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  1. No idea re Bristells but I always leave mine down on the RV. Easier for me to get down and stops others from standing on them.
  2. Thank you for clarifying. I thought you were asking them to lobby to allow recreational/private flying. A clear statement would be good. But really how hard is it for people to heed the clear request of the Prime Minister and others to stay at home.
  3. Another option is to pay a LAME to inhibit the engine for you. He is doing it as his job and it is currently legal for him to do so. We have ordered a new cover for our aircraft and will ask the LAME to put it on for us when it arrives.
  4. Peninsula Aero Club at Tyabb (Mornington Peninsula) would be worth chatting to.
  5. Below from AvPlans website. Be great if OzR shared their data because then you would also get the OzR non ADSB out aircraft showing up. AvPlan Live has had a major update – we’re now feeding in live ADSB traffic and glider traffic from a network of ground based ADSB receivers. AvPlan EFB users with AvPlan Live enabled (Settings, AvPlan Live Tracking) will see traffic from these systems as well as other AvPlan EFB equipped aircraft. Turn on the display of traffic on the map page by tapping Map Settings, Traffic. Traffic positions update every 5 seconds when your device has a good GPS lock.
  6. Lived at Lakes, or in the vicinity, for many years. Still think of it as home. Spent a smoky Christmas there with the family. Clem at Kalimna was his usual welcoming self, and our aircraft was happily tied down for the week. We flew home on the 29th December. Fortunately we had refuelled at Bairnsdale on the way in. Inland was very smoky. So we flew home coastal.
  7. Don't think this is quite right. Sadly Chris Govel is one of the victims. But don't think he was (ever) CFI of Soar Aviation.
  8. If we didn't live and work near YMMB this would be a definite thought ...
  9. I'm just back from flying in the Catalina from Ardmore to Kaitaia via Whangarei, spending a couple of days at Kaitaia, then back to Ardmore via Kerikeri, again in the Catalina. The scenery was amazing! And the friendliness and hospitality of the aero club at Kaitaia, the flying school at Kerikeri and the other pilots we met on the flight and along the way was outstanding. Good luck with the move.
  10. As an AvPlan user I can't comment re OzRunways (I switched years ago). But I find AvPlan fairly intuitive. The display is easy to read. And they are incredibly responsive if you do have a query. It's working well on my Android phone as well as on my iPad.
  11. Only significant difference for us to these figures would be if its somewhere like Moorabbin or even Tyabb the hangarage would be at least $500 per month so $6,000 per annum for one aircraft. Moorabbin also has an access fee in excess of $2,000 per annum for an RV.
  12. These days I think it is Student - RPL - PPL - CPL. But you definitely don't have to do an RPL and can progress further without one. Our non aerobatic aircraft has a Garmin G3X touch with a G meter. The Bristell's in the SOAR fleet at Moorabbin also has these, and I think their Foxbats may also have them.
  13. I'm not going into the whys/wherefores of training for CPL starting in Foxbats and Bristells - totally outside my knowledge base. But .. most of the Soar fleet at Moorabbin are VH registered.
  14. https://www.australianflying.com.au/latest/gas-plume-could-stall-light-aircraft-aopa
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