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  1. The US military machine needs enemies to justify it's $700 billion defense budget every year, it's making so many people wealthy, would would they not do it, sadly Australia seems to be getting onto this bandwagon. There are military equipment made all around the World by Australia's Allies, but guess where everything is coming from .. the USA. And now will include long range missiles for the first time ever, to combat "the China threat". Why can't people see that all the nonsense is to make people very rich, nothing to do with threats. "cheap Chinese crap" is what peo
  2. Looks bizzare in Xrays doesn't it ... Sadly my scar is almost gone, I wanted a big horrible scar to show off, darn it!
  3. My missus drives me crazy, I am quite aware now how to lift without hurting myself, after hurting myself ... She tries to stop me doing the most normal of things, drives me crazy,
  4. There's what, 4 posts asking after me in a year? I seem to be as popular as a man at a Feminist Convention wearing a strap on dildo. But I am highly unimpressed with mostly Murdoch's lies and the anti-China hatefest it has created with Australians recently, add to that some of the complete lies the Government has thrown out there, but I did discover that anyway 16 years ago when I first landed here ... it's a very sad and distressing moment when you realise your own Government lies to you. My Dad is 85 now, he was tainted with the "Commy" nonsense (relative to modern t
  5. A plane has lost 3 engines and is going down, the Captain comes on the PA and announces they have jettisoned all the luggage and fuel they can, but still overweight and going down, they need 5 volunteers to sacrifice themselves to save all on board. Immediately the Englishmen gets up and says: Had a good life, time to do the right thing, remember me old Chaps, cheerio ... and jumps out the plane. The Welshman gets up and says: ... well no one could actually understand him .... and jumps out the plane. The Hungarian gets up and says: Once we were the greatest, the Empire of Europe ...
  6. My Wife walks all over her Male Lawyer counterparts for earnings, she applies herself and works damn hard. She happens to own the Law Firm as well, that helps, but there's an equal amount of male and female Lawyers in the firm, not planned that way, but that's the way it is. They all have the same rates and commissions offered to them, the males earn more because they work harder and longer hours, more willing to travel, while the female Lawyers go home to their children and other social activities more often. Just facts. Julia Gillard was the youngest Partner ever in the Law Firm she wor
  7. From first hand personal experience, absolutely agree with this. From second hand experience living 15 years in a lower social economic area, i.e. Logan City, and seeing what was bestowed on other males, I absolutely agree with this. Don't get me wrong, male induced violence certainly higher than female induced, but nothing as high as "95%". Face facts, a woman punches a man, not much is said or done, a man punches a woman and it becomes one of the 95%.
  8. ... I'm still waiting for the joke ....
  9. This is absolute fact. Men grow up knowing when they cross the line, a smack in the mouth is a distinct possibility, many Women aren't aware of where that line is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIOY2ezMy9A
  10. well i'm certainly glad i have my Kodac film developing skills for when I finish up in China after all these years here and settle back iin Oz
  11. Guys I have posted this before somewhere, I self cured all my prostate problems in my early 40s purely by accident, self medicating for a non-associated reason, it works for a number of people I have shared it with. Vitamin Bs in a specific blend. 100 mgs each of VB1, VB2, VB6 200 mgs (i.e. double) VB12. Take it daily, not late in the afternoon or evening because it is also quite an energy kick and you won't sleep. Or take it just as you're going to sleep. 1 to 3 months you will notice a big difference. What have you got to lose, VB won't hurt you, and you will get that energy
  12. one thing i know from wrecking engines intentionally, if you are ever in a demolition derby, used to be populat on Speedway nights, have a rope tied to one of your pre loosened radiator hoses. A main goal in the derbies is to wreck your competitors radiator causing them to overheat and die. If you get hit and lose all your water, pull the hose off with the rope so you will pump cool air instead, your engine will last longer. I should write a book ....
  13. have blown up a few old engines on the past, never less than about 10 minutes with no oil or water, and Subaru EA81s just keep going for at least 20 theres a few Youtube vids around, people are always surprised how long they last.
  14. I admit to racially profiling and thinking 'Some stupid American', surprised to find Belgium.
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