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  1. I was at Narromine, I think it was about 15 yrs ago, when one caught fire at start up. Carb on top of the motor spilling fuel onto exhaust or wiring from memory. Not too much damage if I remember correctly. Ken
  2. Airframe was good but I think the engine and PRU combo had a couple of issues. Get that Colt going! Ken
  3. It will be fine. just about any/all parts from a Gen 1 (2200 and 3300) will fit and work. Remember that Camit made the Gen 1 engines for Jabiru anyway. CAMIT has been sold to a bloke in the UK. There is a website for it. They can be used on a Jab Gen 1 as well. go for it! Ken
  4. Running when only on idle revs for a long period can make the plugs very sooty. That’s one of the potential problems with mogas. Our entire club Jab fleet, and many Jabs here run on mogas all the time, but it is start, taxi and go. Don’t have any trouble. General practice is not to spend anymore time than needed at idle, and that’s on any plane and fuel combination. you MAY have had a temp soak on the fuel line due to no air (120kts) cooling the crank area….remember that the muffler is right there….this is facilitated by those 2 x 25mm holes at the front of the air shrouds.
  5. Cooperplace, Using amps as it has a generator but I may change to an alternator for the lower weight. Trying to use the 1962 stuff where possible Ken
  6. Rastus, I like your shag pile interior trim! Ken
  7. Here is my new high tech panel for my Colt. This plane will primarily be used to ‘shoot down’ hot air balloons in the Barossa Valley and I am installing a skylight and Patrol door for photo shoots It was originally set up for night VFR so I decided to cull out everything I don’t need and move it all in front of me. Referred to CASA requirements and returned it to what it was certified with in the POH. Added a VSI and ball. The fuel gauges will be on the left side of the pax panel. This is no AWACS or Wedgetail so all I need is a Trigg (TSOd) round radio in the centre A
  8. Over the years we have had changes in EGT in our 5 Jabs in our club. Always turned out to be a sender problem, not anything else. Defected and panic stations for not much…. I wonder if we worry far too much about all these numbers. My Lycoming doesn’t have EGT or MAP…. errr or anything really …. I just rely on a pull thru before flight, seems to work for me. Ken
  9. I’ve just cut the new panel for the Colt, bugga. Looks like I will have to do it again. Ken
  10. Took a tour of ATC in Adelaide a few years ago and was told that any aircraft with a speed less than 50kts was not seen on the screen. Bruce, you will have to fly a microlight with a slow wing and you will avoid the rozzers. ken
  11. SK 15-20K good cheap aircraft that a lot of us learned in. SP 470 or 500 for 25-30k with plenty of hours left on the motor with a good useful load. 19/28 reg will be way cheaper than a 55/24 so look for those. Do not over commit or get seduced by sex appeal, horse power, high speed (the sales advertising is open to question) The above Jabs will do 95 to 100 kts with the old wooden 44 pitch prop at 11 to 12lt/hr of mogas and easy to work on. Ken
  12. According to channel 10 news the “police swooped on the pilot”. Don’t you love it? I wonder if they will work “Cessna” into it some how? Ken
  13. As I have eluded to in an earlier post, I am the long lost 4th brother of The Three Stooges. Reading the recent topics on methanol and outback survival, and the above weather conundrum, I have taken note about my lack of knowledge and personal attitude and offer the following as my self inflicted flagellation. 1. Carefully select the correct coloured Garbage Bag 2. Take Glen’s advice and don’t drink the methanol 3. Place bag over head and then inhale the methanol instead….the outback aviator’s version of “chroming “ 4. Once finished, come to the conclusion that I do
  14. Ian, go to a gliding club and get them to walk you thru the ins and outs of oxy. They know more than most. It’s not just a plug and play. Ken
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