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  1. I do understand this, and I also live in the country. But that doesn’t let her off the hook for slow delivery. Ken
  2. Bird Dog, I ordered a part from Aircraft Spruce (USA) last Thursday arvo and it was delivered to my house by courier on Tuesday at 1200. That’s 2.5 working days or 4.5 calendar days. DHL I think, all the way. Glad the Australia Post CEO got the chop. Ken
  3. For those who watch the video, you will hear different figures to the ones I gave above. This was to ensure anybody trying to replicate our shoot would end up with a squib…..Trade secrets.. Ken
  4. Sport Pilot, I can actually say that I (and my mates) were world record holders for a short time. in 2005 we were doing pyro for the Wide Bay Airshow held at Bundaberg. We were asked for something special to put the show on the international stage. Any that were there may remember one display of flares/candles following the Super Connie….looked great. But to the world record; Teed it up with Channel 7, Guinness Book of Records TV show, and did a Wall of Fire of 1127m, that consumed nearly 5k litres of our special fuel mix. It consisted of over 400 in
  5. As yours is 24 reg you will have to get the ok from RAAus as to E24 reg requirements : 912 ups has been approved for the jab but no other options at this stage. Don’t plan the hell out of it before you are sure of the paperwork Ken
  6. Doesn’t need to be certified so I got mine from Sprint Auto Ken
  7. Further update on our club Roko NG4 looks like it was the factory display model at Friedrichshafen expo so may have had an extra good paint job, maybe explaining the extra weight. It sure looks good. So the seats will be moved 75mm forward and 5kg of lead on the prop reduction drive housing. This will give us a useful load of 220kg. So that will be 2 x 85kg pax (all up with headsets, dressed, any water, iPad etc must be included in the number) and 70lt of fuel. Not ideal but workable for most of the club members. All up we lost 30kg oh useful load. Ken
  8. All well and good and I am interested in an electric aircraft, but just parked in our local off street car park and saw a Tesla sedan plugged in and charging. Dad was out shopping while mum sat in the passenger seat looking board. I don’t know how long it had been there. I returned to my 4.5lt/100km for 580km to the tank, Picanto some 20 minutes later and asked her how it was going…….”A while to go yet” was the reply. Fantastic! EVs from our mainstream manufacturers would sell a few more if they looked like cars and not squashed cockroaches Ken
  9. 1994 from my not so good memory
  10. Do astronauts have 5 stripes on the epaulettes of their white shirts? Ken
  11. Ours is serial number 1. that could mean first built, first Oz import, first prototype or first to fail! About a year ago we suffered an unreported heavy landing in it. Damaged the nose leg mount and the floor area and tunnel immediately behind the fire wall. Fixed with replacement parts (no weight added). But was/is of interest is the number of experienced pilots who said the flare speed had to be perfect or you had trouble getting it on the ground. I have witnessed a couple of small PIOs in the early days. I have discussed this with your maintenance man an
  12. Flew ok but over the about 200 hrs that we have owned it we only have allowed experienced pilots to fly it. We have never allowed training in it. Lucky….. Our Jabs are for training. it sure was a good move that many eons ago the regulators built in margins with all the limits to protect us from ourselves. The holes had not lined up for any pilot and we will see where it all ends Ken
  13. Further to the above. The Roko was weighed by CASA certified person. noted that the prop was changed to a lighter version, by 5kg. (that actually makes it worse!) There is no aircraft level indicated either in the hand book or the website, so had to ensure true tyre psi was to pilot notes. semi reclined seats did not have a moment point indicated for weighing. 1lt of unusable fuel in each tank. So, any not mentioned - stations, points or arms were taken as a standard in the industry. Bottom line —24kg over weight BUT there is more….. ALL loading pu
  14. Switch on the GPS so the pilot can input the plan into the auto pilot to get to the destination. All the while informing the passenger how great it is to be a LSA pilot. V’s Planing the trip on the kitchen table, marking the map and filling out the flight plan sheet. Then actually flying the plane and navigating as you go, all the while talking your way thru the steps as you keep a good lookout; impressing your passenger with your skills. I know what system I prefer. Ken
  15. I was once flying to another airfield exactly on the gps line, just below 3500 ft that was the upper limit of military air space. I didn’t have clearance above this step. A Piper Archer was descending thru controlled air space directly in front of me on the reciprocal gps track. I saw him for about 5 seconds and I climbed. I guess he was dropping to the next Lower level step behind me. I guess see and avoid worked, BUT, while assigned altitude works, climbing and descending has its issues. My co pilot (many thousands of hours, including military) reminded
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