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  1. You could do either but hotspotting adds another layer of complexity. Look at hotspotting via bluetooth, if you must, which will leave wifi free for your next gadget, a SkyEcho2 (maybe)
  2. I have a Tab s6 lite (LTE,4G) 10.5" and it works well (love the pen). A bit big for a panel but I either have it in a knee holder, sit it on the seat next to me or give it to the passenger as you don't need it continuously (just point the plane and fly the leg and look out the window to check your position because the GPS is not TSO (but can help)). For OzRunways 32GB storage can be limiting, I'd go for a min of 64GB. Mobile Data? Go Telstra every time, it has the most extensive network and despite the claims all networks piggy backing on Telstra are not created equal. Being an A
  3. Garfly, I have the SkyEcho 2 teamed to RWY (OzRunways) on a Samsung Tablet. I have only set it up as ADSB-In till I sort out the Trig TT21 ADSB Out status. I can see both the light blue (ozRunways) swarm and the dark blue (ADSB) swarm but no ADSB Out from the (my) planes TT21 in flight, because, I suppose, it hasn't activated the ADSB Out because there is no GPS source. ADSB Out is a project in progress but ADSB In works well, I have, during the Covid Lockdown, been tracking heavies as they fly over the house at 1500 ft. On long flights, out of mobile range, ADSB is t
  4. TSO means that they don't cook in cockpits above 25C or exhibit other weird propensities when the only device available. We need an aviation Choice magazine which will test these things within an inch of their lives before hapless and innocent owners install them in their planes.
  5. I could be wrong ... Mode S is not ADSB-Out but you can add ADSB-Out to quite a lot of ModeS transponders by installing/adding a combined GPS Rx and antenna ADSB-Out is not Mode S (or A or C) ModeS responds to radar intercepts (where radar exists) ADSB-Out dumps identity data including height and GPS Position continuously ModeS only dumps id data including static pressure if (and only if) it is radar interrogated. ADSB-In cannot receive Mode A, C or S signals, it only responds to ADSB-Out signals. At the moment
  6. A bit of light reading for you https://socialflying.com.au/kimberleys-1
  7. Things change! While airports and strips slowly deteriorate resorts can, under Covid and the economy, change rapidly. The airstrip is OK, but for anything else you will have up to date info if you call the resort or check out their website or a grey nomad site.
  8. I was up there in 2019. We flew in. The strip is reasonable quality dirt of decent length for a PA-32 and within walking distance of the resort I stayed in the tents (glamping). The food was good and the staff were friendly.
  9. The members elect the board. I cant say that I was impressed that we threw ourselves under the ASIC bus because our biggest problem were the clowns that WE elected and that hasn't changed except the penalties for board members doing the job for themselves are much higher than under the toothless tiger of the ACT registrar of Cooperative associations. Instructors, CFIs and business owners? What would you prefer? A bunch of shiny arzzed lawyers and accountants busy building a CV or someone committed to the sort of flying we do? What is an aircraft importer on the board going to do? bribe the
  10. A bit of a hatchet job! The site you went to isn't ASIC, probably just wanted your money. Topaz has website, https://www.flytopaz.com/. ,
  11. Tweed might not be a mathematical term but it is an engineering term.
  12. Not always possible, sometimes the planes are owned by others so you do what you have to do, looking over your shoulder at the tank and flying by calculated rates of consumption and the clock. (And bladder)
  13. There are some cameras, like GoPros and Panasonic Lumix, which can be set up as wireless hotspots to allow apps on phones and tablets to take and display photos or stream video from these cameras.
  14. There are those, mePad and mePhone owners, who will claim that those devices are all you need - fuel gauge, navigation system and autopilot all in one (and inflight flight attendant services)
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