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  1. Bugger - really sorry to hear that Ian. Eyes are so critical to just about everything we do. I second danny's comment about finding a flying buddy so you can still escape the 'tyranny of petty things' from time to time. All the best, Alan
  2. I'm amazed no-one has mentioned XE.Com. When I began importing I researched all the money transfer methods I could find, and XE were way ahead of the rest. I have never had a bad experience. XE has been around for nearly twenty years and in 2018 merged with their major competitor/sister company HiFX and continue to trade, combined, as XE.Com. Forex transfers from banks, credit cards, Paypal etc will typically cost you 6-10% in their margins as well as many charging fees as well. XE don't charge any fees at all and their margin, in my experience, has been typically less than 0.1%. The
  3. Yes, if you're ever on the Barkly Highway (Camooweal to Three Ways/Tennant Creek) around sunset near the dams and waterholes, you'll usually see flocks of more than ten or twenty thousand budgies flying in formations. It's a stunning sight, completely mesmerising. The starlings in Europe provide a similar phenomenon.
  4. Birds are very light compared to their volume - would it be possible to fit 50T of canaries in a 747?
  5. For piano hinges I've always followed the advice of one of the kit-build manuals from US (might have been Tony Bingelis' Sportplane Builder). Make a mixture of Iso Propyl Alcohol and dry lubricant powder (graphite is OK but messy and not recommended on Aly, better is PTFE/Teflon powder), and brush it on the hinge liberally. The Isopropanol carries the lubricant into the hinge and then evaporates leaving the dry lubricant dry, and where it needs to be. Also - the hinge pin should be lightly bent into a series of gentle S curves which prevents it rattling and causing wear.
  6. I couldn't agree more Nev. However, it's how the factory supplies it. Personally, by preference, I would cut the excess thread length off. But then it wouldn't be compliant on a cert engine would it? So what would be your personal advice to Rotax engine owners whose engines have carby bolts like these?
  7. Not meaning to be pedantic but it's supposed to protrude at least 1.5-2 threads. There is no limit on how much more it may protrude. On my 912 it is the same ... just inconvenient to wind the bolt in that far.
  8. Regarding those cables with the bungee suspension - they're not there in case the bungee fails, they're not strong enough to hold the gear legs if the bungee had failed. They actually act like the 'bump stops' on vehicle suspension, they limit the amount of stretch of the bungees, and by doing that they prevent the bungees being overstretched and then failing as a result of the overstretching. On some aircraft they also limit the amount of suspension travel so as to prevent a prop-strike on the ground in event of a hard landing.
  9. Cessna 310 I'd say, based on the small size of it, for a twin, and the shape of the tip tanks.
  10. Presumably this 'approach sector' is a 'collection point'? If so, shouldn't aircraft incoming to the approach sector be making radio calls before they get there, indicating their height, intentions and arrival time?
  11. More info needed from you about what surface you are polishing, but ... Depending on which primer you used ... most of them wash off easily with methylated spirit. Did you use Alclad or 2024 or 6061 bare sheet? Alclad surface is very soft because it's pure aluminium, consequently it polishes very easily by hand. Typical products readily available are Solvol Autosol and Reflection. I prefer Reflection. Follow the directions on the package or you can probably find them online. If you used bare high tensile sheet then it's much easier to use a polishing machine and just do the final finis
  12. Sounds good to me, I'll plan on bringing the Kestrel in its trailer.
  13. It's certainly pretty ... but every photo, and also the video, shows a lot of reflex in the elevons which would be concerning me about CG position if I was the test pilot. Unless they presently have the cockpit heavily static-ballasted I'd hate to think what the consequences of a second pilot/pax would be. All flying wing stuff I've ever come across indicates the stability reflex needs to be built into the airfoil and control surfaces should be neutral in level flight. With the CG where it appears to be at the moment, that one could well come badly unstuck during a landing flare if the speed
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