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  1. rodknee

    Iridium plugs

    Hi Jetjr ,after all the things I did to the air path maybe only the incantations worked Rod
  2. rodknee

    Iridium plugs

    The answer is,bearing in mind that the bing loves straight air into it The engine rear is not in the centre of the firewall so using the crankcase join line I moved the whole airbox over so that it was aligned with that ,so the air has a straight run to the carby I made a new cobra head carby intake with a cross in it to further keep the air straight As suggested by Don from Jabiru I removed the airfoil type shape from the original plenum chamber that I have and replaced it with a 12mm dowel because the dowel appears to stir the mixture more.maybe a 15mm dowel that was knurled would d
  3. rodknee

    Iridium plugs

    My jabiru egt reading from a few days ago
  4. Track up would be good to have also if it could be arranged:cheezy grin:
  5. The advert in the RAA mag is wrong as the listed features is a misprint & belong to the J170 range of Jabiru aircraft .Any chance getting all of that for $ 63000 is wishful thinking.I was excited though for a moment.
  6. try this link (probably not for aircraft though );) Whitworths Marine: Navman Fuel Flow 2100
  7. ozzie probably means "how muchy"
  8. http://www.jabiru.net.au/ Look under propellers
  9. only trying to be helpful & all the usual caveats apply,so sorry no insurance !! you should still have some fingers left by using the finger that is used least you wont miss it so much if only the spinner is damaged there is one for sale on this site for a good price
  10. another way is to assemble it with the screws not tightened only snug apply brakes ,start engine stand in front of prop & tap gently on spinner with finger (the one you use the least in case of an accident) until you get it right . stop engine tighten screws & check again .do this at your own peril but it does work .
  11. the latest j170 has the noseleg bent to a different angle as well as longer trail on the nose wheel
  12. the difference in the fuel used is 74 litres according to the figures & @ an average price of $1.33 litre the trip cost should be only about $ 100 less for the J160.The calculator is wwwwrong this time not me (I hope ) !!!!
  13. rodknee

    Jabiru sp 2200

    I was wrong again.Ah well such is life!!
  14. rodknee

    Jabiru sp 2200

    I dont think it will circle the destination .but I have been wwwwwrong before
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