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  1. Speaking as a relatively old fart i can say quite categorically that there are quite a few of us who are as dumb as dogshti and arrogant to boot. Having years of experience might also be doing the same narrow job with the same narrow mind learning nothing year in and year out.
  2. A report authored by a law firm (favoured by the government) would engender little faith. Engineers Australia is a body, through its members, with much technical expertise. Professions Australia is body representing engineers and other technical professionals at the workface who have intimate knowledge of what is happening, or in this case, what is not happening at the workface. I am a member of both organisations.
  3. Oh? Willy is generally receptive to transit over the top or coastal on the marked GA Routes or my experience on weekends.
  4. And there are a stack of CFIs there and pilots as well - aren't those conflicts of interest?
  5. And at least with RAAus the members own the company but with ELAAA it is a private company of unknown ownership.
  6. Go to The Oaks. Both Daves Flying School and Sydney Recreational Flying Club have first class training at well under $200/hr and none of the time wasting procedures you get at busy airports like YSBK.
  7. Where do you get talc from? Or are you using Clear Contact?
  8. Search for removable magic tape. I failed the parental book covering course. I bought some China graph pencils but they melted in a Sydney heatwave. I use OzRunways with paper as a backup, I use the old maps to wrap presents.
  9. If you are not on the map you should be on area. If people don't know that you are there why would they be be 126.7. If you are not on the map, why not? Are you a bunch of drug runners? If you are flying cross country and within 10 miles of a strip and lower than 2000' agl you should probably be on CTAF for situational awareness.
  10. But remember RAAus Tech Manual SECTION 12.4 INSTRUMENT & TRANSPONDER CHECKS 1 AIRCRAFT OPERATING IN CONTROLLED AIRSPACE (CTA) – CLASS C, D, E, 1.1 Aircraft that are currently legally permitted to fly in Controlled Airspace (CTA) as detailed in provisions of CAO 95.10, 95.32 or 95.55, must have their instruments maintained in accordance with the provisions of CAO 100.5. The checks are only available through a LAME with specialised calibrated equipment and appropriate licence ratings. And 3 TRANSPONDERS 3.1 All transponders must be maintained in accordance with CAO 100.5.
  11. Rent seeking? A bit rough. VH is propped up by the taxpayer, RAA is user pays!
  12. Soar or Sydney Flying Academy at Bankstown. You will need a CASA Licence as well as your RPC as YSBK is Class D. If you do have a RPL/PPL/CPL it might be easier to hire a GA plane from, say, SFC (Sydney Flying Club) as their rate for a PA28 is about the same price as a Foxbat from Soar.
  13. Sounds like fake news. The top 10% IQ can be as dopey as dogshit quite a lot of the time and the bottom 90% aren't much better.
  14. Are you going to recommend that the CFIs get kicked off the board as well?
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