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  1. .... saint bull is not a proper ....
  2. ......... a fair bit of consternation (and a modicum of constipation) because of the .....
  3. ...... but which were actually made from chocolate covered in 2nd hand milk bottle tops. This cost saving by Turbs made the entire exercise into a farce, which got worse when Turbo, Onesie, bull & CT received registered letters requesting 2 kgs of various bones (arms are preferred) that would be used in icons and mounted in several other pilgrimage sites (one example is the new 2 story shrine at Narromine Airport) where the AUF faithful can ........
  4. The above lack of posts clearly shows the reverent dedication of all other NESers, other that the heathen Jedi, to not post on the Sabbath. "Blessed art thou all" said Cappy with ultimate respect, who will now petition the church & the AUF to consecrate bull, OT, CT & Turbs as the joint saints for Recreational Aviation. All AUF members & various religious denominations can therefore expect to be supplied with a small golden plaque, reverently showing them all in the best possible light, to stick on their flightdeck dashboard.
  5. ...... give you the right to pick on poor Julia. " I agree" said Turbo "As I think Julia is HOT and I am partway through planning her comeback as PM, after which Jules and I will live happily ever after and I will be the "First Bloke" of the Commonwealth." With that, Turbo started handing out promotional hats (they were cheap seconds as some clown in China had reft out the "the", but Turbs thought they still got the message across and would snare the sympathy vote for his Jules) and ........
  6. ..... slap their faces & hit them with one of their pointy black hats. He then addressed them with authority & said "Youze old bags might all be part of the Julia Gillard look-alike fan club, but that doesn't .......
  7. ..... his clothes off and virtually bathed in the stuff, which was all going well until the phenyl touched the hole in his ....... YOU CAN SEE WHY IT HURTS WHEN IT GETS IN THERE.
  8. ... has bought a double block between those of Daniel Craig and Dan Andrews. "Yes folks, it looks like Anastasia is getting ready to be part of a Dan sanga" said .........
  9. ....... Turbine Floors and Lino Corporation, who have timber purchasing contracts in some of the most pristine rainforests in Sth America. That timber is therefore rare, pretty, a bit naughty (like stealing the Mona Lisa) and therefore in strong demand by the yuppy nouveau riche who are building in the canal developments in Darraweit Guim and around ........... THE TYPE WHO BUY THE BLACK MARKET RAINFOREST TIMBER FLOORS HAWKED AROUND BY TF&LC.
  10. CONTRACTUAL DISCLAIMER AND CLARIFICATION - While their name is prominent on the fence around the worksite, Bone Concrete are a subcontractor to Turbine Big Things Inc (and have not been paid for 2 months, despite their invoices being submitted in a very timely manner ..... [Mavis does the accounts for BC as well as being Treasurer of the bone CWA. Mavis is a real goer, in more ways than one]).
  11. ...... , after a lengthy tendering battle between Turbine Big Things Inc, OneVonTrack Huge Edifices Ltd and bull's precast big devils nl, TBT won the job but ever since have experienced a lot of trouble getting one of the Qld Devils to stand still while they make a plaster cast. The plan had been to undertake scaleup from the plaster cast using software from CT Animations and Scale ups, so the contract is running late and TBT have submitted their 1st claim for extras, which has sent the Bone Progress Association into a bit of a spin (which is very relevant for a Big Devil) and the
  12. Cappy is real well edumacated, but he will now be gone from the NES for an hour or so while he looks that word up.
  13. Please bear with me dear NESers, but a close friend, who I first met during my initial Jedi training, where we both passed with honours & distinctions, has sent me the below joke about his name. He is a good bloke, a close mate of mine for many years and is great fun when he is piXXed.
  14. .... OvT, who had a deep seafaring knowledge because his direct bloodline harks back directly (Do not pass GO) to his ancestor who was the 1st mate on the Batavia, hence Onesie's local name of OnevanTrack plus his predilection for human flesh and the occasional homicide. But that was small news, as in FNQ they had discovered a group of Qld Devils (Devilous Backwardus) in the rugged hills up behind Bone. The Qld Devils looked similar to Tasmanian Devils but without the stripes. A cursory examination by Queensland's finest wallopers has exposed a new export business by bu
  15. ...... a disappointing standoff, because the nearest & best mooring points were at Geelong and Sale, and those areas have The Rona. "Plus, we don't want Vicmanistan rats leaving their sinking shiX-hole, scurrying along the ropes, and bringing their Rona, their bad attitude & their corruption down to this ....."
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