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  1. Fairly sure that when I Googled this, JayCar heat sink past was one of the many suggestions
  2. Probably not polite to discuss cost on this Forum but these headsets seem to be very competitively priced. Anyone know what he PROS/CONS of electret v dynamic microphones ???
  3. I am pretty sure you can get it through Bert Flood but just try Google and you will find lots of options , especially on the Rotax Forum and other web sites where Rotax engines are discussed at length
  4. Don't want to get /start a debate - but as I said no real competition 😊
  5. Bit more info on the Rojone products; All comply with SLC80 Rating 28 (Class 5) - I think this is possibly the highest noise attenuation standard. Fixed wing (shown below) & helicopter variants. There are options for dynamic or electret noise cancelling microphones. Wire or flexi mic booms as shown. There is only one "cup" mounted volume control. Seem to have a very good supply of replacement parts such as ear cup cushions, foam & mic "windsocks" About 40- 100 gms heavier than the very similar Peltor products
  6. It would seem that 3M (Peltor's parent company)is no longer making aircraft headsets - or at least not for sale in Australia. There is an Australian company making headsets using Peltor industrial earmuffs as the base, adding mic & boom , speaker volume and Y cable. Their extensive product range looks good but other than making something similar myself (which works) I have no actual experience. Company name is Rojone Contact: Address: 44 Aero Road, Ingleburn NSW 2565 Sydney AUSTRALIA Postal Address: PO Box 1, Casula Mall NSW
  7. Hi - unable to use the person - person (private) comms - call me on 0499030659 Skippydiesel

  8. Inox is good have a bottle of that as well as the WD liquids/spray can. I tend to use them for different things. The Inox is more expensive so am more careful with how much & what I use it on. The WD liquid gets used a lot, particularly for cleaning. The WD spray can, infrequent use, mostly when I need a "jet" of stuff.
  9. Non scientific observation: I find the WD -40 spray can fluid to be somewhat less persistent and viscus's than the liquid variant. I have both on the shelf but use the spray can much less frequently.
  10. I have not used a Dynon however I have used the AvMap Ultra EFIS - I found its response time to be too slow for anything approaching IFR conditions and although better than nothing, its presence/availability in an aircraft may lead an inexperienced pilot to a level of confidence that is positively dangerous. In short, unless, as a pilot, you are appropriately trained AND the aircraft is equipped with IFR instrumentation DO NOT FLY INTO IMC I hasten to add AVMap do not claim it's EFIS is suitable for use in IMC - I am merely reflecting a personal experience/opinion.
  11. I guess I agree with you to some extent, that being some sort of AH is better than none BUT these little pocket jobs are no substitute for the real thing and their presence may lead a user into a false sense of assurance/security that he/she may not recover from.
  12. Unfortunately dead rate or exhaust blockages from anything douth not, a failure to spark, make.
  13. It is so effective that my second viewing, being that of the slow measured review by the Kiwi glider instructor, to be just as disturbing as the first non commentated one (now withdrawn).
  14. Just a thought: It seems to me that there being a sudden (no earlier/ progressive symptoms) loss of both ignition systems (fortunately on the ground), this suggests a; common (as in one or shared) power supply or ground failure mechanical (as in broken wire or connection malfunction) cause most likely to be a result of vibration/movement. (was the taxi ground rough?) location - where wires are likely to be under compression, stretching or fretting To have a sudden failure , of both ignitions, seems to be similar to the deliberate shutting down/switc
  15. You have just about exhausted this old cocky's (farmer) knowledge base. A sudden engine out & no spark situation just screams vibration/movement damage to a common, to both ignition systems, electrical point but the scream may of course be a diversion. If I have read your investigatory process correctly, you have no spark : Being produced by either of the two ignition systems Isolating the ignition switch did not remedy the no spark A, known to be working, donor module, did not produce a spark - ego the module(s) are probably OK So the pr
  16. I have been "caught" quite a few times by blocked exhausts. There is an expectation that if you have fuel & spark the engine will run - This is general true, if spark at correct time & gases are able to " flow" . Admittedly the engines that have had the blocked exhaust, have all been small 4 & 2/ engines. The cause, mainly mud wasp (not too prevalent in Canada) or in the 2/ the gauze spark arrester has gummed up over time . No matter the principal still exists - the gas must flow from inlet to exhaust for any engine to run. Easy test - get someone to rotate engine while a
  17. New to this conversation - Have you actually determined you have a spark ? - inside hanger with low light, remove spark plugs from engine, connect plugs to HT leads, rest or clamp plugs to engine, rotate engine on battery have observer look for spark - repeat for each plug or pair of plugs. If no spark - investigate modules , fly wheel sensors If you have spark, is it at he correct time in the engine rotation?- use multi meter or similar, plugged into HT lead to determine when spark occurs relative to piston position. If spark timing wrong, fly wheel or sensors may have moved/slippe
  18. I dont disagree - my own incident is still very fresh in my mind and truly humbling.With only a video (which is truly disturbing), knowing nothing about the 2 pilots, the conduct of the flight up to the start of the video and the ability to investigate further, I am reluctant to take the high moral ground. I do agree that this would make a very useful instructional video - pilots (including myself) tend toward self confidence, this video shows how everything can turn to s---t very very quickly...... a salutary lesson we all need, to be repeated at regular intervals.
  19. Hi Jab, You sound like a person who has never damaged /crashed an aircraft - up until about 8 months ago, I had had about 30 years of accident free flying - a series of minor stupid decisions/actions, non of which on their own would provably result in a dingle (Swiss Cheesed theory of accidents) resulted in my first and hopefully last accident. Now very much wiser as a result of this hard lesson, I now know it can happen to anyone and quit possibly the overconfidence, that tends to go with a blemish free record, is the first step down the slippery patch to an incident.
  20. Agreed - however he who hath never made a stupid mistake, is a perfect saint I have yet to meet.
  21. Further correspondence from MT-Propeller: Not sure if the % shown below are in relation to my existing Fiti ground adjustable ( I gave them my current performance figures) or relate to the 3 propellers recommended - I suspect the latter. "following please find pro and contra arguments for each propeller: MTV-33: lowest weight, good overhaul performer MTV-34: slightly heavier, better take of by 5 %, better climb by 3 %, same cruise MTV-1: performing like MTV-34 and electric" Interesting that the only performance improvements would seem to be in
  22. Dear Turbs, Cant make out if you are being provocative or dismissive. Either way I guess we can try and run with your statement - give me some time to come up with some "rubbish" Hi Trust, Yeah! well you have me there regarding the C IO-550. I guess I would like to see a fuel injected, boosted, Wankle type liquid cooled engine with a reduction box but that's a bit like having an erotic fantasy. As for the Cirrus ? Lots of good points and early in its history it looked like it might reinvigorate single engine GA (whole of aircraft shoot being the bi
  23. Sinister? - hardly & of course its business, normal? - well yes & no. The normal expectation of the market place is that competition will take place. Of course this requires that effective competition exists. No offence intended but Rotax 9 range has no real competitors. Rotax knows this and is taking full advantage. This strategy is to be expected BUT has a potential down side - if the price is too high, it create an environments that will encourage others to invest (competitors). So its a bit of a knife edge balancing act , where the supplier must continually assess how muc
  24. Forum seems to be slowing down again - might have to insert a few controversial comments
  25. That is one of the scariest video's have ever seen - what were they thinking - did they actually have a plan,which should always incorporate a what if/alternate/escape plan.
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