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  1. The Synoptics will give the picture with the GAF
  2. Good topic Skippy and see the point your making. As we are all educated in the rules and regulations of air law and Everyone is responsible for the air they fly in. The prospective buyer is aware of what he and she can do. I feel not misleading.
  3. Flight plan and ring them up it will be ok
  4. You can clearly see the rock when enlarge the image from the link.
  5. Looked Stalled at the last frame before it crashed into the ground
  6. Hi Rossco RPL and endorsements will get you in cta. Andy
  7. How good is that offer great to see people out there helping students out good on you!
  8. No seperate H/F Exam I think. Included with exams in RA Aus so no exam. I think quite some time ago it was seperate. Andy
  9. AIP GEN 3.4 - 4.1.4 Couldn’t get any simpler than that !
  10. Thank you very much Turbs great information and very helpful. Your time spent for researching is much appreciated I never realised the depth of this. Andy
  11. After some help with radio read back and using the key words in class D. Tips for practice in expecting and repeat back. Thanks Andy
  12. All study material is provided when you sign up for the online course. Andy
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