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  1. A Catalonian! Welcome, Jordi! I know a retired English friend living in Figueres, he is ex-E.S.A. That is nice country, I like Spain. I was surprised to see how much of inland Spain resembles many parts of Australia. The numbers of olive groves and cork tree plantations in Spain is amazing.
  2. There was no "bad representation", the facts were argued in the Supreme Court, and every relevant fact was presented. What did happen, was that the Ferris Wheel was removed before any surveyor measurements were taken, as to its precise position. As the intrusion of the Ferris Wheel into the splay was reported as being a distance of 2.7M - but no-one could produce a verifiable, certifiably accurate measurement of the exact location - there was a great deal of argument over the precise position of the Ferris Wheel. Courts deal with certified, verifiable facts - not hearsay or opin
  3. All publically-accessible court cases are available on the AustLII (Australasian Legal Information Institute) database website. Legal actions that are suppressed from public accessibility, such as Family Court actions, are not available. If you know a persons name involved in a lawsuit, you can find that lawsuit easily on that site, using the site search. The entire transcript of every lawsuit, and any associated lawsuits links, is listed. It can make for pretty heavy reading, you need to put aside some hours to cover the precise detail of every case. The Ju
  4. Planey, I don't know what your link is supposed to show us - but when I click on it, all I get is a Google Gmail application page, already largely filled out, for me to sign up to Gmail, and making that email address my primary email address. I think that is pretty rude and obnoxious of Google - I don't use Gmail, and I don't want a Gmail address, so I clicked it off. But that's typical ruthless Global Corporation behaviour.
  5. Kermit Weeks speaks about flying the P40 in the lower part of the article linked to, below .... https://warbirdtails.net/2016/01/14/the-curtiss-story-part-2-curtiss-according-to-kermit-kermit-weeks-on-flying-curtiss-aircraft/
  6. Peter, there's a whole paragraph repeated in this article. Otherwise, good work.
  7. ..... had produced all the problems in the first place. But unfortunately for Turbo, he was unaware that Australian artillery had homed in on the A7V, and very soon, an 18-pounder shell was whizzing in his direction. As Turbo's luck would have it, the Australian artillery didn't have the precise range for the tank, and the first shot was a ranging shot. It landed just 50 metres from Turbo, who had dived into a nearby trench, as soon as Onetrack yelled out "INCOMING!!" The unfortunate part for Turbo was that he'd dived into a German latrine trench, meaning he was now well and tru
  8. Actually, the mention of cattle is important. They are curious, and if you do an outlanding in a paddock with cattle in it, you really need to be on guard for them "inspecting it"! Cattle have been known to seriously damage aircraft with their curiosity. They can chew on panels and fabric, and they will lean on anything in their way, when they put their heads in for a look or a chew. And being herd animals, they will gather when one finds something interesting, and before long you have 20 cattle all leaning on, walking on, or chewing on your aircraft. But th
  9. I wouldn't like to guess on that paddock being nice and smooth. To me, it looks like cattle have been pawing the ground and digging small depressions, as they do, looking for grass in bare pastures. Also, bulls paw the ground and dig holes, too. Look into a paddock where cattle have been located for a period of time, and you'll soon see the ground is not at all conducive for smooth outlandings. Give me a plowed or scarified wheatbelt cropping paddock any time.
  10. Sam, just be aware the Carlisle Turf Glide tyre is designed for golf buggies/cars/carts and is rated "NHS" (Non Highway Service), and these tyres have a speed limit rating of around 20mph for most manufacturers. In addition, the tyre carcass on golf buggy tyres is thinner and made from synthetic rubber, rather the high proportion of natural rubber found in "proper" aviation tyres. You can get golf buggy tyres that are DOT-approved for high-speed highway use. But I'm not sure if these are available in 8.00 x 6 size. As always, "you pay your money and you take
  11. onetrack

    Oil thermostat

    Waraton, you can get a non-aviation unit here .... https://www.earls.com.au/shop/earls-oil-thermostat/
  12. At least he selected a relatively clear outlanding spot! Could've been much worse, there's a lot of tiger country in Tassie, isn't there!
  13. ...who uses a .303 to bling down airclaft (avref), anyway? If you want to bling down airclaft (avref), the only way to do that, is to use Zelo! (avref)" But suddenly Nobu became aware of the sound of a high-pitched scream in the sky, and he dived into a nearby trench - along with Turbo, Cappy, Bull, and Onetrack - who was there first, and who already had a good grip on a Browning .50 cal MG. They all peered up to see a Stuka (avref) screaming towards them at high speed, on a bombing run. "Holy SXXX!!", exclaimed Cappy, Turbo and Bull in unison. "They've brought WW1 forw
  14. onetrack

