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  1. Well everyone, we need to get this sorted now as the IPS software license has expired and needs to be renewed: I am also exploring ways to email all users that have not been to the site for some time however that is proving difficult with so many invalid email addresses so when an ISP receives a couple of emails to invalid email addresses they stop emails going to valid ones. Example of the bounced back messages I get from emails sent to users with an isp after a couple of invalid addresses are: [email protected] SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection: host "ipmailmx.internode.on.net" []: 550 Too many invalid recipients and that is even just sending out emails in batches of only 100 So software and contacting older users???
  2. A couple of people have said this so what I would really really like to know is what is not liked, what was it about the old software (Xenforo v2) that was better than this IPS software like is it the user functionality, the look and feel of the site i.e. cosmetics etc. I can see with the IPS software, Groups, Blogs, Suppliers and People are not used, Resources and Gallery are also no longer used like they were before but with IPS it was easy to bring you Classifieds, Articles and different article sections as well like reading articles, tutorials, aircraft, etc
  3. On many of the pages you will see a Site Donation box
  4. Sorry I haven't fixed the Whats New on WUA as I am still working on importing the site back into a Off Topic section here
  5. Many years ago the main forum site software that was used was by a company called vBulletin. In recent years vBulletin has dramatically declined and now the front 2 runners are Xenforo, the site software we switched to from vBulletin nealy 10 years ago, and the other is IPS (Invision Power Services) which is the main forum software we are using today. However along with IPS we also use many different 3rd party applications on the site that are developed to work with IPS. Each solution (i.e. vBulletin, Xenforo (XF) and Invision (IPS)) has their own idiosyncrasies, features within each component and user functions. Xenforo is very much forum centric with a Gallery and Downloads sections as well whilst IPS is a total site solution with not only Forums, Gallery and Downloads but also Groups, Blogs, Events and the ability to create many other different sections.
  6. So what you are saying is that the XF software was better for a conversation site? What is also being said in this thread is the site needs more promotion, which we all know costs money over and above the software licenses and monthly hosting costs. Plus many of those still on the site don't use Facebook Lastly, you are saying we need to find out why users have left the site AND/OR try and get them back BUT what about antagonistic posts also coming back which can push others away
  7. What ads are appearing, I can't see any unless you are referring to the Classifieds section
  8. That was when we moved to IPS So how do we fix this? It is a damned if you do and damned if you don't although one thing I have noticed is that the moderators don't have to do anything any more (except for the odd spam)
  9. For those that don't know, this site has been going for nearly 19 years now. For nearly 19 years I have dedicated myself to helping recreational aviators to stay safe, learn from each other's experiences and help with their aircraft maintenance. I went to a software platform that induced user involvement to help each other. I then changed to a complete web site solution that provided so much more as a service to recreational aviators but the site was impacted... Well, after moving to that new software platform I was told to give it time and my site would recover, "it will take 6-9 months" and other comforting statements that my site will get back to what it was. In its prime it was getting between 2,500 and 3,000 unique visitors per day but then came a competitor using Facebook for the quick and easy posting so I went full on site to offer more than just the interactive forum of facebook. To do this I needed a full blown web site software solution which IPS is compared to the previous platform of Xenforo. I then swapped back and forth panicking due to the drop of user numbers but eventually stuck with IPS as a full site solution. Give it time they said, well here it is after 6 months and still completely flat, no gradual increase, now sudden lift in numbers, the site has so much more now with the IPS database feature and many addons like Classifieds etc. How much more time does one have to give? If there was a slow and gradual increase I would be happy and go along with "Give it time" but I no longer have faith in either IPS OR Xenforo compared to the all mighty, all conquering Facebook. The stupid thing is this site offers so much more, so much that Facebook could never provide but here we are, the software license now needs renewing, hosting costs $250 a month and I am working on the site every single day trying to improve it. What am I missing? What have I done wrong? Is there a solution that I can do to help recreational aviators more in giving them a way that they can learn and help each other, keep each other safe and have fun?...tell me, please, be brutal if you need to be
  10. When pitted against each other, which aircraft prevails? The Cessna 182 Skylane or the Van’s RV-10? The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association‘s Dave Hirschman reveals the answers in this short video.
