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  1. ..... come up with something great?" "Piece-a-XXXX bull old mate" replied Cappy "How about we call your juice Beige Bull or Blotchy Bull or Scabby (Turbsref) Bull or Le Bull de L'Orange" no mate said bull, i can see Big-Dong Bull as the way to proceed, and as the moto image we'll hang 2 huge quandongs below a ......
  2. ... was well insured and the (independent?) valuations were well over market & contained ever so favourable foreign exchange rate provisions too (1 Tyro = 1 Bristell - bull is a master of such negotiations) so bull just kept his head down and tried to suppress his usual sly duplicitous grin (while hoping that he hadn't got the Covid, or anything else, from Turbo (who, infection -wise, is the modern equivalent of a toilet seat). Bull decided to give them a scratch & to stay optimistic, so he ....
  3. VICTORIA - CONCERNS NOTICE - Sorry Tink, but given your ethnic heritage, before we can reply or continue with the NES, we need you to declare whether you attended the Indiagate Spice Shop in Epping during the past 14 days? As you know, OT, Salty & bull are in or past the most vulnerable age group, and you have been a "carrier" of a number of erky perky bugs over recent decades (is it still itchy?).
  4. .......... that is the fixer-upper, river cottage type joint that bull bought for a bargain when he moved south from bone, except that there is no longer any cottage & the river is blocked by debris (thanks to Charlie). "i have often contemplated;^ the reason for so much det cord,, lying around down here, and why there are so many craters that I keep <stumbling into (i thought it was just the fermented apple juice going to my head). i wonder if :;there is still any >unexploded ordinance (uo) still here with turbine demolition" (td) writ on it?' said bull (who as you can s
  5. ADMIN ............ Few people outside of Bafata are aware that Cappy was the result of another (and only the 2nd) virgin birth .............................................. And his dad was a Chippy too. It's a growing movement ..................................... & what have the Romans ever done for us? ADMIN - MODERATOR 64
  6. Exclusive news for our thousands of subscriber NESers - The success of this enterprise (startreckrefsoalmostanavref) Kevin Rudd just applied to be Chairman, and your wouldn't believe it, so has Malcolm.
  7. ....... a new World Time Zone System that had quickly been adopted by the EU, USA, Russia and China. The success of the system was that the UTG line was centered in Guinea-Bissau (the precise location was through the celebrated location where Cappy was conceived and was subsequently born), and he has divided the globe into 3 1/3 minute (time not degrees [of angles not temperature]) increments and banned any Daylight Saving. "What's so different about all that?" asked Turbo, jealous that he hadn't thought of it and registered the concept. "Well" replied the b
  8. Apologies for missing your above post Onesie, and posting over the top of yours. You were on the next page (as usual) and I was dragging the chain .......... and my arXe ...... and my tailwheel (avref). PS - Don't tell TinkyWink or he'll make disparaging Cook family jokes again (and again .... and again .... and again.)
  9. ..... XXXX, which is even worse than XXX'X XXXX, however the juice market .....
  10. .... all members of the Strahan and Queenstown CWA (even the couple of members who were transitioning under the new laws) and bull's sister, Daisy, who denied any such contact, but ......
  11. MODERATOR'S EXPLANATION AND EDIT FROM A COUPLE OF POSTS AGO ....... Turbo turned white - It was actually a sparse light grey to match his hair. Salty turned white - Which is an improvement over the smudgy colour that he was previously, caused by the red Remnark soil (like the smudge that is halfway up the sides of houses and hangars (avref) out that way) mixed with Murray River water that had been through the sewerage treatment plants of 200 upstream towns (NTTIAWWT). Loxie turned white - Instead of his natural pigments as a 1st Nations person (Loxie is actually a mix of
  12. .... Eeeeeeean, who recommended Moderator 17. "He/She (NTTIAWWTBTW) is a bit of a Dick (CASAref) but knows lots about setting up Websites and Jack-Booting some of the Punters off Forums, which you'll need in your Complaints Dept if anyone bitches, as they are prone to do, about the difference between Quinces, stale wrinkled Tazzy Apples and Quandongs." said Eeeeeeean. "bull was impressed with Eeeeeeeean's knowledge of the fruit juice caper (and his lavish use of Capital Letters), so he .......
  13. .... bored shxtless, like is normal over here in eastern South Africa. But bull was persistent, if nothing else, and upped his takeover offer by 10% (under advice from Turbine Merchant Bankers P/L ... but don't tell Onesie) and this did the ......
  14. .... observed "Isn't it quaint that Turbo is so behind the times that he still relates the term "Dogger" to dingo trappers". Turbo raced off to do a Google (respects to lefty commo's everywhere) search for the term and .......
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