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  1. Whilst I don't really want to get too involved with this discussion I must admit to becoming disillusioned with flying and the probability is I will never fly again. In my case that's as much to do with age as anything. Having said that I look at this discussion and wonder what has happened. I took a quick look at RAAus' annual report 2019/2020. In there it states membership figures 2015 - 2020 which range from about 8500 in 2015 to 9500 in 2020, fairly consistent! The number of schools declined a little, maybe suggesting declining profitability. The number of clubs declined dramatically
  2. Not an outboard but the Yamaha Phazer snowmobile engine has been used as a replacement for the 503 and 582 engines. With performance similar or exceeding the 582 and slightly lighter weight this 4 stroke, fuel injected and liquid cooled engine sounds almost ideal. On the down side, to get the power this under 500cc engine revs up to 11000 rpm, something I would worry about and I don't believe it is currently in production. This may be wishful thinking but I would like to see more ultralight aircraft, Challenger, Chinook, Quicksilver and the like, back in the air and fun flying again.
  3. For those interested, having just spent the day doing preservation work on the site, I can assure you that Camden Aviation Museum at Narellan is still in existence and whilst it is not open to the public, visitors are still welcome. Anyone who would like to visit should contact Nicole Thomas 0447778020 or visit the website http://www.camdenmuseumofaviation.com.au . David
  4. Over the past couple of years I seem to have become less than excited about my flying, the result of circumstances and a reaction to a perception, rightly or wrongly, of RAAus' seemingly wanting to continually beat us about the ears with a rolled up rule book. In an effort to encourage myself I have been trolling the youtube videos and I must admit there are some stimulating ones to watch, especially out of the States, where their governing bodies seem to invoke enthusiasm and even allow some activities that would probably see us grounded. And then I came across this one https://www.yout
  5. The answer is simple, sell the business to the Chinese, there will be cheap engines before you know it. David
  6. Hey Mark, where have your been? How about getting in touch. Dave (M10)
  7. As an Oaks flyer it's never good to hear of an incident and whilst I'm sorry to hear of damage to an aircraft, thank god everybody walked away. David
  8. Thanks guys, I had pretty much looked at every other engine I could, on the net but when you way it up to get the right weight and power and the reputation and back up, I couldn't find an option. David
  9. Hi All, I am just about at the stage of having to make the final decision on what engine to put into my supercat. The obviose choice and the one that I am leaning towards is the Rotax 503 but before I make the final commitment, is there any other serious option? David
  10. I went last year and it was fantastic. I spent the two comp days over by the strip to watch the takeoffs and landings. I also took field glasses to keep up with the action and that was well and truely complimented by the big screens and the sound system. Perth is exspensive to stay eat and drink in but what a show. If your there and you have time visit the "Bull Creek Museum", it an aircraft museum with everthing from ultalights to a Lancaster. Its the only aviation museum I've ever been in thats set in a retirement home, mostly all ex RAF & RAAF. David
  11. Chris, I just got this months RAA mag and whilst i've only quickly flipped through it I did notice a service bulletin on the HKS. Probably not that significant. Also, there was an article on the "Aerotwin", another engine I have been looking at over the last month or so. It also looks like the "Quicksilver" agent in Newcastle is distributing them. Could be another option! David.
  12. I'd be interested in that too, as soon as you have more detail let us know. Thanks, David
  13. Looks great. Now thats achievement, well done:thumb_up: David
  14. Hi Tech Man, When you get some info on the HKS please keep us informed. So far I have been unable to find any real comparison of performance, durability and reliability. But I'd like to think it offers a good option to two strokes. David
  15. A sad lose to us all but especially his loved ones. If there is a heaven and I would like to think there is, it will have clear blue sky, calm air and absolutely no controlled air space. David
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