  11. Hand Propping - RESPECT required to not get hurt or killed!
  12. I am not completely happy with the new Accidents Media section and not sure if there is a better way to have accidents listed that will help to educate and invoke discussion. Do I just move the media reports as threads to the Accidents and Incidents forum or keep going as I am...or what else could I do to make it a better solution...your thoughts?
  13. While fatal accidents in amateur-built aircraft remain at historic lows, a slight increase in the total for the last 12-month reporting period shows the continuing necessity for dedicated educational efforts to push the total even lower, according to officials with the Experimental Aircraft Association. The FAA reports that for the 12-month period from Oct. 1, 2018, to Sept. 30, 2019, fatal accident totals for the experimental category overall, including amateur-built aircraft, racing aircraft, those used for exhibit only, research-and-development, and some types of light-sport aircraft, rose to 52 — five above the FAA’s “not to exceed” goal of 47 for the period. Of that total, 39 fatal accidents were in amateur-built aircraft, an increase of four from the previous reporting period. The FAA measures accident totals on an October through September annual basis to coincide with the federal government’s fiscal year. The National Transportation Safety Board also reported in November 2019 that fatal accidents in all categories of general aviation increased in calendar year 2018 after several years of decline. “What this increase tells us is that enhancing safety is not simply a target number to be reached, but a continual effort to build on the positive foundation we have already established,” said Sean Elliott, EAA’s vice president of advocacy and safety. “We are pleased that the accident totals remain below the challenge goal FAA issued to us in 2010, when the agency asked us to reduce the accident rate by 10% over the ensuing decade. It is not enough to simply reach a number however. We must keep a steady focus on making improvements, especially as the number of general aviation flight hours have increased over the past several years.” Elliott noted that the overall fatal accident numbers for experimental category aircraft remain much lower than other recreational pursuits, such as boating, skiing and snowboarding, and driving all-terrain vehicles. EAA has worked closely with the FAA and NTSB on recommendations to reduce fatal accidents, including through participation in the FAA General Aviation Joint Steering Committee that EAA has co-chaired for the past three years. Efforts have also included more than 2,500 copies of the EAA Flight Test Manual now in the hands of amateur-built aircraft owners and the increasing use of an additional safety pilot during initial flight testing in amateur-built aircraft. “With already very small numbers involved, a few additional accidents can create a percentage-rate anomaly, so it’s important to focus on driving the overall accident numbers lower,” Elliott said. “We must focus on training, situational awareness, and good pilot skills to complement the ever-improving technology that is part of today’s aircraft cockpits.”
  14. I'm moving my trike from ESNU to Harrlanda . This is the flight to the new home base ..
  15. This was a magic evening, still air and a friend in the back of the trike. What more can you ask for..
  16. Here are some pictures of it, the first 2 images were the test version in Italy and the 2nd 2 were after it was painted
  17. I once looked at getting one of these many years ago and even went over to Italy to look at its testing and was extremely impressed however the company went broke and the design was sold to other manufacturers
  18. Hi everyone in the gliding fraternity...do any of you remember a guy by the name of Dennis Sumner?
  19. Posts have had to be removed due to racism. This site does not support these types of posts...please help to keep this a great site for everyone, thanks
  20. The ability to upload attachments along with many other extra features are only available to First Class Members as they help to support the site...sorry about that...you could become a First Class Member if you like
  21. Click on your avatar at the top of the menu and from the popout click one of the options there like "Account Settings"
  22. I think it's a good idea...In The Clubhouse set of forums...any thoughts on this (funnies will be combined) General Off Topic - for all the general stuff Politics and Religion - politics yes but not sure about religion Autos and Bikes - cars and motorcycles and boats and trains etc Sports or Health - most people when they get together, especially in Melbourne talk sports but I also wonder about whether we could help each other in terms of health
  23. The next question is whether or not to merge both the jokes/funnies forums together? We have Aviation Laughter forum here and have Funnies forum on the Whats Up site
  24. Is that 6:60 pm or 7:00 pm OME
  25. Yes, that was planned if it went ahead
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