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  1. Power off - yes, get rid of features not needed. But step #1 is still unload. I’m not talking about thread drift but the pervasive hijacking of threads and forums. I only come here for the declared subject - recreational and general aviation. I’m not going to bother sifting out the irrelevant stuff which means I look in here less often. I have lots of other interests, places to go, people to see. I go elsewhere for political opinions and rantings if I want them.
  2. Obviously, recovery actions for a spiral dive in an aircraft would not strictly apply but just an idea to focus on the objectives and how to achieve them. I just went to a part of the forum about “General discussion on recreational and general aviation” and got into a discussion about drugs. Why would I bother? So, my first thought is to unload the irrelevant stuff.
  3. I went to a thread about an accident to find myself in the midst of a discussion about Japanese immigration. I'm only interested in coming to a recreationalflying forum for recreational flying discussions. It has been in a downward spiral for some time so relying on subscriptions and pushing donations will only add to the downwards spiral. Usual recovery from a spiral dive - unload, power off, roll level and pull out.
  4. Here are the rules https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2005B00836 The Royal Victorian Aero Club had a device to eject ashes through the small window in a Warrior, they should still have it. A device like this is essential otherwise you will remain mostly inside the aeroplane.
  5. It just needs its spinner back on https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1152579
  6. Yep, spin and aerobatic endorsements may be granted to an RPL.
  7. Adding an elevator tab where there was no tab in the design adds significantly to the elevator weight far behind the hinge. Elevator mass balance must be considered.
  8. Go here and follow the links to see the differences between an RPL with nav endorsement and a PPL https://www.casa.gov.au/standard-page/flight-crew-licensing-information-sheets It also explains the transition from RPC to RPL. The flight radio endorsement requires the English language assessment. Have fun in the Citabria!
  9. RAA is an optional registration. Types you are discussing can have VH registrations and its just normal life with your RPL.
  10. I see elsewhere on the internet that some ex-students have made statements explaining how they were allegedly ripped off.
  11. Plexus or vuplex plastic cleaners. I prefer vuplex from Bunnings. Certainly don’t use glass cleaners as they are too abrasive. I used to use Mr Sheen on fabric dope.
  12. Not ambiguous at all. The website is clear that graduating students get a CPL. Licence test for a CPL is very clear - to be eligible for that test means having passes in the theory exams plus achieving the competency and experience requirements of CASA to do a test.
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