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  1. Skippy, what exactly is your question?
  2. When I were a young(er) man, to be called 'discriminating' was a compliment. It describes a person who chooses wisely. So I believe that discrimination is simply the act of deciding a preference. Discrimination is essential to life. For instance, I discriminate against bad wine.
  3. Nice one Marty. So, how are you going with your new cowling moulds? The'll be a lot more streamlined now that you don't have to fit them around that obsolete Rotax boat anchor at the front of your plane......
  4. But I think we'd agree that we don't wish to line ourselves up on the 'exploited' side. Our national weakness is apathy. Which makes us an easy target for any kind of global exploitation.
  5. I apologize for the thread drift. My experience with the power industry, and even my own profit/loss of my grid feed PV system. My only defence is that I got sucked in by preceding thread drifters. Back to electric ultralights......
  6. Somewhere above, there was a passing comment regarding the cost of building HV transmission lines to bring power from remotely located alternative generators (wind/solar), into the existing grid. This is indeed a significant influence on economic viability of ANY kind of new generator. As an example, I'm pretty sure that Queensland grid company spent around half a billion dollars on a 275Kv grid expansion out to Roma. The spend was over a period of about 3 years, and was solely done to provide power to the new CSG industry. That's a lot of money that doesn't help citize
  7. Sailors have the same problem. It seems to be a rigid rule of physics. I'd call it 'The perversity of nature'
  8. RF Chap, What is really missing is the increased safety that would be brought to aviation by changing from antiquated AM, to FM. Can't see why shipping has a more functional VHF system than aviation. Marine radios can instantly add GPS coordinates to a voice transmission.
  9. He's a politician. Maybe he got a new script writer?
  10. Marty, I'd be taking off the bonnet every time I prefight the aircraft.
  11. On my lightwing, cowls overlap the fuselage. It only had two clips on the top section. I'd use dzus wingnuts. They should be easy to visually check, easy to release/refasten without tools, and difficult to drop in long grass. The lower cowl was fastened to fuselage by three csk screws on each side, with csk washers and captive nuts. This setup adequately kept the cowlings in place.
  12. Hey Marty. Looks like you've got an aeroplane in your shed!
  13. Absolutely awesome, Phil It shows their great skill, with mounts, tracking mechanisms cameras and post processing. And to think it's the work of so called 'amateurs' in their back yard, with modest sized telescopes. Galileo would be so stoked! Thank you.
  14. Note that Rotax 91series motors don't windmill when they run out of fuel in flight. (Don't ask me how I know)
  15. Nev, I think you might be over complicating things. Gliders teach energy management better than powered flying appliances. After all, gliders don't have the luxury of extra energy on tap. And most gliders ideally land in a three point even though their nose doesn't point as skyward as noisy tail draggers. As you point out, proficiency in one machine sure doesn't assure competence in a different machine. I'm no instructor, but I really think that glider experience greatly aids progression to powered flying.
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