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  1. ...... talk to Hunter and my Brother, then once the kickback is arranged, I will be happy to say whatever is written on the teleprompter, before I have a nanny nap and ........
  2. .... which read "Japan should get back in its box and not attack NZ, plus we support the supply of Kookaburras to Africa, with the attendant demise of Willy Wagtails (which always appear to us to be smartarse little buggers that flit hither and yon for no real purpose)."
  3. ...... made an honoulaly Mauli. "Jacinta AhSo is hot and New Zearand is a ruverry joint to visit, plus it would be rerativery easy to capture the next time that we have a clack at the South Pacific."
  4. .... Quokka" Turbo added, "But just give me a few more days" he added "As I am just on my way back from Davos after speaking at the World Economic Forum and meeting with Billy G, Georgie S, Jeffy B and Marky-Mark Z, with whom I have become great mates ..... and with whom I have arranged to supply 4 million tonnes of frozen Kookaburra to the UNHCR to solve the hunger issues in Sub-Saharan Africa (with each box of frozen Kookaburra, the recipients will be given a cuddly Kookaburra toy made out of Willy Wagtails). The UNHCR agreed with me that Kookaburras are good tucka and nobody will miss them
  5. ..... hogget, as Mainlanders know that when a sheep is just that one year older it becomes mutton, when it tastes more like Kookaburra. With this, the Kookaburra food supply industry took off when Aussie punters realized that Kookaburra was only half the price of Mutton. This revolution in Aussie cuisine was lead by Turbine Native Birrds for Tucka P/L and was an instant success, as Turbs had been banned (again) by Eeeeeean based on a report from Moderator 17 and had plenty of time to spend building up the business of the TNBFTPL and to ....... (Enthusiastic
  6. Ratty has written to Moderator 17 objecting this post by Turbo. The sexual cycles of the mutton bird are not a reasonable topic for the NES.
  7. ..... [bull's reply fully removed due to his excessive use of full stops. 5 is the limit and Turdboy is also on a warning ..... Count 'em ..... Moderator 17]
  8. ........ [bull's entire post deleted due to blasphemous non use of capitals] ..... Moderator 17.
  9. ........... "Stop right there Tinky Wank" yelled Moderator 17 who was new and had just graduated from Sydney Uni with a Masters in Gender Studies and a PhD in being a boring tit (littlebirdref). "You can no longer use the term "upper", said Mod 17 "You must now say "upp-a-genericperson" and any reference to 'er or him is not permitted in Eeeeeean's forum." Brine took umbridge at this, plus he (sorry ... it) was really very upset about the glass slipper insurance controversy and he (sorry ... it) replied with a .................
  10. ........... starts in the clutch of the Rotax gearbox. This further gearbox reference made the hundreds of NESers start to think that Turbo is obsessed with Rotaxes and their gearbox rattles. bull put it down to Tubb's mum having been frightened by one when he was gestating (erky-perkyref), but Salty thinks that it stems from Tink's obvious and much deeper issue. "Listen" said The Skipper with a start (avref) "The majority of NES readers and lurkers don't give a rats (Rattyref) about Tink's gearbox fetish. They are much more concerned at the breakage rate of
  11. ....... everyone knows that a glass slipper can often also relate to your ........
  12. ......... there was a subsequent enquiry held in the Boss's Office as to why Tubb's "Girlfriend's" knickers were a pair of size 46 Bonds boxer briefs (with a fly). Turbo looked embarrassed and could only reply that "................ THESE ARE THE VERY "KNICKERS" THAT WERE INVOLVED. The practices at many Victoristan schools are somewhat questionable, as are many Victoristan peoples who are the product of such institutions (Eeeeeean excepted of course).
  13. ......... while Cappy was going through his usual 5 minute routine to tuck it all away.
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