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  1. ..... diplomatic consternation .......... and Her Maj was livid. "I'm a Friend-with-Benefits and I need some right now" she said to the footman, who originally thought she was referring to him. Cappy, ever the brave colonial boy (BCB) was still incarcerated so he invited Maj down to the cells where he was being housed and they read thru the graffiti together where Maj commented "This makes me feel closer to the common folk, AND my darling Cappy, speaking of common and having a feel, come over here into the corner and we can ........
  2. Correction - It has now been found, by the British Library, using a grant from Turbine Bequeathments Inc, that this was chiseled into the wall using a manky chop bone by an early ancestor of either Rick Stein or Jamie Oliver.
  3. ...... and that is why Cappy was originally called Novac Cook, but given that he is now a little folliclely challenged, he is called Kojac Cook, but he is still wabed through with a big wabe and Cappy always wabes back with the royal wabe. However this led to the right royal misunderstanding that ...... HERE IS CAPPY'S LONG TERM FRIEND-with-BENEFITS, GIVING A FINE EXAMPLE OF THE 3 FINGER ROYAL WABE.
  4. ..... , however, the brave Thruster lads (and lasses nttiawwtbtw) were able to scramble out onto the wings and cover the holes with Gorilla (Turbo'sphotoref) tape that Cooky and bull had thoughtfully supplied to each Thruster pilot, thereby saving all aircraft and making the fabric stronger than ever before. And that, dear readers, is why .....
  5. ..... powered along the strip and leapt into the air like all Thrustors do, the blue heads 3,000 rpm above red line, the ASIs immediately well above VNE, the VSIs pawing at the upper reaches near 2,000 fpm (some broke their needles) and the Thrusters, as all Thrusters do, immediately closed ranks to about 2 m wing tip separation (WTS) and into the finest, tightest and most impressive echelon formation ever seen (The EAA want them at Oshkosh next year for their daily display and they have cancelled the twenty USAF 35's as a result), then because of the threat of a CATSA attack the echelon move
  6. ..... just what the AUF members wanted to hear, as if there is anything that AUF members like it is a direct challenge to flout rules (awards for the biggest flouters are presented at Natfly each year during the piss-up down the back (and are recorded on a gold lettered virtual Honour Board on the dark web). So a new CATSA edict was great news and the BJ fueled Thrusters were pulled to the front of the hangars where they were ......
  7. ..... proves that those attending the Press Conference should always "follow the science" (including science's recent discover of another 6 genders). Then bull stole a line from Anthony Fauci and said "and I am the science, mate." With that there was loud applause and bull grabbed the opportunity to add "and we have found a way to invent bio-degradable leaded fuel (bdlf), plus my beetle nuts are now synthetic and so their juice will allow the Rotax 582 to rev past 8 grand while extending the tbo to 2,600 hours using our bdlf, and there will be no sign of smoke or fouled
  8. ..... which those members always have and you therefore know that they are card carrying members of the Tasmanian Beetlenut Chewing Association (the TBCA) where bull's plantation is the major supplier and is also a ...... A RARE PHOTO OF BULL BEFORE HE LEFT THE SUNSHINE OF BONE. HE IS NOW GLOWINGLY WHITE LIKE ALL SUN DEPRIVED TASMANIANS.
  9. ...... swore in right royal terms, which immediately cause Planey to commence to draft a well deserved complaint to his brother, the Tasmanian Chief Justice who was the step sister of the Premier and had had relations with the boss of CATSA when he and she were in Boarding School where the Tazzy Governor and a couple of Tazzy Supreme Court Judges were the Prefects (therefore it was a typical Tasmanian web of personal in-trigue & cest). This gave Ratso a chance to have another swig and as he looked blurrily around the courtroom he was very please to see bull, in the disguise of
  10. ...... And that was when all of his mates in the NES got together to hatch a plan to defend him, up to the highest court in the land, or to the House of Lords (HOL) if needed. (This latter phase would be handled by Lord Turbo personally, if necessary, as he has heaps of mates up there). "I spoke with Nicolla X when we woke up this morning and she has agreed to defend bull" said Turbo with some pride, but obviously exhausted from the evening's shenanigans, where X had certainly marked the spot. "And I have employed Alan Bond's accountant to handle the fund raising" volun
  11. ..... spent processing a series of Princesses (who were gluttons for Cappy, as usual, and just kept coming back for more). But in this case bull needn't have worried as he was a recognised & fully endorsed flyboy stud and the CATSA officers had bored to Princesses to death by reading them their favourite regulations, which was the CATSA idea of foreplay. So gravel rash aside, bull got to experience the delights of this type of gluttony, and .....
  12. ....... who had often fantasized about being squirrel griped by a couple of lovelies, so he turned to face them full frontal and offered them his ......
  13. ......, who were some of Tasmania's finest specimens, each head-butted the CATSA officials ..... twice ..... and then they turned to bull (who was feeling a little exposed) and .....
  14. ..... a look-out post there, who's job it was to yell "Look out" every time a power boat came in site. This made bull .....
  15. ....... 50 steps, 4,000 rpm (the Rotax was revving its xxxs off) and 2000 feet ahead of them, with his (bull's) usual steely eyed determination and charismatic outlook on life that has always, to date, meant that he has been ......... Explanatory edit about the last 2 words above .... bull is not a "has been" The above is just an unfortunate expression and I don't want our thousands of new contributors to get the wrong impression about our beloved yet punctuationally challenged bull.
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