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  1. Don't forget - Eve was Adam's second wife. The first one fell out of favor by demanding equality. After that, god made a supposedly more compliant woman out of leftovers. I don't think this worked out so very well for the rest of us. If it was up to me, I'd prefer Adam's first. I don't think she promoted fruit.
  2. Its just low speed data that lacks justification and error correction
  3. Let me know and I'll catch up for a coffee and a gossip about all things aviation.
  4. Drat. I was meaning to follow Gareth's visit up. Sorry Gareth. Good intentions and all that.
  5. Linux has never let me down but Window$ sure has a habit of doing constant updates and security patches. And then more patches to fix bugs that the previous patches cause.
  6. Aaah the war wounds! Mine are fading now, too. My darling wife keeps trying to mother me. Recently during a break between the neighbours trefelling activities I grabbed my chainsaw to deal with a couple of saplings. Her good self, ever watchful, screamed out "Put that f........en chainsaw away!". Of course, cowed, I put it away. So did the other bloke half a mile up our valley! Take care, Bex, that's the only body you get to live in, so make it last a lifetime (well, as far as we know. And that's when the fight started)
  7. Well, Kyle, thanks for that info. Neither my surgeon nor my cardiologist told me that about the sternum. When I saw the x-rays, I thought to myself 'why do they leave the wire in forever?'. (Now I know). Then I thought 'gee I'd be ashamed to do messy lock wiring like that!'
  8. Obviously, as Nev said, 'sufficient'.
  9. I'll bet he left some deep wheel ruts behind.
  10. Sorry guys. Out of date article. I should have cross checked the source.
  11. Here is Something related to Rotax engines that may affect all aspects of Rotax operation.... " Bombardier's daunting debt load looms over company's plans Bombardier is staring down some US$9 billion in debt maturing over the next decade, with that debt load looming large over all business decisions. For more on this, BNN Bloomberg spoke with Karl Moore, professor of business strategy at McGill University." https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/company-news/video/bombardier-s-daunting-debt-load-looms-over-company-s-plans~1894551
  12. Before we all bag out the failings of chinese industry, have a close look at how the 'west' operates. I reckon the chinese are practicing all the habits of capitalism, and of 'western democracy'. It's just that they exploit it's failings more effectively than us. I'm not saying it's good. Corruption is endemic in our so called democracy too, and as pointed out above, there are sharp operators here, too. For example, just look to how often scandals erupt over the way that building and defence contracts get awarded. Because of all the above, one cannot assume that simply
  13. I seriously doubt that the Chinese military manufacturing industry operates under the same quality control scrutiny as they use for our Australian Bunnings/Kmart orders.
  14. Marty, just add it to your list of 'not going to try' stuff
  15. Boating is as expensive as keeping a RAA registered aircraft but has a lot less bureaucratic hassle. (Not none, but definitely less). I've sold my aircraft and bought a sailboat for about the same price. Self maintenance? No problem. Modifications? No problem. MARAP? No problem. Personal risk? Only my own responsibility. And amateur modifications can kill me in my sailboat just as surely as they could in my Lightwing. Third party injury probability with a aircraft is just as small as it is in my Yacht. I'm now free of the RAA bureaucratic machin
  16. Peel ply sounds great but I've no experience using it. Two questions pop into my head: Does it work with polyester resin? How do you get it wrinkle free on the inside of a compound curve such as the female mould of a cowling?
  17. Step one is to cut your mat to fit the inside of the mould - lay the pieces out so you know whit bits fit which curves. Don't try to do the whole cowl with one big piece of mat. After applying hard Cornubia wax to the mould, followed by a thin spray of mould release, apply a layer of gel coat - brush it on. After it goes off, brush on a layer of resin (well mixed 50:1 with hardener). Just brush on a area for one piece of mat at a time. Whilst wet, press the mat onto it, stipple with brush and roll bubbles out until the mat looks translucent. Repeat with next piece of mat, overlap the join
  18. nomadpete

    Why I don't fly now

    Chin up Ian. All the sympathy in the world does little to ease that hand you've been dealt. Rest assured that you have many friends (especially through your great forum). Take strength from knowing that. Have faith in the best advice that your opthalmologist gives you. And keep looking for those little gems of joy that do come your way, from whatever direction they come. And whenever a empty right hand seat is offered, take it. Even with limited sight, nothing can steal the feeling a steady climb out. All the best to you.
  19. Sorry about my triple post. I had trouble attaching the picture, then had trouble deleting redundant posts. Yes, same FN. The bike now has a period wicker sidecar.
  20. You mean this Ind of FN? This one I snapped at our local hardware. The owner has ridden it back to visit the manufacturer in Belgium.
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