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  1. I fly Recreational not GA so I don’t care. The world as I know came to an end when Shell stopped printing road maps. Ken
  2. A Veterinarian friend travelled to SE Asia and looked at all things animal during her trip. Came back to OZ refusing to eat fish any more. Pen reared fish fed on human excrement. Says it all.. Ken
  3. An R90S! Good god, they are worth their weight in gold..... Ken
  4. More weight, complexity and cost. Reduced useful load. Followed by further cost at service intervals. Further followed by more paths for failure. And further followed by immediate stress selecting your out landing spot. Ken
  5. I don't understand this stuff.....so what you think works best is good for me Ken
  6. I note that TEL is only made by 4 refineries, 1 in the US and 3 in China. Since this has only happened in the last few months, the conspiracy theorist in me is working overtime........ Ken
  7. RF- you have found that pilots will pay a slight to heavy premium for a 23, 24, 32 and even a 55, while a 10, 19, 28 (I've only seen two of these, Jab 470 If I remember, and SK) are cheaper. With a 19 etc you are better if you know the builder. Ken
  8. I can't write any comments on my Ipad and have to access this site on my lap top. Ken
  9. I saw a video a few years ago of a Motor Falke over the castles in Europe, the Rhine I think. Low and slow over the rivers and castles looks like fun. Ken
  10. For a starter, I think we are going to drums and pump, supplied direct from the supplier. That should be interesting as I feel that many younger students wouldn't have ever seen one! There is a move to go to a bowser later, and we are prepared for it. We will not be dependent on servo fuel. The rate we clock up the hours, stale fuel won't be an issue. This should keep the risk profile to a minimum. I haven't met any Jab pilots using MOGAS who have complained about it, tho I am open to correction on this. Ken
  11. I worry that you guys are about to move to Reynolds numbers next. ken
  12. How does the Brumby 610 high wing, go with the jab 6. I see that there is at least one flying. I am always keen to support OZ. Ken
  13. T88, we have 2 tugs but all their maintenance is done at Parafield by LAMEs. But seems like every service they are in need of a heart lung transplant according to the shop! This( potential) leading problem has only come about in the last few months and picked up at the 50/100 hr service. Zorst valve each time. Easy to fix but time consuming, and I am glad I have had my Lead Inoculation, so I am quite safe! The Committee decided last night to go full bore on the MOGAS for the Jabs and ROKO with the Tugs remaining on the AVGAS, though they have an STC for MOGAS and so has my Colt.
  14. Kidding,... and I'm surprised you didn't get it 🙂 I have been working on Jabs in our club for almost 4 years, no offence taken.
  15. The Jab and Bing were developed in the days that we were limited to 5k feet, so it all worked out nicely, thanks very much. Now we have 10k feet and where you lean a LyCon carb above 5k, we never ventured there until lately. It is understandable that our little planes need leaning. The few times we fly up there the Bing is OK. BUT, we must ask ourselves "how often are we near 8 to 10K?". Not often I bet. The80/20 rule still applies. I have got to say that I get a nose bleed if above 2k as I like to get some sensation of speed and look around at the ground features. This is what
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