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  1. Just put them on a skidpan for a part of the driving test. Not having to do a test to drive with a Caravan or Horse float is weird. Articulated s much safer and that requires a separate endorsement.. There ARE some who shouldn't be driving because they are psycho. Your last line might get some raised eyebrows. Nev
  2. The "THING" that will GET you is density altitude (hot and high) and non level (sloping), and grassed/soft /boggy strips. With a forward CofG, the extra download on the tail has the same effect on the wings as adding that weight to your AUW.. Nev
  3. That LAG is more relating to some engines than others and it's usually from idle. IF the engine is "spooled up" say bleed valves closed there's NO lag unless an engine is damaged.. . A "decaying' engine using altitude, V speed or attitude modes on the autopilot will not have stall protection . Other than take off, assymetric thrust is easily countered on rudder trim, after initially using the rudder in the usual way. At cruise level you are usually power limited so a loss of an engine normally requires a descent to about 7,000 ft (or a bit more) below where you were.. Nev
  4. There's stuff you must understand. and know. There's stuff that's nice to know and there's stuff you don't HAVE to know at all. (Unless you are also designing planes) I've seen pilots baffled with science talking about WHICH of Newton's theories is the "first" one. How lift is actually generated by a wing can be illustrated by a wind tunnel with "pulsed" smoke trails and the wing A o A moved through the range of useful angles .The span wise movement should be covered also to explain wing tip vortices. IF the wing don't push the air around you don't get any lift . . It's the reaction
  5. Some things are, but it's usually some thing like" Certified hours flown in the last six months with You Beaut Flying school (stamp.). XXX Hours . I 've always done my own monthly summaries. There's usually a training FILE filled in by each of your Instructors as applicable to flights/training\ performed. Nev
  6. It's a bit hard to "GET" this, but when you are turning in a parcel of Air it's all the plane knows, same as if you are circling in the middle of a flowing river at a constant speed through the water. From the bank you look to be slowing upstream and going faster downstream. Getting out of the bottom of the sky and back into it you get the problems or when there's windshear .Nev
  7. Some if them were probably total loss oil systems. Give them a bit to get to when the other has put out enough to sustain it. Nev
  8. When I was there I got a tour, just me and the navigator/wife.so we got places that normally are not accessible. . Same happened in Queenstown. Simply lovely people there. HARS is Qantas, Nowra and the forces. A lot of money came from a Catholic priest who left it in his will. It's all a good thing but let's say I heard and felt reasons why you wouldn't need it if you seek a quiet life with minimum angst . Definitely worth a visit though. The DC 4/ C-54 seemed much smaller than I remember it. The aerodrome is the place I first flew a plane (about 1958) so it has an extra something for me as
  9. You've picked about the hardest one there is . Some just make some basic rules of mainly don'ts. . as "a Bad idea'" rather than a hard and fast "never do". The on take off situation should be briefed even if just to oneself.. Nev
  10. I see the 2 years as a long time and a lot can happen but wouldn't seek to change it. RAAus see an endorsement as a substitute or equal to a BFR That's practical and covers it. I'd like to think the use of the Instructor past issue of a pilot Cert is seen as a means of "progressing" your development as a qualified "Air Person". There's no suggestion that you know it all at Cert plus X Country endorsement, but there's no programme available to do anything structured either. SOME may wish to aim for a higher level of skill and knowledge that others may not require or seek. IF you confi
  11. Without an engine rumbling away, you hear all the airframe noises. It sure rules out a go around ,Yenn.. Something you can do if a ground loop is starting . IF you're quick. Nev
  12. General recommendations for motor vehicles these days is don't warm up by running at no load Idle. Run at a bit above till oil is definitely circulating and then drive at moderate speed and load till temps are in the normal range. Modern engines this only takes about 1 KM or less unless it's a diesel with the heater on . The flying situation has always concerned me a bit as you ARE using 100% power for about 5 minutes after a fairly limited warm up. Not many engines get that sort of treatment. Alfa's used a thick oil and insisted on a definite warm up. Idle speed is too slow to fling oil. Tha
  13. It's a stipulated flight review, where if you don't meet the minimum standard or demonstrate lack of knowledge in a critical area, something must be done about it. There's a follow up which may be extra training of some kind but it won't and can't be just ignored.. Technically, you haven't failed I suppose , BUT It's a moot point not to grieve over though. Extra training should never be seen as a punishment. If it happens it's because it has been observed and should be corrected and the system works as it should.... Even without being required you should use a competent flying instructor any
  14. Whatever the book said Can't recall what that was I've sold the Plane. Maybe 30 degrees C ?. I had rough Country to fly over. AeroShell100 plus. In cold climates I would recommend the multigrade. Just as Jabiru do. It was quite frosty. Nev
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