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  1. ‘Published’..... 37 knots @ 600 kg.
  2. What prop are you running Russ ? .... Bob
  3. Took a mate to Marlo ( YORB ) yesterday. He took these pics during our descent from 3500’into Bairnsdale. Flight was around 30 mins for near 50 nm,...... Bob
  4. Sounds like a good outcome Gareth. Remember to undergo regular check ups with your Urologist/Oncologist and you will likely outlast most of us here ...... Bob
  5. You will have DRE, Ultrasounds, MRI, etc. but a Biopsy is the only way to diagnose the tumor . You can also get as many opinions as you like, and at some stage you may get the answer you want, but whether that opinion proves to be correct, only time will tell, but by then may be too late. Many prostate cancers have no symptoms . The best advice is to get tested early and act on a high PSA . Having your head in the sand will solve nothing and make future management more difficult ...... Bob
  6. There Is hangarage available at various times at YBNS Kaz, but I’m sure something more permanent could be found for a classic like an Auster. Are you looking at living on board and just cruising the Lakes, or doing some offshore cruising .... Bob
  7. Don’t worry about facts , science etc.Skipp .... thats ‘all BS‘, if ’someone’ says ‘something’ it must be right...... Bob
  8. “ Also I added a length of cord to the jack handle as is does not fully reach its over centre position and this will allow wrapping around the undercarriage leg and prevent it collapsing while working on the wheel. Cheers “ I’m interested in your jacking system Blue, any chance of a few more pics showing operation ...... Bob
  9. Hi Skip, there must be some slight vision impairment In the lower LH corner, but can’t recall it being of concern. Of course, my actual eyeline is about 300 mm above this camera shot, I normally see much more of the engine cowl. But I do like the cooling holes in the mount, and will do similar when weather picks up. Unbelievable here at the moment ( App temp 2.6o C )..... Bob
  10. Try this ..... “ HANGAR “
  11. The iPad looks big but is only a mini. It is screwed to the fibreglass inst. panel and adjusts to almost any position, then locked ..... Bob
  12. O K I’ll show you mine The G196 has since been replaced with a G296..... Bob
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