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  1. The members elect the board. I cant say that I was impressed that we threw ourselves under the ASIC bus because our biggest problem were the clowns that WE elected and that hasn't changed except the penalties for board members doing the job for themselves are much higher than under the toothless tiger of the ACT registrar of Cooperative associations. Instructors, CFIs and business owners? What would you prefer? A bunch of shiny arzzed lawyers and accountants busy building a CV or someone committed to the sort of flying we do? What is an aircraft importer on the board going to do? bribe the
  2. A bit of a hatchet job! The site you went to isn't ASIC, probably just wanted your money. Topaz has website, https://www.flytopaz.com/. ,
  3. Tweed might not be a mathematical term but it is an engineering term.
  4. Not always possible, sometimes the planes are owned by others so you do what you have to do, looking over your shoulder at the tank and flying by calculated rates of consumption and the clock. (And bladder)
  5. There are some cameras, like GoPros and Panasonic Lumix, which can be set up as wireless hotspots to allow apps on phones and tablets to take and display photos or stream video from these cameras.
  6. There are those, mePad and mePhone owners, who will claim that those devices are all you need - fuel gauge, navigation system and autopilot all in one (and inflight flight attendant services)
  7. Backhanded photoshoot on mobile phone.
  8. Yes, a pain in the bum. I have taken to using my phone to take a picture at startup, every half hour and at shutdown. Makes a good fuel log as well. Not sure about the last 5 litres but the last 10 is my reserve in a J120.
  9. Your problem as an inner city person, is if you are without off-street parking, how will you solve the problem of charging your car? For the rest, even those in the sticks, the biggest problem is distance, which, except for those doing long distances, is not a problem at all. I very seriously doubt that the vast majority of drivers in Australia would have a daily commute of more than 100km and on a trip of more than 300.
  10. The biggest problem facing EV is not country folk but inner city dwellers who don't have off-street parking or easy access to charging facilities. For the rest, even those in the country, where daily driving distances of less than 150km are extremely common, there should be no problems selecting EVs from the current worldwide catalogues. For those doing greeter distances than 400km return there will be hybrids available, maybe less than 1% of the total demand.
  11. Speaking as a relatively old fart i can say quite categorically that there are quite a few of us who are as dumb as dogshti and arrogant to boot. Having years of experience might also be doing the same narrow job with the same narrow mind learning nothing year in and year out.
  12. A report authored by a law firm (favoured by the government) would engender little faith. Engineers Australia is a body, through its members, with much technical expertise. Professions Australia is body representing engineers and other technical professionals at the workface who have intimate knowledge of what is happening, or in this case, what is not happening at the workface. I am a member of both organisations.
  13. Oh? Willy is generally receptive to transit over the top or coastal on the marked GA Routes or my experience on weekends.
  14. And there are a stack of CFIs there and pilots as well - aren't those conflicts of interest?
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