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  1. Nev, I think you might be over complicating things. Gliders teach energy management better than powered flying appliances. After all, gliders don't have the luxury of extra energy on tap. And most gliders ideally land in a three point even though their nose doesn't point as skyward as noisy tail draggers. As you point out, proficiency in one machine sure doesn't assure competence in a different machine. I'm no instructor, but I really think that glider experience greatly aids progression to powered flying.
  2. Risk takers........ My tale is not of an accident. Rather its about an accident looking for somewhere to happen. So maybe it does qualify as 'hooning'. I live on a hill half a kilometer from a river. My front deck is 700' ASML, but our driveway is along a narrow valley which rises to an end behind our house, at about 1000'AMSL. So, when I heard what sounded like a Rotax coming up our little valley, I started scanning to see the aircraft. I spotted it through the tree trunks, still below me, and it was heading up our narrow dead end valley. As it went past the last possible U-tur
  3. Just picking up on the Discourse on Victoria's proposed mileage tax for electric vehicles..... As proposed, it is a clear disincentive to EV users. If they want to implement this tax in its present proposed form, they will cop a beating. If they want to revise vehicle registration costs wholesale, and I suggest it is a good idea to do so, all they have to do to gain acceptance, is to charge ALL vehicles a tax per kilometer (relative also to GVM). It should fit in with the right wing concept of 'user pays'. Why should my mother-in-law pay the
  4. BTW, I don't really think NRMA sponsors electric rag'n'tube aircraft either. Back to topic?
  5. Did I hear talk of Joe Blakes? Ever since my pet tiger snake came to guard my shed door, I haven't seen a single taipan, death adder nor red belly.
  6. Don't forget - Eve was Adam's second wife. The first one fell out of favor by demanding equality. After that, god made a supposedly more compliant woman out of leftovers. I don't think this worked out so very well for the rest of us. If it was up to me, I'd prefer Adam's first. I don't think she promoted fruit.
  7. Its just low speed data that lacks justification and error correction
  8. Let me know and I'll catch up for a coffee and a gossip about all things aviation.
  9. Drat. I was meaning to follow Gareth's visit up. Sorry Gareth. Good intentions and all that.
  10. Linux has never let me down but Window$ sure has a habit of doing constant updates and security patches. And then more patches to fix bugs that the previous patches cause.
  11. Aaah the war wounds! Mine are fading now, too. My darling wife keeps trying to mother me. Recently during a break between the neighbours trefelling activities I grabbed my chainsaw to deal with a couple of saplings. Her good self, ever watchful, screamed out "Put that f........en chainsaw away!". Of course, cowed, I put it away. So did the other bloke half a mile up our valley! Take care, Bex, that's the only body you get to live in, so make it last a lifetime (well, as far as we know. And that's when the fight started)
  12. Well, Kyle, thanks for that info. Neither my surgeon nor my cardiologist told me that about the sternum. When I saw the x-rays, I thought to myself 'why do they leave the wire in forever?'. (Now I know). Then I thought 'gee I'd be ashamed to do messy lock wiring like that!'
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