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  1. Congrats Yenn. Just watch yourself. Many men have been brought undone by jealous starlets.
  2. I know the posts about the movie were a while ago, but I just caught up with this thread. Great photos by Arnold Cohen of the making of "On a Wing and a Prayer" here. Also (so as not to start a sentence with "And"), let's hear no more talk of piracy. You can buy the film here for $35.
  3. I think solonoid is the singular of haemorrhoids. I replaced the standard Jab one with a Cole-Hersee unit. It now starts first go even when it's minus 7 degrees.
  4. Finally! An amusing and insightful narrative in this section of the forum! With the added bonus of being written in English. You've made my day.
  5. The security issue I discovered after looking into Airsick's post has been fixed by Bas already. Airsick's link has been restored. Read it and vote for him (personal view and not endorsed by this website). The link is available without logging in by design (and by limitation of WordPress). The other issue was more serious so I hid the link which might have exposed it. Normal service has been resumed......
  6. There are a couple of other Dragonflys you missed: Aircraft [edit] Boeing X-50 Dragonfly, an unmanned aerial surveillance vehicle designed by the U.S. military Cessna A-37 Dragonfly, a US attack aircraft DF Helicopters DF334 (Dragon Fly 334), an Italian helicopter De Havilland Dragonfly, a British aircraft Dornier Do 12 Libelle III (Dragonfly III), a German flying boat FlyTech Dragonfly, a remote-controlled flying toy ornithopter Moyes Dragonfly, an Australian ultralight aircraft Sikorsky H-5, a US helicopter sometimes called Dragonfly Westl
  7. Zut alors Kaz. You had me thinking my French must be crap. I thought you said "this is my French philosophy song. How ya going?" But that would be nonsense.
  8. I've pulled all the posts about this engine in the ICP thread and put them into a new thread here.
  9. Count 'em again. 5 each side. It's to celebrate Canberra's centenary. We just wanted to say "thanks for the mammaries".
  10. I vote you've killed this thread. Closed.
  11. Moderation is kept to a minimum in the funnies section. People come here forewarned and take what they get. This laissez-fairiness must not spill into other sections though. Consider the humour section your pants. Keep it in them.
  12. Guys, this thread has not been our finest example of forum participation. I'm guessing you were joking Dazza, but the comment added even less value than some of the other bickering and defensive retorts, so I've hidden yours and 2 responses quoting it. Let's respect each other, and other cultures, a bit more huh?
  13. What is the button for? On an iPad, you only have to tap the top border to scroll to the top of a page. On my PC I use a mouse gesture or <Ctrl><Home>.
  14. Call Garry Morgan. He makes excellent canopies.
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