    Handley Page Hermes

    And Red forgot to add, the Hermes was powered by the same Sleeve-Valve Hercules 14 cyl radial engine, that powered the Beaufighter! These engines were the quietest radials ever built, and gave the nickname of "Whispering Death" to the Beaufighters.
  15. ..... going to have a go at those little Fokkers!!". With that, he peeled away in a banking dive - then he suddenly realised his controls had frozen. He started to spiral! It was looking like it was "all over, Red Rover", when suddenly, he found.....
  16. Downunder - Yes, that's a good point. Quality silicone hose contains Fluorosilicone, not cheap fillers, and the Fluorosilcone provides good resistance to oils, fuels and most hydrocarbons. However, Aeroflow don't state what their heater hose is specifically made from, merely stating that it's not recommended for fuel or oil transfer. Their heater hose has an inner lining of Nomex, an Aramid-type material.
  17. Silicone rubber hose is superior in every respect over "natural" rubber hose, as regard both low and high temperatures, has higher pressure ratings, is more resistant to UV light, and stays supple for longer. Probably the weakest point of your installation is the cable ties. Make sure the cable ties you use are UV-resistant, and able to cope with the Australian sun. The white nylon ties do not have the UV-resistance of the black nylon ties. https://swiftsupplies.com.au/nylon-uv-resistant-cable-ties-range
  18. Qantas came terribly close to losing their fatality-free status when the Constellation VH-EAC crashed on takeoff in August 1960, at Port Louis, Mauritius, on a scheduled International flight to Cocos-Keeling Islands. Engine No.3 failed just as V1 was reached, the crew tried to stop the aircraft, but failed, and the aircraft ran off the end of the runway, bounced over a low embankment, and then fell into a gully. Everyone was quickly evacuated, but one woman passenger broke her ankle during the evacuation. The aircraft, being fully loaded with 29,000 litres of high-octan
  19. The ABC has run a story about an invasive foreign wasp called the keyhole wasp, which is wreaking havoc with aircraft pitot tubes, especially in QLD. https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2020-11-26/keyhole-wasp-nest-pitot-probes-brisbane-airport-aviation-safety/12919668 The wasp originated in the Caribbean and South & Central America, and was only discovered around Brisbane recently. The insect, like all wasps, is a smooth operator, and they have recorded it blocking pitot tubes within 30 mins of arrival! It won't be going away anytime soon, s
  20. ....what happened at the Folies Bergere, whereby Pierre Turbine, Eduard Le Bull, and a number of other well-known aviators (avref), were involved in a most decadent display of behaviour, that if news of which got out to the media, the careers of all concerned would be effectively terminated, and they would become targets of vile abuse, the likes of which would not have been seen in the aviation industry (avref) in a decade or more. And as Pierre leaned forward, with a grim look on his face, he uttered those infamous words......
  21. Pylon500 - I'd rate your problem on a par with removing aged vinyl decals from vehicles - a bugger of a job if there ever was one. However, the website below offers a good range of advice as regards removing old vinyl decals, and I would think this information is probably quite relevant to your problem. I've tried - Windex, razor-blade scrapers, petrol, and citrus-oil-based cleaners - all with varying results. I did not try the heat-gun as suggested, and there may be some advantage with using one of them. The plastic "chizl" scraper is probably a good investment.
  22. There's kit biplane here ... https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/kitspages/biplane.php Or you can build a replica biplane ... https://www.kitplanes.com/flying-both-sides/
  23. Danny - UL Power is perhaps the engine company you were thinking of? The subtle potential problem with UL Power engines is their quite low CHT limit - 180°C. As with all European products, they probably work just fine in European weather conditions - but in Australia, our harsher climate would have to see this limit tested regularly in Summer. https://www.kitplanes.com/the-new-old-aero-engine/ I have yet to see any European-origin engine or product that is "economic". Every single European-origin product I have ever been involved with, seems to come with add
  24. Perhaps a little surprisingly, either Silastic or Urethane sealant makes for a good, simple, thread lock. These products also have the advantage of sealing the threads against corrosion starting.
  25. The Rojone headset product line. https://www.rojone.com.au/category/communication-headsets/aviation-headsets/
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