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  1. Simple, most of the Jewish settlements were in areas that had been agreed to by Arafat and Netanyahu in that original dual state agreement. But when Jews started to "occupy" these agreed to areas, they were ctiticized. Now, I think its more about survival. Clearly areas occupied by the Jewish people will not be used for uguided rocket attacks or incendary balloons. Nice neighuours! Still, funny how Tel Aviv airport isn't full of desperate people wanting to leave, as we see in Kabul, seems people aren't too keen to live in an "Islamic Sharia Law utopia".
  2. F10

    Gazelle RPM

    Just on 5000. So probably pitch set a bit coarse, but then thats good for cruise. As I said, take off performance is as expected, so no problems with this. The only concern is I guess, going fulk throttke on take off, could be a overboost, if RPM is low?
  3. I think Gazelles would be quite happy at a MAUW of around 550kg. Two blokes around 90kg and you really can’t take much fuel at a MAUW of 520…(basic is around 320). There is an AD out to have another carry through strut bolted on, below the original, after that incident. Apart from an aileron failure, (which had significant contributing factors) the old Gazelles have a pretty good record I think. Yes underwing camber is interesting, I must read up on it. Most positively cambered aerofoils have a nose down (leading edge down) pitching moment at low angles of attack. At high AoA, it changes to n
  4. F10

    Gazelle RPM

    My Gazelle has a 3 blade Bolly on it, maybe this drops the max RPM? Performance seems good, acceleration on take off pretty brisk and solo, climbs out at around 600-700ft/min. Cruise at 4800 RPM is 70KIAS. Also pretty ballpark. Anyone else have a 3 blade Bolly? Flew to Tyabb from Yarram recently with a mate on board, retired Esso A139 driver. He really enjoyed it. I got normal fuel burn figures as per the flight manual. Book says 12.7 l/hr at 4800 RPM. I flight planned at 13 and it seemed accurate, but that’s trying to see fuel levels on the sides of those tanks….they really needed to Put in a
  5. I largely agree, but I think one important factor you left out, I remember when all the Taiwanese made tools were cheap….and junk. It took a few years but now they are as good as the best. I don’t like Chinas government and would happily support its removal or democratisation, but one thing is some Chinese goods are just that, good. I’ve owned a small Chinese made CFMoto little commuter motorcycle. It’s done around 25 000 Kms trouble free and still looks brand new at 5 years old. I bought my wife a Haval H2. SUV. At the time, nothing came even close spec wise, for the price. Took a punt. Had i
  6. Your passport will expire on this trip!
  7. Reference the “global warming” (yeah right) undies saga....that was SOP for any young Alo III chopper pilot...if you have to carry out a precautionary landing, due to a fuel low pressure light, fly until you find a farmhouse with the sexiest undies on the line...and land there! Any young female PAX approaching your aircraft in a skirt....pull 0.2 collective pitch setting....rotor wash will lift the skirt....oh dear, weren’t the pre PC days a lot of laughs! I miss them!
  8. Love the Monogram model box top pic! Oh boy, did that bring back memories! I loved that kit as a kid and the Monogram Cessna 180 also. Civil light aircraft kits were quite rare in those days.
  9. I think radio calls are really important. Going into Tyabb on Monday (I avoid weekends...too busy by half!) about two weeks ago, listening to radio calls as I flew in for an overhead join, helped a lot with building up a mental picture of traffic. I joined mid downwind, number two to a yellow Gazelle, who I was able to spot because of his radio calls. I don’t have a transponder unfortunately, have just installed a GPS Garmin 495, and I don’t have an i pad, I prefer my paper map with tracks and distance markers drawn in, my A5 clipboard with my log card clipped on it....old school habits I’m af
  10. Nice! Kept hoping she would hit a thermal and zip up 500 ft...but that would probably frightened the pilot so much he might have stopped pedalling! Wonder what advantage if any, the single prop blade has?
  11. Hmmm, mess with thunderstorms and all bets are off. Going into a strip like that, in those conditions, pure Russian roulette. Bytheway, can you build a Zenith with a conventional stick position, or is a central stick the only option?
  12. Nice! Looks like a Tripacer on steroids. I like nose wheels, I have enough tail dragger time, to own a few of those T shirts... these days I like the relaxed taxi and seeing where I’m going!
  13. Yes, a lady engineer solved Merlin -ve “g” fuel starvation problem, short term. A plate in the float bowl, with a small hole in it held enough fuel near the jet diffuser, with short term negative g, to prevent a cut, but hole was big enough to not impede normal ops fuel delivery, simple but clever! Later carbs were floatless, or had a type of injection system to deliver fuel to the jets I think. The Bings on my Rotax, have a throttle butterfly, ahead of the moving piston and tapered needle. With choke on, throttle fully closed, the butterfly is fully closed. This exposes very small drilli
  14. Will try putting down a tarp on the floor, that sounds interesting, and will close off engine better. Heating not an option, no power unless I can try a solar panel but that will start to get complicated, we have many cloudy days! Trouble is, will an open engine dry off faster? We’ve also had a lot more winter rain here at Yarram then in the past few years....very wet, but as I said, will definitely run the engine once a week, roll on spring!
  15. My rental hanger has a dirt floor, with carpets over it, recently noticed a lot of condensation on the engine, after a old night, which was alarming! I keep the aircraft under cloth covers. Recently put a blue plastic tarp over it, in winter only, due to dripping condensation from the hangar roof🤨...in summer it’s all good and does give great rain and wind protection of course. But, lots of different opinions on the net...some say heaters good..but others insist they make corrosion worse...I agree with, “run the engine at least once a week”....that means fly it, not a short run, that’s also ba
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