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  1. IF you know a bit about flying nearly ALL stuff with planes in drives you nuts. What was that GOOD one "Flying High"?? Nev
  2. To HELP IMPROVE SAFETY ??? Don't edit stuff out. Nev
  3. Probably need a lot of work to get it Mobile again. Not very fast. A true taildragger.
  4. Too much "facts" will ruin the drama. The rudder position is wrong also. Nev
  5. I think I recall it being for sale at some stage. 2 Alvis Leonides Radials. (Same engine as used in a Lysander.) Bit of a crosswind there though it's variable and you can see the one wheel touchdown used. Nev
  6. Many RAAus planes are very wind sensitive especially the stol and low wing load and short span types. I've always believed these planes require a high degree of skill (more than many GA) l to fly especially in gusts... Go around at the first bounce or any time the approach is below par. Don't fly in conditions beyond safe for the plane you fly but sometimes something happens you aren't expecting. If you hit a dust devil you'll probably want to give up flying.. Nev
  7. A "condition report' for a RAAus plane is next to worthless. Numbered reg planes don't have to be ICAO compliant. Your "Certificate' has no validity outside Australia.. Covered by dispensations. IF a VH registered plane is fitted with any bogus part not properly made reconditioned by an authorised person or not covered by a release note the plane is UNAIRWORTHY. Nev
  8. There are safety implications with claims re Aircraft condition. it's not the same as just having to pay more than you hoped for a phone bill. Getting a VH back in service is difficult without records and IF they were falsified I would imagine considerable penalties would apply.. IF Casa are interested in safety and it is a fact that planes have low standards of verification of condition then it's negligent in it's job given under Laws of the national government and perhaps ICAO compliance. Nev
  9. Just have a rumour spread for a while and when it comes back around it will be unrecognisable to the original. Nev
  10. The effect you describe is certainly possible. High stress in certain areas is also able to be anticipated.. Nev
  11. Reports get tampered with. I came across an incident record recently that I witnessed at very close range 35+ years ago and some of the radio calls which came from the plane I was in were credited to the tower. The content of the transmissions were such that the Tower could not have been aware of the subject as they were too far away. It's probably just laziness. Near enough is good enough , but it does then become an established fact as far as the record is concerned.. Nev
  12. There have been wind assisted container ships with vertical axis sails that would go downwind faster than the wind at times. . Nev
  13. The "atmosphere"" generally moves with it, otherwise the prevailing wind would be from the East. Nev
  14. That series is a later version than the old C-150 motor. Some front oil seals can be replaced without splitting the cases. '"On Condition" often refers to an over TBO permit. You need to KNOW what actually applies if you are going there. Nev
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