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  1. You hear what you want to hear...he’s basically saying medical doctors could look into adapting the use of UV light or disinfectant in some sort of medical modified application, this was in dark days when no one knew much....but I’m not arguing, if you hate Trump, nothing will change that I guess. Just funny how as time goes on, a lot of what he said is proving correct, like his promise about having a vaccine within a year for example...but I’ll let sleepy Joe’s performance show how good as a President, Trump was. I will watch with interest.
  2. I don’t think he said that, he did say he suggested why not try hydroxychloroquine, it MAY help, but this was greeted with foaming mouth hysteria by the media, I clearly recall one CNN propaganda merchant saying “that stuff will kill you”, funny, I took it for many years as an anti malaria drug....and you really think Biden has been a better President....??
  3. You mean like he was totally wrong when he said this virus originated in China and it originated in a lab....or building a border wall was a good idea, going well on the border with Mexico is it? 😁
  4. Avgas and AVTUR. No Mogas unfortunately.
  5. Yeah but I’ll let Biden’s “success” speak for itself. It already is. Funny how Trump has been proved right in every way about the Covid orChinese virus origins, how the news about him tear gassing “protestors” at St Johns church for a photo shoot has been proved to be totally wrong...or fake, how Harris the VP, who was so anti his border security policy....is now suddenly a big fan....and so it will go on. As for character building...kinda like Labor was supposed to walk the last election??😁
  6. On the Supreme Court maybe, I don’t think in the different states. Certainly Democrat states don’t have just Republican judges, if any?
  7. Yes, never said he was a nice person, would not be a personal friend of mine. But his record stands. The ONLY Western leader to stand up to China, called the Paris Agreement for what it is, a blatant protection racket for China, calling them a “developing” economy and putting the USA at a huge economic disadvantage. As for proof of voter fraud, there was a lot, but what judge would ever have found for Trump, with the massive leftist bias of the mainstream media? I just can’t understand why a guy hiding in a basement, won an election whilst his opponent pulled record crowds. That just defies ho
  8. Well politics being one of the big no, no’s...but just to bring some balance, I think Trump was awesome. Loved the fact he wasn’t a politician. He had great respect for the US military and was well on the road to getting them out of all the ME mess they were entangled in. He did achieve unheard of peace deals in the ME between Israel and other Arab states, it was a very quiet four years for Israel. He did pretty well compared to disaster Joe so far, rampant inflation, city destroying riots across the USA, highest fuel prices and shortages on record, warfare erupting all over the ME again, bord
  9. Yes I know it was easier to organise the Normandy Landings, then get an airfield fuel installation approved and installed. Which is the world we live in today sadly. We’ve just had one installed in Yarram, with a large chopper pad right next to it, but I’m not convinced the fuel hose will reach a helicopter like an A139, parked at centre pad.....I just find it a pity it can’t be used by the majority of aircraft hangared at the field. But, it’s still good to have at the end of the day.
  10. Just seems strange with so many LSA/RA aircraft using Mogas, it’s still so rare at some smaller airports. As a bonus, club members could even be buying more, to fill their cars!
  11. I remember Hurricane Andrew I think it was, caused severe damage to Kermit Weeks’ aircraft collection. Was watching some of his utube clips, taken at his “Fantasy of Flight”, still down in Florida....If I was him, I would be having sleepless nights.....but then you have Tornados in the Midwest...can’t win. Still wish I had his collection however.....!
  12. Would be great to have Mogas at more airports or rather, small airfields with RA aircraft operations. Rotax discourage Avgas usage, because of led affecting the gearbox, and leaving led sludge in the oil. I hevesen on occasion led globules closing up plug gaps causing a misfire on Lycomings/Continentals (can clear sometimes by running at high power), but never heard of any other problems like oil sludge with regular aero engines? Another question, topping up your tanks (Mogas) with Avgas, to make it home, I guess that should not be a big issue?
  13. Yes...One thing I’ve always liked about trim tabs, they give you some form of main control failure redundancy...but in the Gazelle the trim just biases the control stick neutral position...so no secondary control possible with that. For my own peace of mind, I removed the one panel under the tail plane so I could inspect the elevator pushrod tie rod end and rose joint, gave it a lube too. Looked ok, but I think I might cut a section of the panel away and replace it with a piece of Lexan, so I can visually check it on a pre flight.
  14. Yes I agree, and a mate at my club said the same...I just drain the collector tank and gascolator twice or three times if I see any UFO’s (unidentified floating objects). Still creeps me out a bit...those jets and for example choke fuel drilling’s in these Bings are pretty small and fine. I think you can pop the bowls off pretty easily with that clip. Easier than most car or bike carbs. Mine aren’t wire locked....perhaps they should be? But it takes a bit of force to pop the clips holding the bowls of, so not somthing that will easily come undone.
  15. Yes, if you find you are flying S&L with your trim far out from its neutral or cruise setting, this would indicate a C of G problem. Yes, this would also show up if you had a large elevator deflection to maintain level flight. One thing to consider is, changing weight with new avionics or such like, in the cockpit area, probably won’t have a large effect, but putting in kit or an item near the tail, can have a surprisingly large affect on aircraftCofG. For example, I was told that one of the dangers of damage to a 206 Jetranger helicopter tail rotor, is this can cause a severe imbalance v
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