I urge anyone who feels that a post is not appropriate to click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the post and then click Report. This alerts the moderators to the post for them to act accordingly.
  3. Ken Wallis MBE.Flies his AutoGyro for WMFC.
  4. Works ok for me on several devices, NBN and mobile
  5. Tucked away inside a small north Queensland hangar are two planes that belong to a bygone era, flown by men with a deep appreciation of the past. With their bright retro colours and open cockpits, the World War II-era Tiger Moth biplanes almost look out of place in modern-day Mackay. They have been kept in pristine condition by the sons of Fred Christiansen, who once used them to ready fighter pilots for combat. Before and after the war, Mr Christensen worked in the sugar cane industry around Mackay, and he eventually settled in the "sugar city". He also passed on his love
  6. French Gendarmerie helicopter in Chamonix rescues injured skier from snow covered mountain with Eurocopter EC145. Helicopter performs maneuver 'appui patin' to land on the snow covered mountain with blades close to the mountain side to drop off and pick up crew. Pilot has over 5000 hours of flight time.
  7. Don't forget to add any movies into the site's movie section https://www.recreationalflying.com/movies/
  8. Seb Toro came to Australia to make his dream of becoming a pilot come true, but after years of classes with Soar Aviation he has little to show for it other than a $77,000 debt. His aim of getting his commercial pilot’s licence is nowhere nearer, in a similar story for many previous Soar Aviation students. Students have been stranded with Soar Aviation, one of Australia’s biggest flight schools, placed in administration. Mr Toro said he called it quits with the flight school after growing increasingly concerned about safety and teaching standards, after witnessing a dangerous
  9. This is footage that was included in the bonus section of Big Rocks and Long Props Volume 2. It was shot before I had my HD camera so over 12 years ago not sure how long ago it was as time has a way of blurring together.
  10. Aerobatic pilot Martin Sonka performs a stunning trick with a Red Bull can. He drops it from his aerobatic EXTRA 300 SR flying high above the clouds and during it´s free fall he managed to quickly descend and land, get out of the airplane and catch the can still falling from the sky in his hands.
  11. We have one either black or Pink and is lightweight but comprehensive here in the site shop https://www.clearprop.com.au/for-pilots/other-pilot-supplies/pilot-log-book-black-or-pink/
  12. Chagual (SPGL), Peru proves to have one of the most impressive approaches in the world. S7°47.85' / W77°39.09' Elevation: 3967.0 feet MSL Dimensions: 3937 x 59 feet / 1200 x 18 meters Runway 14/32
  13. Social Australia is locked to Australian users only and with the software license now expired I turned that function off. I will have to monitor how it goes
  14. Seems to be working ok for me...anyone else having a problem?
  15. Merry Christmas to every single aviator our there, have a great time with family and friends, a fantastic New Year, and PLEASE stay safe!
  16. Satellites – and drones – were intended to replace it. But the 65-year-old Lockheed U-2 is still at the top of its game, flying missions in an environment no other aircraft can operate in. Nearly twice as wide as it is long, the Lockheed U-2 spy plane is one of the most distinctive aircraft in the United States Air Force – and the hardest aircraft to fly, earning itself the nickname “The Dragon Lady”. The U-2’s 63ft-long (19m) thin fuselage, two high-aspect, un-swept glider-like wings, and powerful engine are designed to roc
  17. Ok, @Ahmed Zayed is getting better so he has adjusted the listing of the leaders in the Quizzes to only show the top 3. I will also allocate more time per quiz...unfortunately once a quiz starts I can't change the allocated time. Hope this is ok?
  18. What about if it just showed the top 3
  19. I see that 5 have taken the first quiz, i would very much like to know how you found the new quiz section. There are some things that I can change with it like: Display x number of users that got the top results Display CORRECT ANSWERS on your Quiz results Allow users to play the quiz only once or many times (top results show only a user's first attempt or their highest attempt) etc So please let me know how you found the new quiz section and anything you think I need to change...thanks
  20. In line with the objectives of this site: Increase pilot safety by increasing their knowledge of flying Increase pilot skills by the exchange of experiences through discussion In crease pilots knowledge in proper aircraft maintenance I have implemented a Quiz section to the site. Now this is just experimental at this stage with just 1 quiz being created. Subject to your feedback I may change some of the parameters of the quiz section before I add many more quizzes that I have ready to add to this new section so please, take the first quiz and let me know y
    • One Right Answer
    • 5 minutes
    • 21 Questions
    • Top 3 Players
    This quiz contains basic questions as an introduction to flight
  21. One of the world's rarest planes has made its final flight, touching down in a western Victorian town that fundraised for two years to bring it home. The Australian-made Wirraway was used to train pilots at the Nhill airbase during World War II. At its peak, there were as many Royal Australian Air Force personnel at the airbase as the population of Nhill. Today the population of Nhill, which is halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide, is about the same at just 2,000. The plane is made up of parts from countless discarded Wirraways, and is among the best preserved in the worl
  22. @Ahmed Zayed who helps with the development of this site and strongly note how much great work Ahmed has done for us all here, is currently quarantined in his home in Egypt without his family and doing it tough with positive Covid-19. Not sure how he caught it, Ahmed is a high level technician at a world renowned electronics company and Egypt doesn't have the strict work and social constraints that we have had here, especially here in Victoria so like any of us, it can be caught simply by standing in line for a coffee. I personally, and I am sure everyone here wishes Ah
  23. Pitot tubes are crucial components onboard aircraft used to measure a range of important data. The tubes are popularly known as speedometers, giving pilots a gauge on their airspeed, and also measure altitude and altitude trend. Pitot tubes are usually found along the front fuselage or along the wing of an aircraft. What exactly are pitot tubes? Pitot tubes aren’t just inventions innovated for aviation; they’re also commonly found in industrial machinery, boats and even Formula 1 cars. A pitot tube is essentially a flow sensor instrument. Simple pitot tubes have one hole at the front;
  24. Yes, there could be separate What's New pages however there would be a slight performance hit in that the SQL Query that pulls the data up from the database for each one would have to include specific forum criteria (forum list filter)
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