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  1. Looks like I'm getting old, the 2000rpm should have read 1500, sorry for the confusion. Found the original computation and this was further tested (still cant find the file though) in still air at 65kts that gave the best glide. You should be able to work it out and test for your own prop/plane combo. Happy computing ken Best Glide RPM - Copy.docx
  2. The nose leg is designed to collapse as it is the built in safety feature to minimise a tip over. All correct! Ken
  3. Old K. mine has a 2.2. I will see if I can find the workings he used for my plane and prop numbers. Ken
  4. The true glide performance at mtow in my SP 500 is 65kts. By true I mean the prop is not providing any thrust or breaking force. At 1200rpm (settles at this rpm at 65-70 kts in the landing circuit) the prop is providing a breaking force and will not give you your actual performance so you can feel the true picture. My ARDU mate did the calculations for zero thrust on my 60x44 prop at various speeds to ascertain best glide. I gave the formulas somewhere but suffice to say after all the testing was done in still air, the maths gave us 2000 rpm for zero thrust and 65kts wa
  5. Our club is going strong and we are looking to increase our fleet to 5 and one extra on line. Here in SA we were treated as adults and never stopped flying during COVID. Regarding aircraft sales; nobody can travel freely to view any potential purchase and others may be in financial strife and unable to be an owner right now. I read that confidence is increasing generally so fingers crossed I will be putting an aircraft up for sale as soon as all the boarders are open so as to appeal to a wider market. Ken
  6. Good to see the article in the OZ on the front page of the “Future Adelaide” insert. Ken
  7. Can anyone that owns a J120 inform me of their actual weight. As I understand it with the heavy U/C and ‘lectric flaps, the build weight could be around 305kg. I know that they have put on weight since the first ones with the thin legged U/C and manual flaps, and smaller panel. I don’t believe any factory numbers so no need to quote them. My SP 500 that is one of the very last; with the J120, 3rd iteration fin and rudder, comes in at only 276.5kg. Coz if 305kg is now the typical weight, I can weaponise mine with a 3300 and still weigh less than that. Ken
  8. Car rego In SA lost its label about 5 years ago, much to the Police Commissioner’s annoyance. It was reported a few weeks ago that the number of out of rego. vehicles had doubled within12 months and continues to this day. This would show that of the 1500 per year that were prosecuted B4 were mostly the criminal type but now we are pinching the extra 1500 for forgetfulness....even though we get emails etc. Some still forget. There is no onus on the State to issue a reminder notice. the cost saving was reported at.........$1.00! Though this seems a bit low. Ken
  9. At Gawler we had 2 complainers a few years ago. We already practice noise reduction by way of circuit direction and training times. I bumped into one of the complainants at a Xmas show and it turned out that he worked for the same department as me......his complaint was the blue stroke micro lights at first light (due to thermal activity I reckon). He had done his homework (court prosecutor) and could recognise a micro from a Jab etc. He thought the Jabs were very quiet and quite liked them. He was generally on board as far as flying was concerned. Over a couple of years the micro guys tr
  10. I’m with Bruce on this one. I fly a glass plane and most in our club planes are glass. Seeing all the troubles that beset our students and the very infrequent private owners prangs, I have come to the conclusion that That insurance on a glass plane probably isn’t warranted. (Tho club a/c are, as risk is too great for the committee) They are very easy to fix and very inexpensive. We have had a number of end overs, torn out nose wheels and wings impacting objects and u/ torn off. Multiple of each. All fixed quick smart and cheaply. If it was so bad that it happened to be written off.
  11. I fly Recreational not GA so I don’t care. The world as I know came to an end when Shell stopped printing road maps. Ken
  12. A Veterinarian friend travelled to SE Asia and looked at all things animal during her trip. Came back to OZ refusing to eat fish any more. Pen reared fish fed on human excrement. Says it all.. Ken
  13. There are just under 2 million Federal, State and Local govt employees for 24 million Australians ——1 for every 12. So with the aviation “public service industry” running at 1/3.4 they are over 3 times bigger than the average or need to be. This was called “building castles” in our sector. Seems too many Workers for too little Work.. Ken
  14. ATSB and Air services is about 4.5k so that is about 5,900 employees for 20,000 pilots. Wow, each one is responsible for 3.4 pilots! Ken
  15. Just under 900 In CASA for a handful of fatalities per year. Compared to SA they should be able to handle 25 fatal accidents in one year and then complete them within 1 year. Not the 2 plus Years that it takes at the moment. Ken
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